Rami Malek

Guess what it’s Rami Malek‘s birthday. And we just want to wish him a very beautiful and lovely day of his life. Happy birthday Rami Malek, one of the greatest actors in the 21st century!

The Bohemian Rhapsody’s actor who played the role of one of the greatest performers, Freddie Mercury, turns 38 today. Many of his aspiring fans already wished him a well and happy belated birthday to Rami Malek.

Social Media Sets Fire Wishing Happy Birthday Rami Malek

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Happy birthday Rami Malek; I wish to see you always acting on-screen and bolder than ever!

From a Voice Over Artist to Emmy Award Winner

Rami, 38, has a distinct history from starting to stardom in the industry. From featuring as a character actor in TV to reveal himself as an uncredited voice-over artist in video games, Malek’s professional as well as marvelous acting skills surely bagged him Primetime Emmy and Academy Award in the last few years or so.

Not only that, his career ship rocketed in such a manner that none other artists can reach such a competence level in the industry. On the other hand, he’s got the role to feature as the next ultimate villain in the James Bond franchise.

Rami is all set up to play the cast of the villain opposite Daniel Craig in the 25th Bond film, which will be releasing in April 2020.

Be that as it may, we congratulate Rami for his huge achievement, not forgetting Malek’s birthday.

Relationship With Girlfriend Lucy Boynton

Firstly, the adoring couple Lucy Boynton and Rami Malek met while filming the smash hit “Bohemian Rhapsody” in London in 2017. By the end of 2018, the lovebirds were inseparable!

Subsequently, in  April, it was confirmed that they were an official couple, and Rami had started dating Lucy Boynton.

In 2019, the pair also attended major award shows together as their film dominated show after show. Most importantly, not to forget Rami’s massive Best Actor Academy Award speech where he thanked his girlfriend, Lucy, for being “the heart” of the film and capturing his own heart.

Happy Birthday Rami Malek
Rami Malek posing for a photoshoot at Met Gala 2019 with his girlfriend, Lucy.

Surprisingly, Rami took his date, Lucy, to Met Gala 2019. Well, that’s something unforgettable as the duo stole the night!

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As of now, the duo’s romance is perfect and still on-going, leaving many of their fans heart-breaking! But then, again, it’s in fate, written about their love story.

More importantly, ‘we’ fans hope to see them till the very end, and again, Happy 38th birthday Rami Malek!

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