Patrick Dennehy

Patrick Dennehy parents, Valorie Brabazon, And Brian Brabazon, still believe their son is still alive. Patrick had been gone for nearly six weeks before his body was discovered near campus last summer.

University officials say the mother of a slain Baylor basketball player has settled “potential claims” with the school and will not suit.

Patrick Dennehy had been gone for nearly six weeks before his body was discovered near campus last summer. Carlton Dotson, a former coworker, and roommate, has been charged with murder.

According to Noley Bice, the University’s attorney, all parties agreed not to remark on the resolution beyond a brief statement confirming that Brabazon, who resides in Carson City, would not sue the school’s current or past employees’ connection with the slaying.

The Associated Press contacted Brabazon and her lawyers, Michael Pezzulli and Jim Skinner, but they did not immediately return calls.

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Dennehy’s Parents Believe Son Is Alive

Patrick Dennehy’s ex-roommate has been arrested and charged with his murder, but Dennehy’s mother thinks her son is still alive.

Carlton Dotson Jr. was detained Monday in Chestertown, Maryland, according to Police. Police in Waco, Texas, where both males attended Baylor University, issued a warrant for their arrest.

Meanwhile, Dennehy’s mother, Valorie Brabazon, told ABC NEWS Good Morning America that she believes her “son is out somewhere alive.”

Brian Brabazon, Brabazon’s spouse, says he and his wife will keep hoping until there is no reason to. “Patrick is still alive,” he said, “until we see otherwise with our own two eyes.”

On Good Morning America, Brian Brabazon wanted to hear more from Carlton Dotson. Chestertown Police Chief Walter Coryell stated that officers were called to Dotson’s House after the 21-year-old requested assistance.

The young man claimed to have heard voices, according to Police. According to Coryell, three FBI agents from the Annapolis field office questioned Dotson for at least two hours.

Following the interrogation, Waco Police sought Dotson’s arrest and issued the warrant.

Dennehy parents Still Mourns The Death Of Their Child

Some of Patrick Dennehy’s closest friends and family suffered from his shooting death a year ago.

Dennehy’s mother and spouse separated after more than 15 years of marriage. According to his stepfather, Brian Brabazon, Dennehy’s death seemed aggravating their problems.

Patrick Dennehy Death
Patrick Dennehy parents didn’t believe The Death Of Their Child (Source- Barking Carnival )

Both are still in shock over the death of the 6-foot-10 player who wanted to play professional basketball.

Dennehy’s former teammate, Carlton Dotson, is set to go on trial for homicide in August. He faces life in jail if convicted of murdering his friend in a field of chest-high weeds near the Waco campus.

The Baylor men’s basketball team has admitted significant NCAA violations and is facing self-imposed sanctions due to the coach’s misdeeds.

More about Patrick Dennehy Murder

Dennehy was reported missing by the Brabazons on June 19, 2003, seven days after authorities thought he was killed. His vehicle was discovered.

Dennehy’s dead body was discovered in late July, just a few days after Dotson was arrested. Authorities have declined to comment on a motive or whether Dotson led them to the body.

Dotson, now 22, is still in jail and will be assessed by a defense psychiatrist. His lawyers have not decided whether to pursue an insanity defense.

Body identified
The body was identified as Patrick Dennehy  (Source- MTS )

Following Dennehy’s disappearance, the men’s basketball team was rocked by NCAA violations, prompting the resignations of coach Dave Bliss and athletic director Tom Stanton in August.

Bliss allegedly paid up to $40,000 in tuition for two athletes and illegally solicited $87,000 from Baylor supporters. The investigation also showed that staff members did not disclose some players’ failed drug tests.

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