Garth Davis

“The excessive use of animal protein is killing us. It is the main reason for diabetes and cancer”Dr. Garth Davis.  The concept of being a vegan has taken the world by surprise. People are being more cautious about their health and changing their non-veg diet to not too vegetarian, but vegan is a matter of discussion.

One of the leading reasons for the world being so cautious is due to the role played by Dr. Garth Davis. What character did Dr. Garth portray? And how? Let’s find out right now.

Dr. Garth Davis
The vegan doctor Garth Davis

Before we get into the life of Dr. Garth Davis, let’s take a glance at some of his quick facts.

Dr. Garth Davis: Quick Facts

Full Name Garth Davis
Marital Status Married
Birthplace South Africa
Profession Doctor
Nationality South African
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair color Grey
Height NA
Weight Na
Online Presence Instagram, Facebook & Twitter

Dr. Garth Davis’ Bio

Dr. Garth Philips Davis, the vegan doctor, was born on January 28, 1970.  The doctor was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. Davis was born to his parents, Dr. Robert Davis and Arlene Davis. Later, he moved to America as a child and, as of now, holds American citizenship.

Likewise, Davis has two sisters, Kim Callaway and  Tony Davis Friedman. No current information can be found on them.

Dr. Garth Davis’ Education

Dr. Davis was known as one of the most outstanding students in college, and he graduated from Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Texas in Austin.

Similarly, the young Davis then went on to attend medical school at Baylor College of Medicine. Later on, being an inductee in Alpha Omega Alpha Medical society was a matter of honor.

Professional Career: Book

Dr. Garth completed his surgical residency at the prestigious University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. The election done there went in his favor, and he became a chief administrative resident.

He, along with his father, found Davis clinic in Texas. Along with his Doctor’s duty, Davis also taught at the University of Texas- Houston as an assistant professor of surgery.

 In the current time, he is a surgeon based in Asheville, North Carolina.

Apart from being a surgeon cum physicist, he also is an author. Two of his famous books are Proteinaholic: How Our Obsession with Meat Is Killing Us and The Expert’s Guide to Weight-Loss Surgery.

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In his book, Dr. Garthis has expressed his opinion and expertise. The said doctor has also stated some facts regarding the meat-based diet and so on.

Nonetheless, Dr. Garthis both publication has received remarks from the public, let it be positive or negative. Other than that, he is also a certified member of the American Board of surgery.

Personal Life: Family and Children

Besides being a busy surgeon and author of two famous books, Davis is a proper family man. Davis is currently happily married to his lifelong wife, Kelly Davis. Both of them tied the knot on July 15, 2006.

However, despite many queries, none of them have openly talked about their relationship in public. They had not mentioned when or how they met. Thet part of their life is still kept away from the media.

But there’s no hiding that the couple is happily married. In fact, both of them are blessed with beautiful two girls.

Dr. Garth Davis wife and children
Dr. Garth Davis with his wife and children

Just like his teaching, Dr. Davis and his wife also practice a vegan diet in their day-to-day life. Hence, it comes as no surprise, both of them are vegetarian and hate the smell of meat.

Apart from being a wife, Kelly supports her husband in everything he does. She is an excellent cook and helps her husband in PCRM approved cooking classes. They teach others to make plant-based meals effectively from cost and without losing the nutritional value, still keeping the delicious aspect alive.

The vegan Doctor: Diet Plan

As mentioned, Dr. Garthis is one of the leading surgeons who is known for his work in the field of bariatric surgery. Added to that, he is a physician and an author too. However, he did not practice a vegan diet since birth.

One beautiful morning of 2006, when Dr. Garth was suffering from fat-related issues, vegan thought came through. One of the worst aspects of being unhealthy as a doctor is creating doubt in the mind of the patient.

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So this idea to remain healthy crept out and came out the weight control diet plan. You can watch the video below that gives a general idea of what Dr. Garth is preaching about.

