LJ Satterfield

LJ Satterfield Boyfriend, Boy Tapang, is a famous YouTuber renowned for his mukbang videos and vlogs. 

Lj Satterfield is a model, entrepreneur, YouTuber, and influencer. She has amassed enormous fame on TikTok. According to her Instagram account, she is the CEO of LuckJStirePH.

Similarly, she produces material in the form of TikTok short films, which frequently involve him lip-syncing, dancing, and doing comic sketches.

She has a huge viewership and is well-known for her sense of humor and ability to communicate with her audience.

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Satterfield is also active on social media outside TikTok, such as Instagram and YouTube, where she publishes vlogs, behind-the-scenes videos, and other material.

LJ Satterfield Age: How Old Is She? Boyfriend Boy Tapang

LJ Satterfield’s age is not readily apparent on social media platforms. Yet, based on her social media sites, she looks to be in her mid-20s. Her precise birthdate and age are not known.

Boy Tapang, Ronnie Suan, is a famous YouTuber renowned for his mukbang videos and vlogs. He became famous on social media for his frightening films about eating insects and other strange foods.

LJ Satterfield
LJ Satterfield Boyfriend Boy Tapang (source: Philnews)

Boy Tapang claims he only knew LJ through social media. He then attempted to engage her online, but she did not answer until she sent her an emoji.

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They eventually decided to meet. When he first met her, Boy Tapang stated he fell in love at first sight.

His lover, like Boy Tapang, suffered from heartbreak. Her first partnership lasted three years, followed by five years and one year.

Jessica Soho, LJ, denied claims that she was merely chasing the vlogger’s money in an interview on KMJS or Kapuso Mo. She even acknowledged being wealthier than her partner. 

At the closing section of their interview, they grew emotional as they professed their love and pledge to each other.

LJ Satterfield Boyfriend Boy Tapang- Relationship Timeline

Lj Satterfield and Boy Tapang are making online rounds after their alleged breakup.

Boy Tapang, Ronnie Suan, is a well-known YouTuber who creates videos and vlogs. His terrifying videos of eating insects and other weird foods made him a social media sensation.

LJ Satterfield
LJ Satterfield Boyfriend Boy Tapang during mugbhg (source: Pinoytrend)

He only recently revealed LJ Satterfield, a Filipina-American lady, as his girlfriend. The two were featured on Kapuso Mo and Jessica Soho, discussing how they initially met and became friends.

Furthermore, he stated that his only communication with LJ was through social media. He then tried to contact her online through messaging, but she only responded when he sent an emoji.

They eventually decided to meet. Boy Tapang claimed that he instantly fell in love with her.

On the other hand, LJ rejected charges that Satterfield was only pursuing the vlogger’s money during their interview on KMJS.

She admitted to having more money than her spouse. They sobbed as they declared their love and pledge to one another at the end of the interview.

On February 14, Valentine’s Day, his fans anticipated that he would post something nice with his spouse. Yet, he made a cryptic message on his social media site, perplexing internet users.

Boy Tapang appears to have made no comments regarding her alleged love issues with his Fil-Am girlfriend.

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