Lissio Fiod And Luana Braga

 Lissio Fiod And Luana Braga are a fan-favorite couple on the Show ‘Love Is Blind.’

Love Is Blind is a reality dating show premiered on Netflix in 2020. The show follows a group of single men and women participating in a social experiment designed to help them find love. 

The experiment involves the participants living in separate houses and communicating through a series of “experiments,” in which they can only hear each other’s voices but cannot see each other.

The goal is for the participants to form emotional connections and potentially find a partner to marry, all without ever seeing each other in person. 

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Lissio Fiod and Luana Braga participated in this show to find a real connection, and they found the one in each other.

Lissio & Luana proved that falling in love only based on one’s personality is feasible.

Moreover, Lissio Fiod is an entrepreneur, and his partner, Luana Braga, is a psychologist.

Lissio Fiod And Luana Braga: Are They Still Together?

A famous couple of The Love Is Blind, Lissio Fiod and Luana Braga, are still together.

They are everybody’s favorite couple from the show. According to multiple sources, they are happy together and are living together.

Their connection only moved to a greater extent when they met in person, and it seemed that nobody could ever break them down.

Lissio Fiod And Luana Braga
Luana And Lissio Spotted Together. (Source: Gente)

They had everything from Luana’s confidence in what they had to Lissio’s determination to make things work and convey his emotions through small gestures.

It’s unclear whether Lissio and Luana got married or not. They follow each other on social media, but there have been no public interactions or clues as to where they stand today.

Like any relationship, they’ve had their fair share of disagreements, yet they seem willing to talk it out for their love and potential future.

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Lissio never considered Luana’s aggressive nature a flaw; instead, he adored her personality.

They are willing to solve any problems and arguments between them as they believe their love is above everything. That is why they have been able to maintain long-lasting relationships till now. 

A relationship crisis may have arisen between the two. However, Lissio and Luana can handle their relationship maturely.

Lissio And Luana Family: Do They Have Kids?

Although Lissio and Luana have shared compassionate love for each other, they don’t have any kids yet.

It seems that Lissio Fiod and Luana Braga are more focused on their professional life as entrepreneurs, psychologist respectively.

They are not interested in making a family for now. Further, they have not

been posting their photos together nowadays.

Lissio Fiod And Luana Braga
Lissio And Luana For Dinner In The Sky. (Source: Ofuxico)

There might have been a problem in their relationship, which they are keeping away from their fans and the public.

Only a little about their personal life have been addressed in public and media. So, the details about their family and personal life are always concealed.

There are rumors that their relationship is not working, and they need a break from each other. However, they have confirmed that there is a lot of love, mutual respect, and understanding between them.

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Their fans are willing to see them together in public like they used to do.

Lissio Fiod And Luana Braga Net Worth: How Much They Earn?

The net worth of Lissio Fiod and Luana Braga are not available to the public.

They have been living a private and happy life. So, they haven’t dared to share their net worth with the media. They like it that way.

Lissio Fiod And Luana Braga
Lissio and Luana for love is blind photoshoot. (Source: Netflix)

According to Instagram posts of Lissio, we can assume that he loves spending time with his cars. However, The number of cars he owns is still a mystery.

It appears that he is into fitness and gyming too. He loves spending time with his friends.

Similarly, while observing Luana’s Instagram posts, it is clear that she spends her vacation traveling to different places.

She spends her currency traveling and trying different cuisines as she seems to be a foody person.

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