After the implementation, positive outcomes were on the way. One good aspect that came out of it was his wife Kelly supported him in this step.

Later he went on to write the book Proteinaholic: How Our Obsession with Meat Is Killing Us and published it in 2015. This book’s result was not the only thing that came out, okay, but his patient’s health took a turn for better as well.

Dr. Garth Davis’ Proteinaholic: How Our Obsession with Meat Is Killing Us

One of the leading books written by Dr. Garth is Proteinaholic. It explains the myth which people believe regarding diet. One of them is the popular idea that Protein tends to help in weight loss, which is nothing but a myth, that this book addresses.

Moreover, Dr. Garth also explains that animal protein is the main reason for increasing obesity and often leads to many diseases like cancer and diabetes.

He further adds the consumption of animal protein effects in weight gain and brain fog.

His book provides further knowledge about the diet plan that the individual should have and practice in their daily life. It signifies following a healthy diet helps in a healthful lifestyle.

Dr. Garth Davis’ Net worth and Income

One of the leading surgeons in America, Dr. Garth, is not only famous but successful as well. It is of no doubt that his net worth is accrediting in millions. Well, he is a leading medical personality in the states at the moment.

As a matter of fact, there is no exact information about his net worth until now. Moreover, the doctor has not revealed much of his income and assets in public as well. However, before moving to South Carolina, he and his family lived in a luxury mansion in Texas.

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And like everything, the value of that house is kept secret from the media. This, as a result, shows how well they are on net worth. He is currently working as a medical director of the weight management clinic of mission health. And the medical profession is considered one of the highly respected and well-paid jobs in the world.

Dr. Garth Davis’ Social Media Presence

Being a famous face in the medical field, Dr. Garth is much more present on social media.

 Facebook–  113k Followers

Instagram–  81.8k Followers

 Twitter–   18.3k Followers


  1. Just 2 days ago I recieved a pm on Facebook requesting my friendship. The man stated his name as David Garth M.D.
    An Orthopedic Surgeeon who does Mission work overseas. Claims to be a widow and has 2 twin daughters in a boarding school. States he was born in Houston Texas and lives there now but is in a foreign Country at this time on a 2 year contract. All of his pictures on his profile are the same as these shown on this website.
    Is this man a scammer and hacker?
    Please let me know.
    Thank you

    1. Felt pretty good that you came to this platform to share your views. Well, he is Dr. Garth Davis and I feel he doesnt own such free time to send request personally. In my personal opinion, it is a scam. Do take care
      Good Day

    2. He has told me the same has me thirty thousand dollars in debt. I am going to the federal people so they can catch this a doctor saying he’s not married is a disgrace.

    3. Same thing happen to me this person claim to be Garth Davis he said he work on cruise line over seas
      But I know he’s fake watch out ladies this person will try scam you
      And it’s not dr Davis justremember that

      1. I have just receive an email from this so called dr. Garth davis he said he is a missionarry doctor in kabulafghanistan he said he is widowed woth two daughters…then talking about investment…girls pls be careful ….

        1. Same here. Also said he is a military doctor stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan for 6 months; widowed and have two daughters in boarding school while he is away. Said his home is in Orlando, Florida.
          This is the first time I “accepted” a friend request from him.

          1. Si claro es un estafador, a mi me envió la solicitud ayer y dice exactamente lo mismo es un medico en una misión militar en Yemen y que no puede hacer video llamada ni llamadas de voz porque se lo permiten envía fotos de este Doctor Garth Davis, pero dice llamarse David Michealyo le llevo la corriente porque se que es un estafador y que en cualquier momento me va a pedir dinero., son estafadores de por allá de Sudáfrica, Nigeria

