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How many perks can one man possess? While it is a given that visuals and physique are something from genes, the other factors are purely based on one’s skills and ability to learn. Joe Weller is someone who has learned not one but many such traits.

Don’t believe it? Well, he is a YouTube personality who is way beyond making content only. As of now, he is a footballer, recording artist, boxer, and even an author. His YouTube channel already has over 5 million subscribers.

Joe Weller age
Joe Weller, 24, British YouTuber and Footballer

Known for his sports content, the British lad has a huge fan following in his social media handles. Just look at his Instagram and YouTube for a change. But today, we will talk more than just his career. This talk will include stuff on his personal life, family, and more.

Joe Weller: Quick Facts

Full Name: Joe Weller
Age: 24 years
Birth Date: March 2, 1996
Horoscope: Pisces
Birth Place: Brighton, England
Nationality: English
Height: 5 feet 8 inches(172 cm)
Weight: 71 kgs
Build: Mesomorph
Marital Status: Not married
Profession: YouTuber, Footballer, Boxer, Artist
Active years: 2012-present
Net Worth: $1.5 million
Social Media: YouTube, Instagram & Twitter

Bio and Education- Where is Joe Weller from?

The famous social media personality, Joe Weller, was born in Brighton, England, to his parents, whose information is not exposed to the media. Regardless of that, we know, Weller grew up in a loving and caring environment.

Aside from his parents, the young fellow grew up right alongside his sister, who goes by the name Amy Weller. As of now, her name is the only information we have obtained.

As for his education, the British YouTuber is said to have attended a local high school. But the exact institutions and schools cannot be named yet. We are still looking into it.

However, his childhood was not precisely sunny; rather, it was gloomy as the weather in England. An average child and a bit heavy on weight, Weller was bullied for his chubby appearance and ears.

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Rather heartbreaking, Joe, who loved playing football, was removed from the team when he gained weight. This might also be the reason why he is so obsessed with fitness and looking good.

Body Measurements- Age and Height

Now, instantly, one can see his visuals, which, of course, is attractive. Blessed in terms of look, the young YouTuber has got chiseled jawline. Also, he has short brown hair and stunning hazel eyes.

Being a footballer himself, Weller has a well-toned and balanced physique. Just at 5 feet 8 inches, which is equivalent to 172 cm, he weighs 71 kgs. Nonetheless, years of running and kicking balls have strengthened his core muscles, giving him a more stoic and athletic build.

Joe Weller height
Joe Weller

On top of that, Joe also visits the gym four times a week. Looking at him, one can undoubtedly feel shocked knowing he is just 24 years old.

Yes, the handsome man, Joe, is in his early 20s. He was born on March 2, 1996, under the sign of Pieces. And of course, people of this sign are known for their generous, creative, and inept skills. Something we can say, Joe undoubtedly possesses.

How much is Joe Weller worth?

As we know, Joe is a man with many talents and tricks up his sleeves. Not only is he active in social media, but he is equally hard-working in fields as well. Thanks to his passion and dedication, Weller has been successful in his endeavors.

Not to mention, his hard-work has earned him a net worth of $1.5 million already. Just 24, and this guy is making more than people of his way, which is insane. But we must also remember that he is working twice as hard as most people of his age.

Also, according to, the social media personality makes a hefty amount from his YouTube channel as well. It seems the young man earns from $1.4k to $21.6k per month, which amounts to $16.2k- $259.4k on yearly income.

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However, Joe knows better than expose his total income in public. But no doubt, Weller is living a luxurious life.

Joe Weller: Professional Career

Smart and handsome can be a dangerous combination when it is someone like Joe. Known as a YouTuber, social media has undoubtedly changed the lifestyle of this young man.

Looking back at it, Weller always loved making videos that got him to start his own YouTube channel. He officially created his channel on June 23, 2012, nearing its eighth anniversary this year.

Likewise, the first video was ‘How to be a fighter man‘ but was released later. Digging more on YouTube, he began learning how to make short films and made his own titled ‘The Jacket’ based on teleporting and cloning.

However, fame did not come up to him instantly. During his early YouTube days, Joe struggled to get views. His officially first video on the channel was ‘New channel- Tutorial and Torres.’

But the video titled How to be KSI kicked off his YouTube career forward. Though he received hate comments, it did not stop young Joe from making more videos.

Similarly, another video, ‘The Holy One’ that was released around FIFA 2013, got viewed several times. Vying to learn professionally, Weller then took Film Making and Media Study at college.

As time passed, Weller’s content became more clear-cut and professional, but he continued making videos about sports, especially football. Aside from that, his other materials included music videos, vlogs, prank videos, and so on.

As of now, his YouTube channel has garnered over 5 million subscribers and more than 1 billion views in total. It is an impressive feat, considering how he has uploaded only 336 videos so far.

Personal Life- Girlfriend and Dating

Apart from his attractive features and popularity on YouTube, another thing that catches the attention of many is his love life. Unlike his income, the 24 years old Weller is not shy when it comes to his dating life at all.

In fact, in the course of his life and journey as a social personality, he has dated many beautiful women. To start, Joe dated fellow Instagram personality, Kate Hutchins, for a while.

Joe Weller dating, girlfriend
Joe Weller with his girlfriend

The young couple dated from the year 2015 but broke the relationship next year in 2016 soon after that; Weller was seen dating Saffron Baker, aka Tabi, who is also a YouTube star.

However, he has not updated much recently regarding his love life. Other than that, fans have nothing to worry about.

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Joe is close to his family, especially with his mother, and loves to spend quality time with her. In his spare time, the young man loves playing games. Did you know he was a Chelsea fan? Blue all the way!!

Social Media Presence

YouTube–  5.39 million Subscribers

Instagram–  2.1 million Followers

Twitter–  1.4 million Followers

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