Doug Mulray Twins

Doug Mulray Twins came to highlight as their Father was an Australian comedian, radio and television personality, and voice-over artist.

Doug Mulray’s major break came in 1980 when he was hired as a radio host on Sydney’s Triple M network.

He soon became one of the station’s most popular and controversial hosts due to his no-holds-barred approach to humor and willingness to tackle taboo subjects.

Mulray co-created “The Doug Mulray Show” with radio producer Keith Williams in 1982, a daily comedy program aired on Triple M for several years.

Mulray’s popularity on the radio led to opportunities in television. In 1984, he was named host of the Australian version of the game program.

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Meet Doug Mulray Twins Thomas Read And Rosemary Kay

Doug had twins with his first wife, a boy named Thomas Read, and a daughter named Rosemary Kay. He had a son named Max from a subsequent relationship.

Thomas and Rosemary have shied away from the spotlight, and little is known about their personal or work lives. Mulray was a reserved individual who kept his personal life private from the public eye.

Doug Mulray Twins
Doug Mulray’s twins, Thomas Read and Rosemary Kay, were the kids from his first wife. (Source- Alchetron)

Despite his public persona as a comedian and radio host, he fiercely protected his family’s privacy. Mulray’s death is undoubtedly heartbreaking for his children, who have lost a cherished Father.

While the specifics of their relationship with Mulray are unknown, it is evident that he was adored and will be missed by his family and those who knew him.

How did Doug Mulray die?

Doug had been getting therapy in intensive care at a Sydney hospital for a chronic illness for several months.

But after receiving treatment and medical care for four months, he passed away at 71.

According to sources like the Daily Mail, he passed away due to a chronic illness, but neither his family nor the autopsy results have corroborated this.

Mulray, who helped launch Triple M and spent most of his career there, was a radio pioneer in Australia in the 1980s and 1990s.

Just a few weeks before being admitted to the hospital, in December 2021, he reportedly made his last appearance in public at a Triple M staff reunion.

Doug Mulray’s death leaves a sizable hole in the Australian culture, and he will be sorely missed. He had lately struggled with poor health, though the cause of his death is known.

Many think he was unwell when he passed away, but no one has revealed this in the media. 

Doug Mulray wife Mourns His Death

Mulray was survived by his wife, Liz Muir, and their two children. The first wife of the radio star gave birth to twins Thomas and Rosemary.

Little information about his children has been made public because they have been kept from the world. No children were born to him and his wife, Liz, and no information has been made available about her.

Doug Mulray wife
Doug Mulray with his wife (Source- ABC)

According to reports, he died Thursday evening while standing beside his wife. Liz frequently visited because he was a patient and was getting care there.

Doug was very reserved about his personal life; he only enjoyed discussing his professional life and kept his matters to himself.

Doug kept a separation between his personal and professional existence. Many people frequently decide to withhold information from the public.

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