Liz Gunn Quits Live On TV Youtube

Liz Gunn Quits Live On TV Youtube: She was arrested and charged with assault, trespass, and resisting Police after an incident at Auckland International Airport.

Liz Gunn, a former litigation lawyer, is known for her work as a television presenter and an anti-vaccination activist in New Zealand.

She began her broadcasting career on the TVNZ show Sunday in 1992 before becoming the first newsreader for Breakfast in 1997.

Gunn co-hosted the show alongside Mike Hosking in 2001 before unexpectedly quitting on-air during the year’s final episode.

Throughout her television career, Gunn also reported for Holmes and worked as a newsreader on TV One.

After leaving her TV presenting roles in 2002, she moved to Australia before returning to New Zealand ten years later. Gunn resumed her broadcasting work on Radio New Zealand in 2016.

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Liz Gunn Quits Live On TV Youtube- What Happened To Her?

When Liz Gunn co-hosted the New Zealand current affairs show “Breakfast” in 2003, she resigned live on air.

The event occurred during a conversation regarding the government’s proposal to vaccinate all New Zealand children with chickenpox.

Gunn expressed opposition to the policy and her belief that vaccines were unsafe.

She resigned on air and left the set, drawing significant media attention. Even today, her opinions on vaccination are considered controversial.

Liz Gunn Quits Live On TV Youtube
When Liz Gunn co-hosted the New Zealand current affairs show “Breakfast” in 2003, she resigned live on air (Source: NzHerald)

On the other hand, Liz expressed a hurried farewell and thanked the Breakfast crew, producer, and Mike Hosking. 

According to TVNZ sources, senior executives were taken aback by Gunn’s sudden resignation.

Heaton Dyer, the head of news and current affairs, informed the Herald that decisions regarding Gunn’s future on Breakfast had yet to be made.

After Gunn’s farewell, TVNZ’s publicity department was unaware of her departure. However, in a statement released the same day, TVNZ declared that Gunn would remain a vital part of the One News team.

Further, Gunn had previously come under Fire for her involvement in a poorly executed Campaign for the children’s charity Children First Foundation.

Liz Gunn Arrest News

Liz Gunn and her cameraman Jonathan Clark, faced charges of wilful trespass and resisting arrest at the Manukau District Court after they were arrested at Auckland Airport in February.

Both have been remanded on bail and are expected to return for a case review hearing on June 7.

Gunn, who appeared at court wearing a wrist guard, was accompanied by several supporters, including anti-vaccine lawyer Sue Grey and Hannah Tamaki, wife of Destiny Church founder Brian Tamaki.

Further, she asked the judge to release CCTV footage of the incident, claiming that it would show that she was the victim of an assault, not the perpetrator.

Liz Gunn Quits Live On TV Youtube
Liz Gunn and her cameraman Jonathan Clark faced charges of wilful trespass and resisting arrest (Source: RNZ)

Gunn accused Police of assaulting her at the airport, causing her migraines and fractured wrist, according to

After the hearing, she criticized journalists for their work during the pandemic and urged them to “report the truth” rather than sell their souls for a paycheck.

Liz also faced an additional charge of assault. The charges related to an incident when the pair were at the airport to film an arriving family without obtaining clearance for filming from the airport authorities.

Gunn, who wore an arm brace, claimed she was assaulted and denied the charges against her.

Gunn’s lawyer requested the security camera footage from the airport, which she claimed was being suppressed.

The judge advised her lawyer to take up the matter during the case review hearing.

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