Dadrien Harrison Death and school

Recently Dadrien Harrison Death news sparked Internet users. The Lake Highlands High Junior shooting news started trending on the web. Who killed the student? 

Concerned authorities in Dallas are investigating a shooting that ended with the tragic death of a Lake Highlands High School 11th-grade student. 

The shooting occurred on Tuesday evening, 2 March 2023, at an apartment complex near the school.

Dallas’s investigating team have little information on what led up to it.

However, the deceased 16-year-old Dadrien Harrison’s mother said her son was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Crisis counsellors will investigate the Lake Highlands High School campus for a week.

Also, the other students may be required to go through metal detectors following the 11 grader’s shooting death.

Allegedly, Harrison’s Death shook the entire student community.

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Lake Highlands High Junior Dadrien Harrison Death

Dadrien Harrison, 16, died after a shooting occurred at around 5:30 pm Tuesday, 2 March 2023, an hour after the school ended.

Dadrien Harrison Death
Lake Highlands 11th grader Dadrien Harrison’s Death news shocked his parents. (Source: N.B.C. Dallas-Fort)

Reportedly, the Lake Highlands High Junior was shot dead at an apartment complex near his school in Northeast Dallas. 

The deceased student’s mother, Ashley Kelly, broke down after his son’s untimely demise and gave a short brief about what had happened. The mother said: 

His (referring to her son Harrison) friends told me that they were walking, and some guys started chasing them from behind. Suddenly, they started shooting.

His friends looked back and my son was the one shot in the back.

After the terrible incident, Harrison’s grieving mother, kelly, just wants answers. The mother broke down in tears, saying:

My son was a good and respectable boy. He would be going into the military the coming year if he was alive. I don’t understand! Wrong place, wrong time.

We hope the investigation report will be released soon and justice shall be served to the victim’s family. 

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Who Killed The Lake Highlands High Junior?

Dallas authorities suggested that Lake Highlands 11th grader Dadrien Harrison was shot in the back. 

As per the early reports, there is no suspect or description. The concerned bodies have not released information about whether the shooter knew the victim or not.

Even though the shooting took place outside campus, Richardson ISD informed parents immediately on the same day with an emergency letter.

The following day, students were compulsion to go through a metal detector test inside the school.

The district office provided grief counsellors and announced students would again go through metal detectors on Thursday, 2 March.

They ask students to show up a few minutes early to speed up the screening process.

However, the investigating team has currently given limited information about the shooting. As the case is in its early investigation, we might get a detailed report in the coming days. 

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