          2. Pues te diré, hoy te descubierto que es un gran estafador y le gusta manipular a las mujeres, hoy precisamente le he cuestionado el Po que estafar si no necesita dinero. Y es el, ya que hemos tenido videollamadas, y he descubierto los diferentes nombres que ya utilizado. Conmigo s hizo llamar Louwrens Fouche ingeniero. Tengan cuidado que no les pase lo que a mí, por ayudarle y creer en cada una de sus palabras, he perdido parte de mi patrimonio. Tengan cuidado

        2. He used the mame ben gey from germany working as a private dr for the uand he was a jw
          He had me umtil o did an image search

          1. I just ended a relationship with someone use dr Davis’s name and images who said he was a pacticing JW. Had two haughtiest and his wife left him. He even mentioned the dog Gaspar!! He also had me until I did an image search.

    4. Yes, he certainly had me fooled by his good looks and gift of words claimed to be widowed with twin daughters .He used the name Michael Albert.

    5. I got the same photos and still getting them under William Patrick I got one yesterday too I think that man is a scammer and said he wasn’t married and had two girls in the United states had boarding school

    6. Same here I also encountered in TrulyAsian dating apps just this month of November 2019. His name is markson donald & he is using the pictures of Dr Davis. He said he is working in Chevron Company in Alboran Island Spain. He is asking for money to pay for his termination of contract. Ladies be careful of this guy he is a scammer.

    7. So I tracked the pictures to his Facebook. I am confused. I made a complaint to to If Dr. Davis is perpetrating these hoax then if enough complaints are made then there is a possibility they can track him.

      1. That reporting agency is: It is an initiative of the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network.

      2. Garth Davis contacted me on facebook under the name Ram Kumar and his profile
        He ask me to download WhatssApp to chat and I did. He professed his love for me and told me that he was divorce and his wife cheated on him with his best friend. He has 2 daughters. About 2 weeks into chatting he ask me for 1,000 then it went to 2,000 and I knew this guy was a huge scam. I contact a family member that works for the government and provided all the information and they came back and told me he was a doctor in NC. They ask me if I face-time with him and I said yes and it was the same person. This doctor is living 2 life’s and has some huge issues. Eventually he will get caught when he less expects it. You can only imagine what embarrassment to face the community but worst – how do you explain it to your true love one’s

    8. I have the same cuestion , he toldme almost the same , and iam in an other country ,Right now !!!he lie to much, I don’t know what I can do , he toldme he is widow ,he introduce me some friend and he toldme he has one son!!!

      1. Dr Derrick William wanted me to send him iTunes cards he he could talk to his girls when I said know he got really nasty

    9. A Mi Me contacto y dice que es El Dr gart pero que unos terroristas lo pueden matar y se cambio ek nombre a James Morgan y primero Me pidio la Un en donde tiene el contrato por 2 años 5000.00 dllrs y ahora quiere 300 para comunicarse por cel a la UN para que lo ayuden pues la policia lo tiene detenido en Nashville muy confuso todo la verdad no le he dado ningun dinero quisiera descubrir si es un estafador y ayudar s mas gente ikusa gracias

    10. I was also notified by a person who used Dr. Davis’s profile. This person was using the name Scott William and Michael Numedor. I told the person I knew he was scamming and notified FB.

    11. Some of the people commenting seem to think that Dr. Davis is perpetrating a scam. It would seem obvious that he is the VICTIM of the scam, as someone has stolen his photos. I was contacted by someone on Facebook, calling himself “Blaiseas Le Sage Blaise”. This person wasnt event smart enough to make a new profile: his friends are all African men. (no racism intended here: it is simply obvious that this person is a scammer located in Africa.) Ladies: it took me two minutes to locate the real person in the photos: save yourself heartache and money by checking every photo that you receive in Google image search, or

  2. I got a text from man claiming too be Garth Davis
    He said he windowed and had two girls
    He also said he was docotor on cruise ship going too turkey he was gone for three months
    And still is he was trying scam me for money
    Watch out ladies this guy will try charm you he’s not me davis

  3. This May I was contacted through a widows group by a man with a picture of the dr .
    He used the name Tommy Davis
    I started speaking to him both in text and on phone
    Said he was recently widowed did not mention children .
    He said after about 2 months he was going to Dubi .. after reading the articles and seeing all the same pictures he sent me . I don’t believe this person .
    It’s heartbreaking that people would do this using such misrepresentation .
    The unfortunate thing is I-was slowly growing feelings for him .
    Bring a widow is not easy but having this happen is even worse.

