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Music is something that touches the heart and crosses boundaries. Music is a pill to one’s pain, the world’s sorrow, and the need for time. People don’t require a vast lot of knowledge to understand each word but going with the flow is something that matters in music.

Music always helps to heal people and grow interested. But what’s more interesting is music mostly comes through to protect when there is a problem arising. Be it the Live Aid to address the famine.

Not to mention the time has come to address the issue of climate change where lots of actors have already put up their hands, from Pamela Anderson, the environmental campaigner, to Leonardo Di Caprio who addresses the issue in all of their speeches.

In the interim, the passing of the baton Queen‘s guitarist Brian May has come up with a new approach to it.  The magician with the guitar backs a Live-Aid-style concert to tackle climate change.

Brian May, Queen, and Live Aid

If you are a music lover, then you must be well aware of the Live Aid Concert. One of the highly attended concerts in history is Live Aid.

Brian May and Freddie Mercury
Source: Evening Standard

It was one of those concerts where almost every legend of the music industry came under one roof to support the growing global problem.

In 1985, when  Bob Geldof came forward with the idea and, with the help of some calls, a mark of bliss etched in music. In that meantime, the assumptions were not made to be that successful.

Indeed it turned out to be one of the most iconic events in history. The main theme of the event was to address the growing famine problem in Ethiopia. Subsequently, it became every music lover’s dream to be part of.

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The first truly global concert that came link through performance in London’s Wembley Stadium and Philadelphia’s JFK Stadium saw performers like U2, Phil Collins, Madonna, Elton John, and David Bowie, Mick Jagger and mostly Queen as well. The event was a boost by a 1.5 billion Tv audience with 150 countries being the viewers.

The 1985 spectacle accumulated a whopping $245 million as well.

Is it the first time the climate change issue is about to be addressed through the concert?

Well, it would come to most people as a surprise, but Brian’s proposal for the climate issue through concert is not the first time.

In addition, the biggest surprise is that in 2007 the event was held as well as the debut of Al Gore’s Live Earth concert,  whose main intention was to raise awareness about climate change and its effects.

How successful was it then? Brian May Live Aid Concert 1985

Comparatively, the success of the program was never known in accumulation terms. The event was also not much talk all around with relation to living aid. The event took place all around the world one including at Sydney football stadium in July.

After a year in 2008, the proposal for another concert with a similar agenda came through but didn’t happen.

The need of the hour?

Well, environmental issues need to be addressed, and one of the most important ones is climate change. The effects of it and solving the issue matters. Furthermore, What better than a concert with legends under one roof, just like Live Aid.

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Queen’s involvement in it will surely add icing to the cake as well. Queen’s guitar Brian May Hopes and insists that a concert similar to Live Aid will surely mark as a boost.

Brian May furthers in an interview with The Daily Mirror:

“It probably would take the younger generation to take that bull by the horns. “We’d help in any way we can, but I think that’s what it would require.”

Brian May wants another Live-Aid-style concert | Is it possible?

There have been many concerts addressing the global problem, so it is not easy to organize an event like Live Aid and be equally successful.

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The legend guitarist of the legendary British band ‘Queen’ himself adds;

“People have seen so many concerts since Live Aid purporting to be solving the problems of the world so it’s not quite as easy as it seems.”

Well, if the queen comes with a better-proposed idea, then it is not difficult. As the queen songs suggest, “ We are the champions” similar is the case; music is a champion, and it surely can address the concert and bring back nostalgia among music lovers.

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