Dr. Garth Davis: Biography, Career, Family and Journey

Garth Davis wiki-bio, net worth 2019.

“The excessive use of animal protein is killing us. It is the main reason for diabetes and cancer”- Dr. Garth Davis.  The concept of being a vegan has taken the world by surprise. people are being more cautious about their health and transformation of non-veg not too vegetarian but to vegan is a matter of discussion.

One of the leading reason for the world being so cautious is due to role play by Dr. Garth Davis.

Dr. Garth Davis
The vegan doctor Garth Davis

Before we get into the life of Dr. Garth Davis, let’s take a glance at some of his quick facts.

Dr. Garth Davis: Quick Facts

Full Name Garth Davis
Marital Status Married
Birthplace South Africa
Profession Doctor
Nationality South African
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair color Grey
Height NA
Weight Na
Online Presence Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Dr. Garth Davis’ Biography

Dr. Garth Philips Davis was born on January 28, 1970.  He was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. He was born to Dr. Robert Davis and Arlene Davis. He moved to America as a child and holds American citizenship. He has 2 sisters, Kim Callaway and  Tony Davis Friedman.

Dr. Garth Davis’ Education

Dr. Davis is known as one of the most outstanding students when in college and he graduated from Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Texas in Austin.

Similarly, later he went on to attend medical school at Baylor College of Medicine. later on, being an inductee in Alpha Omega Alpha Medical society was a matter of honor as well.


Dr. Garth completed his surgical residency at the prestigious University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. The election done there went in his favor and he became a chief administrative resident.

He along with his father found Davis clinic in Texas. davis also taught at the University of Texas- Houston as an assistant professor of surgery.

 In the current time, he is a surgeon based in Asheville, North Carolina.

Apart from being a surgeon cum physicist he also is an author. 2 of his famous books are Proteinaholic: How Our Obsession with Meat Is Killing Us and The Expert’s Guide to Weight-Loss Surgery.

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He is also a certified member of the American Board of surgery.

Family and Children

Davis is a proper family man. he is currently married to his life long wife Kelly Davis. Both of them performed the wedding on July 15, 2006. They are a happy family.

Both of them is blessed with 2 girls.

As a matter of no surprise, both of them are vegetarian and hate the smell of meat at all.

Apart from being a wife, Kelly supports her husband in everything he does. She is a good cook and helps her husband in PCRM approved cooking classes.

The vegan doctor

He is one of the leading surgeons who is known for his work in the field of bariatric surgery. Added to that he is a physician and an author too.

One fine morning of 2006 when Dr garth was suffering from fat-related issues, the thought of vegan came through. One of the worst aspect of being unhealthy as a doctor is creating doubt in the mind of the patient.

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So this idea to remained healthy crept out and came out the weight control diet plan.

After the implementation, the positive outcomes were on the way. One of good out of it was his wife Kelly supported him in this step.

later he went on to write the book Proteinaholic: How Our Obsession with Meat Is Killing Us in 2015. The result of this book not only his but his patient health as well became good.

Dr. Garth Davis’ Proteinaholic: How Our Obsession with Meat Is Killing Us

One of the leading books written by Dr. Garth is Proteinaholic. it explains about the myth which people believes. protein tends to help in weight loss is a myth that this book addresses.

Dr. Garth explains that animal protein is the main reason for obesity and leads to a lot of diseases like cancer and diabetes.

He further adds the consumption of animal protein effects in weight gain and brain fog.

His book provides knowledge about the diet plan that the individual should have. It signifies following a healthy diet helps in good lifestyle


Dr. Garth Davis’ Net worth

One of the leading surgeons in America. It is of no doubt that his net worth is accrediting in millions. He is a leading medical personality.

As a matter of fact, there is no exact information about his net worth.

Before moving to South Carolina he and his family lived in a luxury mansion in Texas.

This, as a result, shows how well they are on net worth.

He currently is working as medical director of weight management clinic of mission health.

Dr. Garth Davis’ Social Media Presence

Being a famous face in the medical field. dr garth is much more present in social media as well.

Davis has 107,908 followers on Facebook,15.7k followers on Twitter and  57.9k followers on Instagram

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  1. Just 2 days ago I recieved a pm on Facebook requesting my friendship. The man stated his name as David Garth M.D.
    An Orthopedic Surgeeon who does Mission work overseas. Claims to be a widow and has 2 twin daughters in a boarding school. States he was born in Houston Texas and lives there now but is in a foreign Country at this time on a 2 year contract. All of his pictures on his profile are the same as these shown on this website.
    Is this man a scammer and hacker?
    Please let me know.
    Thank you

    1. Felt pretty good that you came to this platform to share your views. Well, he is Dr. Garth Davis and I feel he doesnt own such free time to send request personally. In my personal opinion, it is a scam. Do take care
      Good Day

    2. He has told me the same has me thirty thousand dollars in debt. I am going to the federal people so they can catch this scammer.as a doctor saying he’s not married is a disgrace.

    3. Same thing happen to me this person claim to be Garth Davis he said he work on cruise line over seas
      But I know he’s fake watch out ladies this person will try scam you
      And it’s not dr Davis justremember that

      1. I have just receive an email from this so called dr. Garth davis he said he is a missionarry doctor in kabulafghanistan he said he is widowed woth two daughters…then talking about investment…girls pls be careful ….

  2. I got a text from man claiming too be Garth Davis
    He said he windowed and had two girls
    He also said he was docotor on cruise ship going too turkey he was gone for three months
    And still is he was trying scam me for money
    Watch out ladies this guy will try charm you he’s not me davis

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