  4. Wow! Just got a friend request on Facebook but had a gut feeling something wasn’t right. Did some searching and found this.
    So tired of all the scammers and just how low they can go. Thanks for the warning ladies!

  5. Whoever this is, he is very active. He contacted me on November 1 through Twitter. Claimed he was divorced but had two daughters. My gut said something wasn’t right so I strung him along until I did some research. Sure enough, its a scam. He is now using the name Mark Sebastian. Another alias is Frank Harrison. His latest line is that he is with the UN working in Yemen. What bothers me is that on his Twitter profile, he has REAL pictures of Dr. Davis, Dr Davis’ wife Kelly and Dr. Davis’ daughters, probably stolen from Dr. Davis’ Facebook page. Yes, ladies be VERY CAREFUL!

    1. Yes same as me, his name is now millerd larry and he has linkeding profile as dr larry he want the money fotom me 1200usd he sad he is working in un Yemen he using many Picture of dr davis… he is a romance swan

  6. He wants a picture of my husband and my phone number!!! I knew he was a scammer cause I work in a hospital and his answers were rather bland.. reported, and blocked him..

  7. I got contacted by the same man, only he said his name is Richardson Wickham.
    I was suspicious from the beginning, and after searching the internet i found he stole the identity of dr Garth Davis.
    He said he is widower, has two boys back in Canada, but at the moment lives in Cyprus, working as a neurosurgeon. Haha
    Scammer! Be careful!

  8. The scammer used his photo and uses the name Kelvin Thomson – widowed with twin daughters and supposedly working in Singapore for a hospital here. Also says he’s with the UN.

  9. Ok now there is a Dr. Garth on words with friends. He said his wife died 6 years ago. He is useing all the stuff I have found on the internet to tell me. He is useing one of the pics as well. Is this a fake or scam

    1. I saw this game also. I feel it is a scam. I wonder if this is the same person using these names or if it is several.

  10. Ok now there is a Dr. Garth on words with friends. He said his wife died 6 years ago. He is useing all the stuff I have found on the internet to tell me. He is useing one of the pics as well. Is this a fake or scam he is going by 👉health is wealth👍on words

  11. I got contacted from OK Cupid. He claimed to be Ben Davis, an ortho surgeon. He claims to work for WHO, got shipped to Iran. He has 2 girls that are in Canada in school,is divorced and lives in Tampa, FL. All of a sudden he has an emergency with the girls and needs to get them money. He will give me access to his account to get the girls money and a phone. When that didn’t work, he is begging me to help him get home. He is breaking his contract but they will not get him home. He needs me to help him. He will send me a check and I just need to send the money to him so he can purchase his ticket to get home. Ladies listen to your gut. If it sounds wrong it is!!

  12. I was contacted by a Steve Barnard md on Instagram. We talked and video called in many occasions. He was undoubtedly the man in his pictures. Something still didn’t feel right. I have facial recognition on my phone. Well you could have knocked me down with a feather when I seen who he is. He has U-Tube videos . I confronted him about this and he finally came clean. He was still claiming to be falling me. I am an intelligent woman and am definitely not fooled. I am still going to keep in touch with him to find out more

    1. Wow.i have some of the same stories. He said he was married and that his wife died. He said he has two kids. He said he will come get me to take me to our kids. He said we are going to open a mall. After he first mentioned his kids,he never did again. He used the name Garrette Braylon
      That’s crazy. I have never heard of Garth until this person tried to scam me.

