Josh Whitehouse : Career, Girlfriend & Net Worth

Game of Thrones was one of the highly watched series for sure. There was news that the prequel for it is bound to appear for the fans, in that particular work though Josh Whitehouse was about to be cast.

Some limited people know this name, but the actor has done pretty good work in the industry, which can’t be unseen. In this article, too, we will talk about the exploits of the man in detail. So be with us till the very end.

Josh Whitehouse net worth
Josh Whitehouse

But first some quick facts

Josh Whitehouse: Quick Facts

Full Name Josh Whitehouse
Date of Birth 1990/02 /27
Nickname Josh Whitehouse
Marital Status Single
Birthplace England, UK
Ethnicity White
Age 30
Profession Actor, Model
Nationality British
Height 6’1″
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Build Slim
Net Worth $500k
Online Presence Instagram, Twitter

Who Is Josh Whitehouse?

Josh Whitehouse is a British actor who rose to fame from his work in Poldark, Northern Soul, and many more. He is currently single.

Age and Parents

Josh was born on 27th February 1990 in England. John Penelope and Sinclair White house are the names of his parents. Other than that, he has four siblings with whom he is pretty close.

Whitehouse is 30 years old as of now. He holds the British nationality along with the white ethnicity. His zodiac sign falls under Pisces, suggesting the fact that he is selfless and imaginative.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Whitehouse has just stepped into his 30’s, so the elegance and charm are slowly showing up in the man. His acting improves with each new project, but his looks can also easily make you go gaga.

The height reads at 6’1“, with the weight being 79 kgs. The fit body suits his tall height that he is able to maintain with great ease. Interestingly the vital body statistics are not known to the general media.

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Josh has a broad smile and jovial personality, which can easily make people like him more. If anything on the shoe and dress comes up, readers will be made aware. In the end, dark brown hair and eyes of the same color make him look complete.

Early Days and Education

Josh was born in England and spent all of his childhood there with the family and siblings. His early life was pretty decent, with all of the needs being fulfilled with ease.

All of the siblings were keenly interested in the field of art and entertainment. One of his sisters is an art teacher, while his brother is fond of writing and playing music.

This motivated Josh to try something new, and acting came to him naturally. Looking back, it seems like it was the right choice made by him.

In the case of educational background, though, Whitehouse was part of Queens Park High School in England.


Josh Whitehouse hails from a pretty famous diverse family background. As a result of that, he has tried multiple careers without much of a surprise. The actor is a model who has been working with Burberry.

To the readers who are not aware, Burberry is a fragrance brand for the man. Other than that, he has also been part of Fabric magazine that brought him good fame.

To the unknowns to there has been a lot of endorsements and photoshoot for the actor that brought in big-time fame. Added to that, the music flows in the family, and Whitehouse is also pretty good at it.

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The talented personality is a singer and guitarist who has performed alongside More Like Trees musical trio. With the quest to continue the passion, Whitehouse opened a Youtube channel and posts singing videos.

Josh Whitehouse height
Josh Whitehouse stands at 6’1″

But what makes him unique from the rest is undoubtedly the acting achievements. For the work in Poldark, the actor won a vast amount of accolades, and the world was in awe of his acting skills.

Other than that too, there has been a considerable amount of works from the actor in the TV and movie circuit. Northern Soul, Alleycats, Modern Life is Rubbish, Living on the Edge, Game of Thrones prequel Pilot are some of the good ones.

For the most recent achievement, though, Whitehouse worked alongside Netflix in The Knight Before Christmas. It was a pretty good project that enriched his fame.

Josh is never shy about trying out new things and versatility. By the look of things, we feel more of newness is bound to come, and readers will be aware of it.

Josh Whitehouse Girlfriend

As Josh’s versatility is seen highly, one can easily say that he is dating some diva in the industry. But sadly, all the guesses are wrong. It is due to the fact that the actor is single.

You heard us right; he has never talked about the love interest of his life, making all the assumptions fail. But once there was a rumor that he was dating Cindy Jourdin.

Josh Whitehouse career
Josh Whitehouse in the poster of Valley Girl

He was caught with the lady having a vacation in the Dominican republic. She is a French health care worker who lives with Josh in the UK. Besides, another lady named Olivia Hume also appeared on his social media.

He was openly sharing a love for her on social media wishing on the anniversary, which was quite different. As the clouds of suspicions creep in, one thing is sure, he is neither married nor engaged up until this point in time. If something fruitful comes up, readers will be made aware.

Josh Whitehouse Net Worth

Whitehouse, at times, likes to work under the radar. As a matter of fact, he is less talked about and seen in the media. But his exploits in multiple fields is something to be proud of.

As a result of that, Whitehouse owns a net worth of $500k. This is the joint effort of acting, modeling, and also music. Whenever he is free, the actor loves to travel and go on vacation with friends.

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Josh is one of those who live their life fully and enjoys good music too. As the actor has been part of the industry for over a decade, he can keep silent on various information.

The annual income, assets owned is still in the dark. Whatever might be the case, he has a lavish lifestyle.

Internet Fame

Josh loves to talk with the fans and make new friends. And what can be the appropriate platform to do that other than social media. As a result, there is a pretty good following for him on Instagram and Twitter.

Instagram93k followers

Twitter6560 followers

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