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Game of Thrones is one of the highly-rated series at this point but for the classic series lovers. The Wire is the epitome of great series. Jamie Hector is one of the leads of the series, which rose to fame from it.

After The Wire, though, this actor has been hit and miss at times. But there is more to know about him, which is still hidden. Stick with us so that we can provide a lot of information in detail.

Jamie Hector net worth
Jamie Hector

Before directly jumping into the mains, let us have some quick facts that help

Jamie Hector: Quick Facts

Full Name Jamie Hector
Date of Birth 1975/10 /07
Nickname Jamie
Marital Status Married
Birthplace Brooklyn, USA
Ethnicity Mixed
Age 44
Profession Actor
Nationality American
Height 6 ft
Eye color Black
Hair color Dark Brown
Kids 2
Net Worth $2 million
Online Presence Instagram, Twitter

Who Is Jamie Hector?

Jamie Hector is an American actor who rose to fame from his work in The Wire and Bosch. This talented individual is married at this point.

Age and Parents

Jamie Hector was born on 7th October 1975, in Brooklyn. The name of his parents is still under the wraps. Not only the parent’s name but the sibling’s story is also not available for anyone to see.

Jamie is 44 years old as of now. He holds the American nationality along with mixed ethnicity. The zodiac sign falls under Libra, suggesting he is polite and attentive at the same time.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Jamie Hector is into his 40’s, but the young face tends to look not so old for the first viewers. The actor stands at the height of 6 ft and also weighs 80 kgs. His height and weight suit the calm and composed demeanor of the man. If anything on the vital body comes up, readers will be updated.

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Hector is hitting his late 40’s, but the regular workout and healthy diet have helped the man to stay fit and ready to go all the time. To complete the physical outlook, black eyes and dark brown hair play an important role. If anything on the shoe and dress size comes up, readers will be updated.

Early Days and Education

Hector was born in Brooklyn, but apart from this, there is nothing known about him. We feel the artist had a pretty hard time as a child, so he hasn’t shared any information about his parents and childhood. Hector grew the interest in the field of acting gradually with time.

In the case of educational background, though Jamie attended the high school in his hometown. After graduation, Hector was part of the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York. All of this shaped the individual to be the actor he is today.

Scar Story

Suppose you have followed Jamie’s life from the start, this actor a scar on his face. As and when asked, the actor tends to remain silent or just sway away from the scar question. It might have to do something from his childhood, which is still under wraps.


As and when Hector was studying, the roles for acting in projects came to him high and through. In 1997 the actor was seen auditioning for a community theatre role.

During the time of the study, he was seen doing roles in  New York Undercover, Third Watch, and many more. The movie debut, though, came in the year 1998  with He Got Game.

Slowly the continuous work came in the way of Jamie. Ghost Dog, Paid In Full, Joy Road, Blackout, Just Another Day, Magic City, Night Catches Us, All Eyez on Me are some of the honorable mentions.

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The latest work of Hector in movies was seen in 2018 with Doubting Thomas and Canal Street. Alike the work in film, the TV show has also never been far from him. The Beat in 2000, marking the debut, saw a significant rise in the career of the actor.

The Game, Cold Case, Jericho, The Wire, Mercy, Quarry, Queen of the South, Lie to Me are some of them. In the current prefecture, though, Hector is seen being part of Bosch that is receiving mixed reviews.

Other than TV and movies, Jamie gave his contributions to video games too. The Warriors, Dishonored 2, Halo: Reach, Gears  5 makes the list of it. It has been more than two decades since the actor has been part of the acting industry, and surely there is more to come about which the readers will be made aware of.

Who Is Jamie Hector Wife?

Jamie might be pretty vocal and loud about his professional career, but personal life is secret for everyone. It was only later when the actor has been sharing more of his wife and kids.

Yes, The Wire actor is married to Jennifer Amelia. Both of them started dating before 2005 and walked down the aisle in 2006. It was a pretty secret event with only the family and friends being called to attend it.

Jamie Hector daughter
Jamie Hector with his daughter

Not only the marriage, but the couple is blessed with two daughters as well. In this case, though, Hector has kept the actual information out of everyone. In one of the baby showers, though, a gatecrasher shot the people at the party, and 50 of them were injured.

It surely has been more than a decade, and the pair seems to be together and enjoying their life. Other than Amelia, though, there is hardly any woman who came in the presence of Jamie, and he has done well to keep it a secret.

Due to no rift in the love bond, we feel this pair will go for an extended period together.

Net Worth: Income and Salary

Jamie has been part of the industry for over twenty years now. His contribution to the evolving movie industry, without a doubt, has been immense. So for all that, he has earned good fame and fortune.

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As of 2020, Hector owns a net worth of $2 million. All of this is the sole output of his acting credentials. Other than the work-life, the actor is less of a talker. During his free time, Hector loves to spend time with his family and also go traveling.

Even though there is proper information on the net worth, nothing accurate is available about annual income and assets owned. Whatever might be the case, the actor is living a lavish life.

Internet Fame

Jamie Hector might look silent in front of the media, but his social media following is pretty commendable. The genuine fans tend to connect with the actor with ease on social media. Readers can follow him on:

Instagram66.3k followers

Twitter42.2k followers

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