David Licauco Scandal

David Licauco Scandal discovered himself at the center of a TikTok trending topic. Recently, David Licauco and Barbie Forteza posted a couple of “kilig” tagged TikTok videos.

David Licauco is a Filipino athlete, model, and Actor.

In 2016, Licauco made his acting debut in the TV show “Wagas: Of Good Deeds,” which marked the beginning of his career in the entertainment sector.

Similarly, an Actor became well-known after appearing in “The One That Got Away” in 2018. Since then, he has had numerous TV Drama appearances. 

Additionally, he has worked with numerous brands and designers in addition to acting and modeling. He is athletic and has participated in various sports, such as football and taekwondo.

Licauco began modeling on-campus for several school event posters before breaking into the TV acting and modeling industries. His modeling talent was discovered on the Boracay shores.

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David Licauco Scandal: TikTok Video With Barbie Forteza Went Viral

The “Kilig” videos that David Licauco and Barbie Forteza posted on TikTok went viral.

In the meantime, Barbie gave David the real kilig when she released a video of him imitating everything she did with her hand before she tied their fingers together.

David and Barbie represented Fidel and Klay in the well-known “Maria Clara at Ibarra,” often known as “FiLay” by fans.

Because viewers could not get enough of their on-screen chemistry, their relationship gained prominence.

David Licauco Scandal
The “Kilig” videos that David Licauco and Barbie Forteza posted on TikTok went viral (Source: Randomrepublika)

They recently got the crowd giggling. To the pleasure of FiLay fans, the “Maria Clara at Ibarra” stars appeared on the program dressed entirely in traditional Filipiniana attire.

Fans are eager to discover what will happen to Fidel and Klay as “Maria Clara at Ibarra” approaches, published on February 10, 2023, at 2:37.

Moreover, Barbie acted alongside Julie Ann San Jose in the famous historical fantasy series.

The Sparkle Actress thanked viewers for tuning in. She urged them to watch “Maria Clara at Ibarra” during its last week like their fictional characters Fidel and Klay, Barbie and David have been making fans kilig everywhere.

Further, David acknowledged that the two appeared as guests on “Quick Talk With Boy Abunda” the previous week.

Are David Licauco And Barbie Forteza Dating?

David Licauco and Barbie Forteza are not dating.

But, Licauco admitted that Barbie Forteza, his “Maria Clara at Ibarra” love team partner, is the kind of woman he would want to date and would court the Actress if available.

On February 6, the Actor revealed this during an interview he and Forteza had with King of Talk Boy Abunda for his program “Quick Talk with Boy Abunda.”

David Licauco Scandal
Barbie Forteza and David Licauco are not dating(Source: Entertainment.inquirer)

Abunda asked the Actress if she would say yes to Licauco if he courted her after addressing Forteza’s boyfriend, Jak Roberto and emphasizing that the queries were hypothetical.

After then, Barbie said, “Maybe when she gets to know him more deeply when he becomes close to her family and all as long as she knows how to court him, maybe she will have an answer then. But now, they are excellent friends.”

On the other hand, Forteza and Licauco did not anticipate Maria Clara at Ibarra, a GMA historical portal fantasy Drama series would become as well-liked as it has in such a short time.

Even their portmanteau name FiLay, created from the characters Fidel and Klay, is now widely used to refer to them.

Every time Fidel expresses his feelings for Klay, or when they spar verbally, audiences are sure to be enthralled because their eyes frequently reveal their hearts’ desire.

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