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Today, we are here with the story of Finnish-Swedish TV Presenter Ira Hammermann, who is widely known for her appearance in MTV Katsomo Program: Huomenta Suomi.

Fans search for Ira Hammermann Wikipedia; however, she has yet to get one. 

Veteran TV Personality in Finland, Ira Hammermann, has several articles written about her in Finnish or Swedish Magazines.

She was more active in the 1990s, but in 2018, she decided to take the role of weather broadcaster in the MTV Katsomo Program, where she interviews people and broadcasts weather.

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Ira Hammermann Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is She?

Ira Hammermann is a Finnish-Swedish Television Presenter, Actor, and Singer best known for her charismatic speaking skills, blend of humor, and serious undertone in the entertainment and talk show industry. 

According to one of her Instagram posts, she was born on October 18, 1967, which makes her 56 years old as of 2024.

The Television Presenter started her TV Career in the 1990s with the program “Pori Jazz’s Superjamit Cotton Clubilla.”

She has been in the industry for almost thirty years now. 

From entertainment shows to concerts and panel discussions, Hammermann has flawlessly hosted every single program throughout her career as a Television Presenter. 

Additionally, because of her bilingual background, she has also led seminars and congresses and interviewed lecturers in both Finnish and English.

Ira Hammermann Wikipedia
Interview with Kari Lumikero | Ira Hammermann Wikipedia (Source: Instagram)

After taking a break from television in the late 1990s to focus on her family, her fans thought that they would never see Hammermann back, but their prayers got answered when she returned to the screen with her new series called “Toivomus.”

The series explored the lives of 10 well-known Finnos-Swedes from different fields.

Ira is highly passionate about bringing out the unknown side of her guests and hopes that her program will bring people from different cultural backgrounds together.

She is pretty active on her Instagram; thus, you can follow her account @irahammermann to stay updated on the Finnish Television presenter and her family life. 

Meet Ira Hammermann Husband Johan Friman

Ira Hammermann met her husband, Johan Friman, on a business trip in 1993 at the Grand Marina Congress Centre in Helsinki.

They only saw each other for about one and a half years before getting married.

The TV Personality mentioned in an interview that coincidence played a massive role in the fact that they met, as Jukka Puotila was supposed to host the event.

Still, he had a double accident and had to cancel.

She added that whenever she talks to her friend, Jukka, they always laugh thinking about that incident, and she also mentioned that she wouldn’t have met her husband if it was not for that coincidence.

The Finnish TV presenter then went to the gig as her friend, Jukka, was unavailable, and her husband, Johan, was present.

She said he made a point about “stick,” and that’s how they initiated their first conversation.

Johan Friman
Ira Hammermann Husband: Johan Friman (Source: Instagram)

After having several dates and building a solid bond, Ira Hammermann married Johan Friman on July 2, 1995, at Söderkulla Manor in Sipoo.

As of 2024, they have been married for 28 years. 

When talking about her married life, she mentions that they have similar life values but different personalities.

The presenter also says that her husband is more reflective, while she is more spontaneous.

Johan had worked for eleven years in Germany. Still, after they married and had two children: Robin and Rebecca, he sacrificed his previous job for the sake of his family and decided to stay in Finland.

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Ira Hammermann Family and Kids

Ira Hammermann claims to have had a very happy childhood in Elimäki, Finland.

In an interview, she said she would never forget the warm summers of her youth.

Her Father, Jackie Hammermann, worked as a vet and specialized mainly in the extensive animal practice of horses and cows.

His work was irregular, as people could call him in the middle of the night.

Ira Hammermann’s mother was a young, 31-year-old widow when her dad, Jackie, died.

According to Ira, she has a younger sister and elder brother named Eliel Hammermann, a photographer in Finland.

The family moved to Helsinki in the year 1978 after the death of the head of the family.

Ira was a determined young lady who became a career-oriented person with an intuitive feeling to take care of her family. 

Rebecca Friman and Robin Friman
Ira Hammermann Children: Rebecca Friman and Robin Friman (Source: Instagram)

She then met her husband, Johan Friman, and married him in 1995. Together, they are blessed with two children: Robin Friman and Rebecca Friman.

Although we couldn’t find his date of birth, Robin is currently 23 years old, according to his post on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Rebecca, who often appears in her mother’s feed, is 20 years old as of 2024. 

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