Lainey Wilson

People are curious to know about Lainey Wilson Weight Loss Journey. Following the success of her TikTok posterior after it went viral, Lainey Wilson has thought of the ideal New Year’s resolution.

Lainey Denay Wilson is an American singer-songwriter well-known for her country music. Wilson started performing at a young age before relocating to Nashville, Tennessee, to seek a career as a country singer.

She released her record for the first time in 2014 and on the Lone Chief label again in 2016. After signing a publishing deal in 2019, Wilson published an extended play (EP) that contained the song “Things a Man Oughta Know.”

It was first made available as a single by The BBR Music Group in 2020, and it ultimately became the most popular country song in America.

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Lainey Wilson Weight Loss – Before And After Photos

Having recently won four trophies at the American Country Music Awards, Lainey is at the peak of her career. Aside from that, the songstress was a sight to behold during her performances and award-receiving moments.

Fans were quick to notice how Wilson has had drastic changes in her appearance over the years. She was never overweight (to be honest), but recently she looks fit and healthy. Moreover, some sites have made assumptions that she underwent gastric bypass surgery; however, there is no official confirmation about this.

As per Women’s Health, Lainey’s secret to her fit body is nutritious and healthy meals. That being said, she likely goes to a gym or does exercises for toning and building muscles. However, sorry to inform that fans have to wait for a while to learn about the singer’s workout regimen.

Lainey Wilson has the perfect New Year’s resolution now that her posterior ended went global on TikTok and other social media sites.

Recently, the country singer’s posterior attracted millions of viewers thanks to the success of TikTok videos that showed it.

In an immediate video message to her fans, she addressed the craze. While browsing TikTok, Wilson admitted that she had grown weary of seeing her “fat butt on everything.”

Actress Lainey Wilson
Actress Lainey Wilson Stuns on Stage in a Crop Top and Bell Bottoms (Source- Prevention )

Onstage and in the media, country musician makes a big impression. The 30-year-old had a tearful night at the 2019 CMA Awards after winning two awards and landing a main role in Yellowstone’s most recent season. He’s had a very eventful year.

Lainey is unique in that she has one of the most recognizable country music styles, and her work is progressing rapidly.

Her most recent stage attire demonstrates that she is known for drawing inspiration from the 1970s and isn’t afraid to make audacious fashion statements.

Lainey Wilson Early Life

Wilson grew up in the tiny Louisiana town of Baskin, a population of 250. Her mother, Michelle, was a teacher, and her Father, Brian, was a farmer. She became interested in singing at a young age.

Her family was a big fan of Glen Campbell and Buck Owens’ classic country music. Country music was more than just music to my family and me. We genuinely felt the lyrics of those songs.

She told The Advocate. She first became involved in country music at nine, when she went to see the Grand Ole Opry.

Looking up, she remembered thinking, “Man, I wanna do that.” Wilson’s Father taught her a few chords when she was a child, and she had begun playing by the time she was an adolescent.

What Is Lainey Wilson Net Worth?

One World Information estimated that the singer’s worth is between $1 million and $5 million as of 2022.

According to Popular Net Worth, she had a net worth of $330,000 in the previous year, but that was before she worked hard, traveled frequently, and her first record with a major label was released in February 2021.

lainey wilson performs fallon
For CMT’s Artists of the Year Special, Lainey Wilson will be honored as the top emerging artist. (Source- Iheart)

Her second song for the label, “Things a Man Oughta Know,” included on Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin’, was a smashing success on country radio in 2021.

The release date for Bell Bottom Country, her second studio album for the Company, is October 28, 2022.

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Surprise, Surprise, Lainey Wilson Boyfriend In 2023 Is Devlin Hodges

The ACM winner didn’t only shock her fans with her dramatic weight loss; she also introduced her new beau. The man in question is former NFL quarterback Devlin Hodges. In his playing career, he signed with Pittsburgh Pirates, Los Angeles Rams, and Ottawa Redblacks.

Did you know Lainey and Devlin only have four years of an age difference? Both have been successful in their respective careers and boast a sizeable fanbase. Hence, both Lainey and Devlin’s fans must have been excited knowing their favorite idols were dating.

Unfortunately, not much is known about the new couple’s relationship beginning. They could have connected via work circle or through mutual friends. Nevertheless, the pair looked adorable together, posing on the ACM Awards red carpet.

Lainey Wilson Boyfriend
Country Singer Lainey Wilson Went Red Carpet Official WIth Her New Beau, Devlin Hodges At The 2023 American Country Music Awards (Source: Instagram)

The country singer looked breathtaking in her chic Krystal Douglas green jumpsuit, pairing it with accessories. Likewise, Lainey Wilson’s boyfriend looked handsome in his blue blazer and jeans. In addition, the duo complimented each other’s looks by wearing cowboy hats.

While audiences might have been shocked by the artist’s announcement of her new partner, her fans definitely saw it coming. The songstress had previously posted a picture on April 30 wearing a Devlin Hodges #6 Steelers jersey at her Pittsburgh concert. It certainly raised speculations about the lovebirds dating.

Well, now that Lainey and Devlin have gone red-carpet official, we wish the new pair a long-lasting relationship. Hopefully, we will learn about their first meet and all juicy stories about their initial romantic phase. Till then, fans must wait to get all the deets of the love doves.

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