    2. I’m am doing the same with mine. Did he ask you on hangouts? I’m waiting for him to ask me for money. He said he will be home soon. I think they think this is their job. You can tell, he is talking to others because you have to wait to get a text and then he don’t even read the ones. All he can say is I love you honey. Everything will be alright. He is also going to get out of a contract.
      I’m like you. I’m curious and am keeping it up also.

      1. OMG! That sounds like my guy too! He says his name is Godwin Hillary and after just 2 weeks says he loves me and wants to end his contract with NATO in Libya and wants me to be mother to his son. But he’s insisting he needs an ITunes card from me and won’t stop asking.

  13. OMG !!! I have talked to so many men that says they are dr. Garth Davis that I could write a book on it I’ve had them tell me the same thing that’s been told to everyone else he’s on a contract and another country I have one tell me he was in Syria have one tell me he was in the UK and the list goes on I’ve also seen doctor Davis’s pictures on other dating sites with different names along with his little pug dog it’s a shame that people are so ignorant out there in the world to do that to a well-known man that Doctor David says and to put his wife and daughters through the things scammers put them through I think it’s a sick sick joke what are they doing. I am very good and reading scammers and they don’t like to know that it really pisses them offand when I tell them the dino there scammers and they are not the doctor they say they are they call me one named after the other and then I block them but they can still continue on other dating sites but I never answered them no more because I know it’s not really dr. Davis I have one asked me to get him out of the UK and back home he wanted me to send him money I told him I wouldn’t send him two pennies to rub together I said nobody nothing that I meet online there is also another doctor they pretend to be.

  14. He’s going by Greg Walters on Scrabble Go now. Using Dr Davis pics. Widowed 4 years ago 2 girls being taken care of by a nanny in Houston TX. In Syria on deployment. Very smooth talker. Beware girls!!

  15. Sou do Brasil, recebi convite de Frank Harris com a foto do Dr Garth Davis, dizendo que era de Carolina do Norte, mas que estava em missão na Somália, que precisava sair de lá e precisa de dinheiro. Primeiro pediu 24 mil reais, foi baixando até chegar a 5mil reais. Fui enrolando ele até descobrir a verdade que era um usurpador ou scammer. Me enviava fotos do Dr. Muito romântico cheio de palavras bonitas, dizia ser separado que tem 2 filhas por nome de Jhennifer e Sara. Diz ser médico ortopedista que cuida dos soldados da ONU. Salário de 75mil dólares que assim que estivesse em casa compraria apartamento e que pagaria em dobro o dinheiro que eu enviasse a ele…. aí descobri outra mulher que falava com o mesmo a 1 ano e 2 meses, juntas descobrimentos vários outras contas no Instagram e no Facebook. Todas com fotos da família do Dr Garth Davis. LAMENTÁVEL! NOJO DESSE TIPO DE GENTE! DEVE SER CADA HOMENS HORRIVEIS ESCONDIDO ATRÁS DAS FOTOS DO DR. COM TODO O RESPEITO: Dr Garth Davis, você é muito lindo, charmoso e um excelente profissional.

  16. Dr Davis’s photos are being used as Dr Robert Fegley, an orthopedic surgeon in Kabul, with a son in boarding school, needing funds to buy his way out of s contract with NATO!!!

  17. I got the same on words With Friends. Isn’t some way to stop this? I called my police department and they seemed to think this was not a crime. I thought Identity theft was a crime. What scum bags have to do this instead of getting a real job……

  18. This doesnt stop! He reached out to me on a dating site using the same dr info in Sept 2020. After a 6 weeks. I figured out the lie and gave him the boot. Then last week, October 27, he reached out again, just out of the blue on some random fb post I was following. Using same picture of the dr with a new name!! I quickly. Called him out on it. He tried to deny it until I showed him texts. He quickly disappeared!!!

