Lorcan Spiteri Parents

Lorcan Spiteri is an evolving restaurateur whom people are searching extensively on the Internet. They desire to explore the details about Lorcan Spiteri Parents.

Lorcan Spiteri is an aspiring chef and co-owner of the floating restaurant Caravel.

The Caravel is a new restaurant in coordination with brothers fin and  Spiteri located in Regents Canal between Islington and Hoxton. 

The chef Lorcan doesn’t want to stick to the fame of being the son of a famous restaurateur John Spiteri but wants to make his identity in the world of running London restaurants. 

Before being the co-owner of Caravel, he started his work experience in the restaurant from Soho institution Quo Vadis, beginning as a commis waiter. 

Spiteri has been blessed to learn culinary skills from the legendary Jeremy Lee. 

Furthermore, Jeremy lee is one of the top British chefs who previously served as the head chef at Blueprint Cafe for almost two decades. 

Lorcan Spiteri Parents: Meet Jon Spiteri and Melanie Arnold

Lorcan Spiteri Parents is the topic of curiosity and concern among people wanting to know their details. 

Jon Spiteri and Melanie Arnold are Lorcan Spiteri Parents who welcomed him into this world. The parents of Lorcan are from London, England.

Talking about Lorcan Spiteri Parents, there is little information regarding their marriage details available on the Internet.

Everybody in the restaurant business doesn’t see Jon Spiteri as a new face, as he is one of the top personalities running London restaurants. 

Lorcan’s father has experience as a restaurant consultant and General Manager with other traits in the restaurant field. 

Jon has experience working and setting up restaurants and bars, both in England and abroad, for over four decades.

Lorcan Spiteri Parents
Lorcan Spiteri with his father, Jon Spiteri. (Source: Instagram)

The father of Lorcan has worked for China Club and City Cafe, Los Angeles, as well as the Perth Hilton.

In the field of setting up restaurants, Jon was responsible for set-up the Pappergalli’s Pizza Restaurant, Smith’s Restaurant, and Cafe Casbar.

Talking about the education details of Jon Speteri, he completed his education at Dover College and Holmewood House.

Moreover, the mother of Lorcan served as the co-owner of Rochelle Canteen, making her name in the restaurant business. 

Rochelle Kitchen is one of the famous kitchens bringing out flavors from Britain and Europe. 

However, the details about Melanie are a little much and kept under wrap for now. 

Lorcan’s mother may not want to be more expressive on the Interent, loving to enjoy life behind the shadow of media sites. 

Lorcan Spiteri Parents may be the reason behind his career pursuing their footsteps in the restaurant field. 

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What About The Family Details Of Lorcan Spiteri?

Lorcan Spiteri’s Parents welcomed two sons from their married life, Lorcan and Fin Speteri. 

However, the details about Lorcan’s other family members are unknown and unavailable.  

The Spiteri brothers have been active in London’s food and drink industry and are no strangers. 

Fin and Lorcan always planned to open up the restaurant uniquely, opening Caravel on the boat with seat 40 diners after lockdown. 

Nothing much is shared about Lorcan’s family members on his social media handle, narrowing down the information about them.

Lorcan’s family is getting the attention of the Interent and the media, so their information will be available soon.

 The Net Worth Details of Lorcan Spiteri

Lorcan Spiteri may have earned money from his professional career in the food and drink industry. However, the details of his net worth are not disclosed yet. 

Spiteri may have earned $54,294, similar to other chefs following the reports of Comparably. 

Also, Lorcan may earn some money running Caravel and working as the restaurant co-owner. 

Lorcan Spiteri Parents
Lorcan Spiteri with his brother in their restaurant, Caravel. (Source: Instagram)

Lorcan Spiteri’s Parents may have earned money from their work in restaurants sharing some money with their sons. 

Unfortunately, no information about his other sources of income adds value to his net worth. 

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