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Dave Hester is a popular reality TV star who is one of the main leads in the A&E reality show Storage Wars.

He is also notoriously known asThe Mogul’ in the show. He is an American businessman, storage unit buyer, and professional auctioneer.

Besides, he is also known for taunting the new and less experienced bidders, often getting into arguments with his fellow members.

Dave was also fired from the show in December 2012.

Let’s know more about this TV personality right now, including his personal life, net worth, and others.

Dave Hester age
Dave Hester

Here are some of the interesting facts about Dave Hester.

Dave Hester: Quick Facts

Full Name Dave Hester
NickName The Mogul
Age 58 years old
Birth Name July 23, 1964
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Zodiac Sign Leo
Birthplace Camp Pendleton, California, USA
Eye color Black
Hair color Black
Build Average
Marital Status Married
Spouse Donna Hester
Children Dave Jr.
Profession Businessman, Auctioneer, TV personality
Popular Show Storage Wars
Popular Catchphrase “Yuup!”
Net Worth $4 million
Social Media Twitter
Last Update  February2023

Bio and Family

Dave was born in the Hester family on July 23, 1964, at the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base near Oceanside, California.

His father was of German and Irish descent and served in the US Army, while his mother was born in Mexico.

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Hence, he is of mixed ethnicity and holds American citizenship. After retiring from the army, his father started working as an auctioneer.

Dave pursued the same profession rather than studying following his father’s steps.

But unlike his hoarder father, Dave is much more inclined toward business and making profits.

Age and Height

Dave Hester, aka The Mogul, just turned 58 years old. His zodiac sign is Leo.

And just like his zodiac sign, Dave is fierce and likes to lead in every situation.

However, there is not much information regarding his physical attributes, including height, weight, and other measurements.

But with age and time, Dave has put on a bit of weight. Besides, he has black eyes and short black hair.

Dave Hester: Professional Career

Dave started his professional career at the tender age of fourteen.

He started the business by buying machinery and tools from auctions and reselling the items to military-based shops in Orange County, California.

Just like that, in 1986, he attended his first storage auction and later became a licensed and bonded auctioneer in 1992.

It was during these years that his catchphrase “YUUUP” came into use. And till this date, it remains his trademark. He even painted on his truck and flaunted it on his caps and T-shirts.

After receiving his license, Dave opened the Newport Consignment Gallery in Costa Mesa, California.

In 2005, Dave saw his potential in the storage unit business when he was forced to do community service at a local Goodwill Store because of his conviction in a DUI case.

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Following this event, Dave turned his furniture store into the Rags to Riches Thrift Store. But he closed his shop in 2011 and since then has been working as an auctioneer.

Dave Hester: Storage Wars

In 2010, Hester was selected as one of the main casts of the A&E Network reality television series ‘Storage Wars.’

The show premiered on December 1, 2010, and soon became one of the most-watched programs in the history of A&E Network on its second season.

Likewise, the show features professional buyers who visit storage facilities throughout Southern California.

Also, they are given only five minutes to bid on an auction without touching any of the goods.

The show wrapped up after its 11th season in March 2018 and launched the 12th season in March 2018.

Dave is infamous for outbidding skills and sharp mouth. The show features other buyers like Brandi Passante, Ivy Calvin, Rene Nezhoda, Mary Padian, and Laura Dotson.

Net Worth and Income

As of 2022, Dave Hester has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

According to many sources, Hester makes an enormous amount of $25,000 per episode from the show. Also, in the show, Dave is known to make the highest profits.

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Once, he made a profit of $90,000 when he purchased a unit that had a collection of newspapers that reported Elvis Presley‘s death.

Another achievement includes a painting by the Californian impressionist Jack Wilkinson Smith titled ‘The Golden Pool.’ Moreover, he bought it for $750 and sold it for $155,000.

Dave Hester: Married and Wife

We are well informed regarding Dave’s work and net worth, but Dave can be secretive when it comes to his family. However, we do know that he is married to Donna Hester and a son named Dave Jr.

Dave Hester wife
Dave Hester with his wife, Donna Hester

When or how did they tie the knot is still unknown. Moreover, the couple attended Zombie Walk on the third day of the Comic-Con on July 23, 2016.

They were dressed up as Zombie Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Feud with Dan and Laura Dotson

On the American reality television show “Storage Wars,” Dave Hester thrilled a large number of his admirers.

Auctioneer Dan Dotson and auction hunters Darrell Sheets, Barry Weiss, Jarrod Schulz, and Brandi Passante shared the limelight with Storage Wars’ Dave Hester.

Dan Dotson, on the other hand, got into a fight with Dave Hester after a close auction that Hester claimed Dotson messed up.

When the Auctioneer attempted to re-open the offer with the help of Dave, Dotson rejected and went away, trailed by his wife, Laura.

Hester continued to pursue them, accusing them of missing bids. Dotson eventually confronted him, and the two engaged in a fistfight.

The television network A&E retaliated by canceling Hester’s appearance on the show. Dave Hester was furious, and he took A&E to court, suing them for $750,000 in wrongful termination.

Yuup and Trey Songz

We’ve all heard Dave Hester’s renowned slogan “Yuup.” Hester says that every time he tries to increase the price of an auction.

Some fans thought Dave’s shouting “Yuup” amusing, while others found it irritating.

However, it was found that Trey Songz, a rapper, and producer, had sued Dave for trademark infringement on the identical term.

After learning that Dave Hester had been awarded a trademark for the term, Trey Songz filed his case.

The difficulty was that Trey Songz has used the word “Yuuup!” on his albums since 2009, but he never filed a trademark application.

The dispute was taken to court, and Dave Hester ultimately prevailed. Now, Dave routinely uses the catchphrase and ensures that no one else, particularly Trey Songz, does so.


How was the feud between Dave Hester and Dan Dotson solved in court?

In 2014, the costly case between Dave and Dan was finally settled. Dave Hester lost the battle and was compelled to pay A&E’s legal bills.

Did Dave Hester go to Storage Wars after the feud with Dan Dotson?

It’s true that Dave, Dan, and Laura had a tense and tumultuous relationship. Surprisingly, Dave Hester returned to the show for three more seasons. It demonstrated that there were no lingering resentments in the aftermath of the lawsuit.

What happened to Dave Hester in 2018?

Dave Hester of Storage Wars was taken to the hospital in late 2018. Hester had a hemorrhagic stroke while sleeping, according to reports. Fortunately, his physicians were able to rescue him before he died.

Dave Hester of Storage Wars was said to have spent a few tense days in the ICU and months in recuperation.

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