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When the significant roles in the history of Hollywood will be talked about, one name surely will come up. It will be of Jaye Davidson, who played the role of Dil the transgender.

At this point, the great actor has retired, but for his time being, the man has given greatness for all of the generations to adore. More people are not known about their class. Be with us to know.

Jaye Davidson net worth
Jaye Davidson

But first some quick is always essential and does well

Jaye Davidson: Quick Facts

Full Name Alfred Amey
Date of Birth 1968/03 /21
Nickname Jaye Davidson
Marital Status Married
Birthplace California, USA
Ethnicity Mixed
Age 52
Profession Actor, Model
Nationality American
Height 5’3″
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Build Slim
Spouse Thomas Clarke
Net Worth $1.5 million

Who Is Jaye Davidson?

Alfred Amey is an America born British actor who rose to fame from his work in the Crying Game. For his great work, the actor was nominated for Oscars too.

Age and Parents

Jaye Davidson was born on 21st March 1968 in California. The name of his parents is not known to the general media. There is data that suggests Jaye has two sisters.

Davidson is 52 years old as of now. He holds the American nationality along with mixed ethnicity. The actor’s zodiac sign reads at Aries, which suggests that he is passionate and outgoing.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Jaye has retired from acting, but his charm and charisma can surely make the readers in awe. The talented actor stands at the height of 5’3” with weight being 60 kgs.

Davidson’s height might not be the tallest around the circuit, but his talented overalls every pitfall in the way. Interestingly the vital body statistics of the actor are not known to the press.

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In his prime, though, the distinctive feature for the actor was the talking eyes along with the mild smile. Along with the vital body statistics, the shoe and dress sizes are also hidden under the radar.

To make him complete and look flawless black hair along with dark brown eyes play an essential role. There is no presence of any tattoo on his body.

Early Days and Education

Davidson was born in California but moved to the UK with his family at the age of 2. His father belonged to the Ghanian background, while his mother hailed from a British background.

Jaye’s father died while he was pretty young, which resulted in the mother raising the actor too well. Davidson’s mother is a businesswoman, so he grew in pretty good shades.

From a very young age, Jaye was energized by the presence of the camera and wanted to do something in the field of entertainment. At the age of 16, Davidson dropped out of high school.

The main reasons were he was not much good at it and knew fate had other ideas. During his drop out years, he remained unemployed most of the time.


Jaye had a pretty hard time after dropping out of school. For making the needs meet, the actor worked in factories and also for a production company. Slowly he knew about fashion and started his life there.

Jaye was a fashion assistant whose primary role was to buy fabric for designers like David and Elizabeth Emmanuel. Davidson was receiving all the experience, but the business was not doing good.

Jaye Davidson career
Jaye Davidson during the shoot of Stargate

His life changed at a wrap party when a casting associate offered him the role of Dil in the movie The Crying Game. Without thinking a minute, Davidson went to the audition, and what panned out was history.

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The movie didn’t do pretty well in the UK and Ireland, but the fate was sealed for the movie release in the states. This movie changed the face of how people saw transgender.

One after another, a significant role started to come to Jaye, but the man didn’t like much of the attention provided to him. After The Crying Game, Davidson was offered Stargate.

The actor was not willing to take the role, so he asked a million dollars to do the part. The producers accepted the demand, and well Stargate became one of the biggest hits of all time.

Jaye is one of those actors who worked less but worked the worth of gold. As a result, there is very little acting work from the star. Other than the ones mentioned above, he has been part of The Borghild Project, Catwalk, and Jiggery Pokery.

Interestingly, the skill of Jaye was not well utilized in the long run, but without a doubt, it is his personal decision to quit acting. After letting go of the actor hat, Davidson is more seen in modelling and doing pretty well.

Awards and Accolades

When The Crying Game was released in the day and age, it was hard for one movie to be nominated for so many awards. But due to the class of Davidson, it turned out to be a reality.

The Crying Game was nominated for seven Oscars, along with The Bafta awards. To go with it, there were lots of critical acclaim around the globe. Astoundingly, Davidson shared his thought of the wish not to win the Oscars as he was not an actor.

Who Is Jaye Davidson Partner?

Jaye is different in many terms. Be its physicality, the acting skills, or the human he is. To the readers or avid movie lovers, you might know that he is gay. He has always been open about his sexuality.

To make things go accessible to all on the fans, the talented actor married Thomas Clarke. There is no accurate data about how they met, but they were made for each other.

Jaye Davidson height
Jaye Davidson stands at 5’3″

Both the lovebirds dated for some time before walking down the aisle in 2017. It was a special event with the closest family and friends being invited to it.

After getting married, the couple, at this point, live in the love capital of the world, Paris. There is hardly any rift between the pair, and it looks like they are made for each other.

Jaye Davidson Net Worth: Income and Salary

Jaye has been part of movies but less than a handful. As a result, his net worth is also not something that can make your jaws drop. As of 2020, Jaye sits at a net worth of $1.5 million.

All of this is the outcome of his contribution to acting and also the field of modelling. With time his fame might have faded away, but his presence on the camera is undoubtedly the same.

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In the free time, Davidson loves to attend a fashion show and travels around the world with the partner. One thing is sure he has a lavish lifestyle with his partner.

Internet Fame

If you have come this far, you must know that Jaye is not someone who loves the limelight. As a result, there are no social media handles for the man, which you can follow.

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