Ethan Morton Girlfriend

People want to know the Jersey No. 25 Point Guard, Ethan Morton Girlfriend.

The athlete is from the Purdue University of the Big Ten and has been making headlines in recent days after outstanding performances with his team.

His team Purdue Boilermakers, is currently in the first position in the NCAA Big Ten with overall points of 21-1, while Northwestern is just below them with overall points of 15-5.

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Who Is Ethan Morton Girlfriend Paige Morningstar?

Several rumors have been circulating on the Internet, redeeming Paige Morningstar to be Ethan Morton’s girlfriend.

So how much of this is true? They were likely in a relationship before, but they broke up mainly because of her transfer from Louisville to California.

Moreover, they are swamped representing their University/college in the NCAA Division Games.

Talking about Paige, she is a young volleyball player from Pittsburgh, PA. She is known for being an outstanding setter for Louisville Cardinals.

She was named the top high school athlete in the country after leading North Allegheny to state championships and WPIAL in volleyball and basketball in 2021.

Ethan Morton Girlfriend
Ethan Morton’s girlfriend is speculated to be Paige Morningstar. (Source: Instagram)

On December 19, 2022, Paige entered the transfer protocol for the upcoming 2023 Spring Semester after two years of exemplary performance with the Louisville Volleyball Team.

Later on January 20, 2023, she shared a photo of her wearing the sweatshirt of UC Berkley.

Ethan Morton Parents Ryan and Cindy Morton

Ryan Morton and Cindy Morton are the parents of Ethan Morton from the Purdue Boilermakers Men’s Basketball Team.

The 6′ 4″ Giant is the eldest kid in the family.

He has two younger siblings: one younger sister, Brynn Morton and one younger brother, whose name is not public yet.

Ryan and Cindy have been married for more than 18 years and are happily living with their kids in their homeland of Pennsylvania, USA.

They have quite an athletic family having a son playing in the NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball for Purdue University and a daughter playing high-school volleyball.

Ethan’s sister, Brynn, is a recent graduate of Butler Senior High School.

She posted a photo of her teammates and family in the farewell match of her high school team on October 26, 2022.

The Point Guard of Purdue started having interest at a young age, and he had an extreme advantage over other middle-schoolers and high-schoolers because of his giant stature.

Ethan Morton Parents
Ethan Morton Parents, Ryan and Cindy Morton, and his siblings (Source: Instagram)

His dedication to the game got him a scholarship to Purdue University in 2020, placing him in his Junior Year of College.

Ethan has had a very successful run in his team, which recently won the NCAA Men’s Basketball 2022 Match against Michigan Wolverines and Michigan State Warriors, retaining the 1st position in the Big Ten.

Yesterday, he had 29 minutes of gameplay, where he rebounded six times, assisted thrice and scored six points.

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Ethan Morton Net Worth Explored

According to NCAA Rules, a college athlete cannot be compensated with money for playing any form of sports, so Ethan doesn’t make money from his college.

Instead, he has received an attractive Sports Scholarship to Purdue University, where he is pursuing a degree in finance along with his basketball matches.

The young gun also has set up a NIL profile which allows him to get compensated through marketing or promotional endeavors.

His NIL profile and the sponsorship deals probably allow him to make a decent sum of money.

However, it is much less than any other compensation professional basketballers receive.

 Ethan Morton
Purdue’s Ethan Morton (Source: Instagram)

Many NBA Selectors have set their eyes on the Giant Point Guard of Purdue University after his team has been retaining the first position in the Big Ten as of January 2023.

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