JOKER Joaquin Phoenix cast

Joker is not a character, but it is the role that defines the actor’s career and also sets the benchmark for another portrayal that outstanding. People love the heroes, their roles, and how they define the unique, but Joker is the villain that tops the negatives chart with never-ending heart stoppers. JOKER Joaquin Phoenix is an emotion that will bind the audience all around the globe.


Recently Joker is something that is creating a massive buzz in the entertainment industry. The audience’s unique number is getting higher each passing day, and the wait is looking too long. Here we will talk about when the movie will hit the market and many more.

JOKER Joaquin Phoenix Release Date

One of the most talked-about topics and the searched one is Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker’s release date. Well, to break the ice, we can say that the movie will hit the Australian theatres on October 3, 2019.

Surprisingly the movie will hit the worldwide theatres on October 4, the very next day, and it promises to be a rollercoaster ride.


JOKER Joaquin Phoenix Cast

One of the leading movies of 2019 and also the very own contenders for the Oscar, as sources suggest, is Joker, and the cast plays a prominent role in making it a film for the ages.

The cast of the Joker includes

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix is a well known American actor who is a producer and an activist too. In the movie, he is the central character and plays the role of Arthur Fleck, or we famously know as Joker.

Joker's cast and Crew
Joaquin Phoenix

Phoenix has always been known to play vivid roles that tend to challenge any actor. Be it the surprising lover in Her or the portrayal in Johnny Cash, Joaquin has left no stones unturned in giving the best. In this movie as well, we can expect nothing but the best from the man himself.

Frances Conroy

Frances Hardman Conroy is a talented American actress who is better known for playing Ruth Fisher’s role¬†in the series Six Feet Under. In this movie, Joker, though she portrays the role of Joker’s mother.

Frances Conroy bio
Frances Conroy

She portrays Penny’s role and one of the pivotal roles in the movie, which tends to shape Joker’s character. Frances is more famous for her purposes in the theatres but also series like Desperate Housewives, How I Met Your Mother, and many more.

Robert De Niro

This actor doesn’t require any introduction as he is the most critical person in the movie. He has always been the pinnacle of world-class acting and has proved it over and over again. Robert hosts a talk show.

JOKER Joaquin Phoenix cast
Robert De Niro

Other than the role in Joaquin Phoneix Joker, there is more to know about De Niro. Besides this, the actors’ significant parts are in movies like Heat, The King of Comedy, Once Upon A Time in America, The Score, and lots and lots more. So we can assume with ease what’s there to come from this acting maestro.

Zazie Beetz

Zazie Olivia Beetz is a German- American actress who will play the role of Sophie Dumond, who will allegedly fall for the man as the trailer suggests. The broad but essential part belongs to her as we feel she will be the prime experiencer of the transformation of Joaquin as the prince of crime.

Joker Cast
Zazie Beetz

Moreover, Zazie is part of lots of successful movies. Some of them include the likes of Seberg, Deadpool 2, Geostorm, James White, etc. The lady’s class can be known by the fact that she was nominated for the primetime Emmy Awards too.

Todd Philips

One of the most unpredictable individuals in the field of entertainment is surely Todd Phillips. Todd has made his contributions in the field of television as an actor, writer, director-producer, and many more. He is the mastermind behind Joker and has left no stones unturned.

JOKER Joaquin Phoenix director
Todd Phillips

Beyond his direction for the movie Joker, Todd is known to be the adult comedies writer like The Hangover franchise, Road Trip, Frat House, Old School, Borat, and many more. This upcoming movie might be an experiment but might turn to be a jackpot hit too.

JOKER Joaquin Phoenix Possibilities

Well, the favorite segment of this article is the possibilities it carries out at the end. The trailer seems to be pretty ravishing and also indicating the fact the actual movie might be very, very dark and also covering a lot of untouched aspects.

The trailer tends to suggest the fact that Arthur is a stand-up comedian and has failed miserably at it. When wandering around, the attacks by the thugs indicate that he is highly unrespectful as a clown. Hence turns out the pretty violent part of the movie when Joaquin becomes the mastermind of the criminal world in Gotham city periphery.

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As a whole, this movie might suggest the emptiness that our society holds and focus upon the mask that everyone in the community wears to commit physical and even psychological crimes.

Be it the highlighter of the emptiness in the society or also the misguided culture. This movie will surely be one to remember and set the benchmark for further jokers if there would be any.

Standing Ovation

There is still a month for the movie to hit the theatres, but the buzz and the response are overwhelming and positive. This has made the director find his feet. The movie is all set to make people cry until it hits reality, but the Venice film’s premier¬†saw its rise.

The premier on Saturday at Venice received an 8-minute standing ovation, with everyone that was part of it loved every inch of it. After the premiere, the movie’s makers said not to compare this Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker with the earlier one.

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It would be interesting to see the fact about the responses it receives when it reaches Toronto for the premiere, and it would be something to crave for come on the 4th of October.

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