Reeva Steenkamp Autopsy Photos

While everyone is on the watch for the release of Oscar Pistorius, the murderer, Reeva Steenkamp autopsy report has again started flashing in the public domain.

Reeva Steenkamp was a South African model, television personality, and law graduate tragically killed by her boyfriend, Oscar Pistorius, a former South African Paralympic athlete.

The late South African model & paralegal even modeled for FHM magazine and was the first face of Avon cosmetics in South Africa.

But in the current scenario, the murder case of 2013 has again started to cover the headlines of the world after South Africa’s parole board is hearing submissions for the early release of the murderer.

Moreover, Reeva Steenkamp autopsy photos were made available to the public after the SA court permitted the National Police.

So here, explore the details for a better understanding of Reeva Steenkamp autopsy & the case update following the release of the murder.

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Reeva Steenkamp Autopsy Photos: Murder Case Update

Reeva Steenkamp was killed by three hollow-tipped bullets fired by her boyfriend, Oscar Pistorius, according to a Reeva Steenkamp autopsy report presented by a pathologist.

The Reeva Steenkamp autopsy report detailed the devastating impact of the bullets on Steenkamp’s body, any one of which could have potentially killed her.

Pistorius claimed he shot her because he mistook her for an intruder, but prosecutors said he intentionally killed her after an argument.

According to the sources, Reeva was shot dead by her boyfriend, Oscar Pistorius, on Valentine’s Day in 2013 at his home in Pretoria.

Pistorius claimed that he thought Steenkamp was an intruder hiding in the bathroom.

Reeva Steenkamp Autopsy Photos
Reeva Steenkamp Autopsy Photos. (Source: The Independent)

Reeva was still alive but barely breathing when paramedics found her & discovered that she had been shot in the head and had wounds to her arms.

She passed away moments later, and her body was cremated at Victoria Park crematorium in Port Elizabeth on February 19, 2013.

The death of Reeva Steenkamp was a significant loss to her parents, who are still grieving for their daughter ten years after her death.

Crime scene photos of her dead body were made public after her Father pleaded for them to be released to show what had happened.

And in 2016, Reeva Steenkamp autopsy photos were officially over the internet after the court ordered the Police to showcase the details to the general public.

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Oscar Pistorius Parole & Early Release: Murderer Of Reeva Freed?

In March 2023, South Africa’s parole board is hearing submissions for the early release of disgraced Paralympian Oscar Pistorius, who was jailed for shooting dead his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp ten years ago.

However, the parents of Reeva Steenkamp still do not believe Pistorius’s account of their daughter’s killing and will oppose his application for parole.

Their lawyer stated, “Unless he comes clean, they don’t feel that he is rehabilitated.”

Despite this opposition, Pistorius applied to be released from prison a decade after he murdered Reeva Steenkamp by shooting her multiple times through a toilet door in his home.

Reeva Steenkamp Autopsy Photos
Oscar Pistorius On Murder Scene. (Source: The Mirror)

However, a parole board denied his early release application as he has not served the “minimum detention period” required to be released for his murder conviction in the killing of Reeva Steenkamp.

Unfortunately, nothing much is yet released about Oscar’s current status in jail & sources believe the murderer is long gone.

Further details on Oscar Pistorius’s parole & early release from Police custody in the murder of Reeva Steenkamp, the late South African supermodel.

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