  19. He is very cunning. He attempted to get me to send $150 gift card to pay for a birthday cake for his daughter Sharon age 14.
    He used the name David Garreth. Told me he divorced his wife and then she died in a car crash. He tells me he lives in Weston, WV. Is currently working for the UN in Kurdistan.

  20. Trying his luck also in Israel, he appears as Dr. Gabriel Morgan, Brian or as Paul Emmanuel ) using Dr. Garth Davis’s pictures. Contact by Facebook or through WhatsApp singles’ groups or any other whatsapp groups, using the google translate (Hebrew).
    he contacts women, compliments them on their beauty, telling about his 2 daughters and his divorce OR about being a widow , his work (health mission in S. Africa). For some he is a surgeon and for others ,- Naturopath.
    Telling that he wants to break the working contract in order to visit them…

  21. Dr . Garth Davis ist in Verbrecherkreisen sehr
    Beliebt. Bei mir meldete sich ein [email protected], er verwendete Bilder des Dr.Garth Davis und bei hauptete Orthopäde zu sein und als Vertragsarzt in Lybien mit der US Army stationiert zu sein. Er wollte , dass ich ihm
    Steamkarte n für seine 2 Töchter kaufen
    Sollte, denn seine Frau wäre vor4 Jahren ge
    Stöbern, gleich war mir klar: Betrug habe ihn
    Sofort geblockt und SCAM Hater United gemeldet.

  22. I downloaded a Scrabble Game during the first lockdown in the United Kingdom , I met a man calling himself Dr John Mack , an orthopaedic doctor serving a contract in the army in Yemen.
    He said that his wife had died in a car crash & he had 2 daughters called Jennifer and Bella.
    He said they needed a mom someone like me loving & caring , I myself am unable to have my own children.
    He proclaimed his love for me & said that he wanted to marry me , he called me his wife , his life , his future was with me & the 2 daughters.
    All the pictures he sent me i accidentally found on another site , I just had a new phone & I was looking at his pictures and I pushed an option called Lens !
    Then the real dr garth davis profile came up , this person i was talking with had stolen the pictures.
    How can someone pray on the heart of someone like me who couldn’t have children.
    My world fell apart because of this scammer , I too sent him money & his daughters or so I thought.

  23. He’s also currently on Insight Timer under the name Kurt David. SImilar story – this time working on a rig in the Gulf shores.

  24. Hola estoy aturdida después de leer todos vuestros comentarios.
    Yo le conozco como Derrick Jeffery, medico Ortopédico en Yemen.
    Según el es hijo único, su padre (Militar)falleció siendo el muy joven y su mama cuando tenia unos 10 años, y un amigo de su padre que era militar, lo adopto y le dio una educación.
    Toda su vida trabajo para la ONU.
    También que hace 3 años falleció su esposa en accidente de coche, que tiene 2 hijas, Sonia de 15 años y Clara de 12.
    Están en un Internado para que el día de mañana sean de la Marina.
    Se intereso por mi economía y empezó a decirme que estaban bombardeando la Base en Yemen y que quería salir de allí, primero me pidió 15.000.- € luego me dijo que 7.5oo.- €
    También me pidió 3 tarjetas telefónicas de 100.- € cada una para hablar con sus hijas.
    Que por favor le ayudara, que el tenia mucho dinero pero que no podía hacer uso de el de momento.
    Que no había conocido a nadie como yo, que era el amor de su vida y que seria la segunda mama que sus hijas necesitaban, que se vendría a vivir a España conmigo.
    También quiero decirles que hicimos una videollamada y era EL, el de las fotos, el que se llama Garth Davis y que a mi me dijo que se llamaba Derrick.
    Estoy muy confundida sinceramente.
    Aun insiste en que soy la mujer perfecta para el.
    He hablado muchísimo por Hangouth y por el móvil, me envía fotos, las misma que salen en el perfil de Garth Devis.
    Por cierto… No le he enviado (Ni un céntimo)
    Un saludo Sra.

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