Netflix Mini Series ‘Women At War’ has been making a rampage on the Show Business. The show stars Camille Lou, Audrey Fleurot and Julie De Bona where the plot takes us back to France in 1914.

Fans are curious to learn about Camille Lou’s Relationships and Family background. Thus, we are here with all the available information on Camille Lou Parents and her Boyfriend Romain Laulhe.

Make sure to watch Women at War on Netflix, where Camille’s portrayal of Suzanne Faure is so elegant that even the harshest media critics get goosebumps. 

Camille Lou Parents: Who Are Marie-Odile Houssière And Pascal Houssière? 

Camille Lou Parents, Marie-Odile Houssière And Pascal Houssière are French people with a history in French theatre, musical play, and the entertainment industry.

Her father, Pascal Houssière, is a former singer and guitarist who used to play pop-folk music. He even had a musical group in his younger days called the Paradox.

Sadly, we couldn’t find any information about other members of his indie musical group.

Although Camille’s mother, Marie-Odile isn’t active on any social media, Pascal is quite active on his Facebook Account

Camille Lou’s Parents have supported their children’s career choices and dreams. They attend every important event or play where their kids are performing.

Camille Lou Parents
Camille Lou Parents: Marie-Odile Houssière And Pascal Houssière (Source: Facebook)

Based on his photos on Facebook, Pascal and Marie appear to be extremely patriotic people with a sense of sovereignty and nationalism for their country France.

Pascal has even changed his Facebook profile picture to the Ukrainian Flag to support Ukraine in the current Russian-Ukraine War.

Additionally, Pascal and Marie became grandparents in 2016. It is not clear whose baby it is, but it is confirmed that one of Camille Lou’s elder sisters gave birth to a child.

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Camille Lou Siblings, Family And Relationship

Reportedly, Camille Lou’s Parents, Marie-Odile Houssière And Pascal Houssière, had three kids together, including Camille Lou.

We could not find information about her sibling’s whereabouts. However, they still live in France with their family.

Both of her elder sisters have been blessed with kids, according to her father, Pascal’s Facebook post. 

The family comes from a musical background, and all three sisters got exposed to the musical world and instruments at a young age.

The sisters learned to play piano and violin at a young age of 6-12. They used to take vocal trainings too.

It is probably why Camille Lou won the  “Les Voix de Noël,” a local singing competition in Hautmont, at a young age of 12. 

Camille Lou Fiancee
Camille Lou’s Fiancee Romain Laulhe (Source: Instagram)

Coming back to the present, Camille Lou is happily engaged to Romain Laulhe. He is a 6x Surfing Champion of France.

The couple got engaged on her 30th birthday, May 22, 2022. She claims the proposal for engagement is the “best present in the world.”

They had been in a long relationship before their engagement. Camille and Romain had a live-in relationship where they shared their home with two dogs.

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Camille Lou Net Worth

According to Idol Net Worth, Camille Lou has amassed a jaw-dropping net worth of $3 Million as of 2023.

French Singer and Actress Camille Lou has worked on several projects, including a song in Disney’s The Beauty and The Beast, which gave her significant exposure to the Entertainment Industry.

She also worked on the album Forever Gentlemen Volume 2. The album and her Disney song made a major breakthrough for her in 2014.

In 2016, she finished second place with her duet Grégoire Lyonnet in season 7 of “Dancing with the stars.”

Additionally, she has worked on several TV Series such as Les Bracelets Rouges, Maman a tort and Women at War.

Camille Lou
Camille Lou enjoying winter during her shoot (Source: Instagram)

Her portrayal of Stella Bartek in the 2021 Film Spoiled Brats gained her a big fan following.

These appearances in the music and acting industry have substantially impacted her net worth. 

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