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Heidi Russo is famous despite not being a singer or an actress. She is someone who rose to fame after venting out her displeasure against her son’s actions in tweets. It is odd considering how we view mothers as nurturing and caring beings in society. So what led her to do so in the first place?

If you are confused, then let us clarify, Heidi is the mother of a famous former American football quarterback, Colin Kaepernick. But she is only biologically related to him since she gave Colin for adoption right after birth.

So, how’s the relationship now? And what is Heidi doing right now? Read to find out more about her in detail.

Heidi Russo age
Heidi Russo, Birth Mother of Colin Kaepernick 

Here are some facts on Heidi Russo that you might want to know.

Heidi Russo: Quick Facts

Full Name Heidi Russo
Date of Birth 1969
Birthplace The United States of America
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Father Name James Zabransky
Mother Name Phyllis
Eye color Grey
Hair Color Blonde
Build Average
Spouse Heath Russo
Children 3
Profession Nurse
Social Media Twitter

Heidi Russo: Early Life and Son

Heidi Russo, the famous mother, was born on American soil in 1969 to father James Zabransky and mother Phyllis. She belongs of American nationality and is of white ethnicity. Apart from this, there is no additional information regarding her parents and siblings.

Coming to the main issue, Heidi is the biological mother of an American football quarterback, Colin Kaepernick. Heidi was just eighteen when she was pregnant with Colin. Unfortunately, her African-American boyfriend abandoned her after her pregnancy.

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Despite that, at the tender age of 19, Heidi gave birth to Colion on November 3, 1987. Even though her parents promised to care for both of them, Heidi chose not to raise her son. The reason is the lack of support for her son. And the fact that he was a son of a Black person.

Heidi Russo and Cole Kaepernick
Cole with his family

Hence, Russo gave him up for adoption to Rick and Teresa Kaepernick. The couple already had their hands full with two children but kindly accepted the offer. Since they had lost the other two of their children to heart defects, they took him as a blessing.

Even after that, Russo kept in touch with the Kaepernick family until they lost contact. After Colin turned seven that year, she never saw him until later.

Age and Height- How Old Is Heidi Russo?

Since Heidi was born in 1969, she is 51 years old now. However, her exact date of birth is unknown. Along with that, her other vital physical attributes are also not updated. But we know that Russo stands tall at 6 feet 2 inches(187 cm).

Moreover, she has a pair of ash-grey colored eyes and short blonde hair, which rests right along her shoulder.

Heidi Russo: Net Worth and Income

As of 2020, there is no review or update regarding her net worth. But being a nurse, Heidi earns a sufficient amount enough for her livelihood. As estimated, a nurse in the states, on average, earns a salary of around $73,550.

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Besides these, there is no additional information on her income and other assets. Meanwhile, her biological son has an impressive net worth of $20 million. Also, the 32-year-old quarterback receives a handsome salary of $12.4 million annually.

Rise to Fame

Heidi rose to fame in 2016 after she criticized Colin for his behavior during one of his games. That year, U.S. Police officers brutally shot two African Americans on the 16th and 20th of September, which got massive media coverage.

To protest Police officers’ brutality, being biracial, Colin decided to remain seated when the national anthem was being played. Likewise, at that time, Colin was playing for the San Francisco 49ers when he enacted such action. Being an African American, Colin could not tolerate racial discrimination toward the biracial population.

Heidi Russo son
Colin Kaepernick

Similarly, because of Colin’s action, Heidi expressed her displeasure with the tweets. As per her, Colin should have found other ways to protest rather than disrespecting the national anthem among thousands of people. Since the action might have proved fatal, she advised him to be more imaginative while dealing with such sensitive topics in the future.

Heidi Russo tweets
Heidi Russo’s tweets that went viral

While many supported her decisions, ironically, many criticized her for publicly rebuking him. Putting the issue aside, Russo has expressed many times to meet her biological son and even contacted him in its hope.

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However, Colin has yet to reciprocate her feelings, as he thinks it would betray his foster parents. Still, Heidi keeps making efforts to contact her son, messaging him through social media platforms and so on. She often comments on the issue relating to Colin.

Why does Cole Kaepernick not want to meet his birth mother? And why is it superb?

After Heidi approached her son through social media, claiming her desire to reunite with her son, the audience was parted into two parties; those who wanted them to meet and those we just didn’t care about.

In light of this, we should remember that It is entirely up to Cole whether he wants to meet her or not. Despite giving birth to her, Cole experienced childhood and love from her adoptive parents. Hence, it can be challenging for Kaepernick to let go of it and return to Russo.

Personal Life: Husband and Now

Now, Heidi Russo is happily married to her husband, Heath Russo. Along with her husband, she has three children named Michael, Ethan, and Alex, whom she loves dearly. Although not much is known about their marriage and family life, the Russo family lives a blissful life in Denver, Colorado, US.

Besides being a nurse, Russo is also the co-founder of Three Strands. It is a humanitarian organization that focuses on empowering birth mothers. And also of ‘Linked Thru Love,’ which aims to end stereotypes associated with adoption and birth mothers, being one herself.

Moreover, they help people understand the concept of adoption. Right now, she is fulfilling the duty of vice president.

Social Media Presence

Twitter–  2,698 Followers

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