Brent Rivera controversy and scandal

Brent Rivera Controversy trends on the internet again. Also, this is not the first time the public has shown interest in his case.

Many fans are familiar with Brent Rivera and his comedy skits. But, this time, it went too far, mocking famous American artist Billie Eilish.

Rivera is a young social media personality, famous on YouTube and Instagram.

As of this writing, he has gained at least 22.2 million followers on the platform. Similarly, Brent has more than 25.2 million subscribers on his YouTube Channel. 

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Brent Rivera Controversy

Handsome YouTube Influencer Brent Rivera faced a heavy backlash after posting a fake Billie Eilish video. He stirred controversy as he shared the video just weeks after the Lovely singer spoke out against such pranks.

Brent Rivera controversy
Brent Rivera controversy and backlash from Billie Eilish fans. (Source: Just Jared)

Young social media influencer Brent Rivera, with more than 25.2 million subscribers, uploaded a parody-type clip titled Surprising My Friends With Billie Eilish! on his YouTube channel.

In the video, he sneaks up on many of his friends and reveals a woman dressed as Eilish.

Young influencer and TikTok star Nadine Yani played Billie Eilish’s character in Rivera’s video.

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What Did Brent Rivera Say About Billie Eilish?

Rivera’s video was uploaded in February 2022 and has already racked up more than 21 million views in the span of three years.

His video arrived shortly after Eilish criticized other YouTubers and influencers for similar pranks.

The Ocean Eyes singer described the viral trend of impersonating her as unsafe.

Brent Rivera Say About Billie Eilish
YouTuber Brent Rivera Say About Singer Billie Eilish. (Source: YouTube)

According to Insider, she called the people mean, and they don’t know her any better. The famous pop star said of the trend in January 2020: 

Please stop doing this s***!

Despite the warning, Rivera uploaded the video. Later, after facing backlash he clarified in the comments section that he was not impersonating Eilish in a similar manner. Rivera replied: 

Billie told fans not to impersonate her in public, due to bad influencing and safety reasons.

I genuinely respect her wish and not did the prank in public. I surprised my near friends in my house with Yani dressed like her.

Rivera’s clip mainly shows his friends reacting to Yani dressed as Eilish in iconic neon green aesthetic.

However, a part of his clarification is not true, as the video also includes moments in public. In fact, a scene involves the group traveling to a fast-food drive-thru, and Rivera asks a team member if she wants to take a snip with the Ocean Eyes singer.

The YouTuber’s video seemed to upset some of her fans, who accused Rivera of disrespecting Eilish. They said he was trying to increase his notoriety by intentionally mocking her.

A commenter on the platform wrote, “Wasn’t the video representing the exact thing Billie does not want the influencers to do?” 

Similarly, other commenters added similar sorts of comments and said that Yani doesn’t even resemble the real Billie Eilish and hardly looks like her. 

Eilish recently released No Time To Die, the theme song for the James Bond film. She openly revealed her struggles with fame and said that impersonating her was unsafe.

At times, she has been notably ambushed by fans and publicly booed if she refused to sign autographs.

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