Cheslie Kryst suicide

Famous Beauty Paegent winner Cheslie Kryst Suicide News shocked the world. Kryst killed herself Jumping Off the Manhattan apartment building.

The 2019s crowned Miss USA’s untimely death shocked her followers, and they wanted to check on her suicide cause.

Kryst, 30, tragically passed away on 31 January 2022, and her case is being investigated.

Also, the pre-investigation report suggests that her case should be ruled out as suicide.

On the last day of the year, beautiful and talented Kryst’s death news shocked the entire fashion and modeling industry after it was released to the press. 

The American model and Actress became highly successful in her career for her unique look and acting style. Also, she loved working in the modeling and acting industry more than others.

Moreover, the late beauty pageant titleholder received two Daytime Emmy Awards nominations. 

After she was crowned the Miss USA title in 2019, she became an attorney. Kryst began serving as a correspondent for Extra from October 2019 till her death in December 2022. 

Presenting a unique fact about the late attorney and Actress — Miss USA 2019, Cheslie Kryst’s suicidal death raised many questions until her mother talked about it.

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Why Did Cheslie Kryst Suicide?

Famous beauty pageant titleholder Cheslie Kryst, 30, died young, killing himself on 31 January 2022 by jumping off the 29th floor of the Manhattan apartment building. 

Cheslie Kryst suicide news
Cheslie Kryst’s suicide news shocked the world. (Source: Sky News)

The Manhattan apartment where the model and Actress jumped off is the same building where she lived. According to the pre-investigation report, Kryst’s death was considered suicide. 

Kryst’s followers were shocked as their idol, and favorite personality made the wrong headlines.

Although the model’s death news striated running just after her passing, the reason behind her death was not out for a while. 

But Kryst’s mother sadly announced the news about her daughter’s depression after fake news regarding her death started trending on the web.

The model’s mom mourned her daughter’s loss, saying:

My lovely daughter, I will really miss you. Kryst was creative and visionary. Her talent is beyond my words.

I feel sorry to say this but she had a high-functioning depression for a long time.

Mental illness and depression can often lead people to a certain path that will not make the condition go but worsen.

Kryst’s depression led her on a different path. Now, we will never know what our favorite idol might be thinking or suffering from. 

Likewise, people assumed many fake reasons behind her suicide until her mother spilled the truth publicly and described her mental illness. 

Sadly, all her future achievements disappeared with her dead body, which was recovered from the building’s compound. But, no one can take Kryst’s respect and titles away from her even after her death.

The late model and Actress reached wonders and became a household name after wearing the Miss USA 2019 crown. 

Kryst’s loved ones and followers tried to match the sentiments of her family, who were grieving her loss. 

Many facts, including her depression, also hinted at the Actress’s matching of dramatic style to a high-adrenaline ending. 

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When Did The American Attorney’s Depression Begin?

Before her death, American Attorney Cheslie Kryst had been dealing with depression.

Even though it is unsure when exactly she began developing the mental illness, her mother confirmed that she had had depression for a long time.

American Attorney Cheslie Kryst depression
American Attorney Cheslie Kryst’s depression took her life. (Source: TMZ)

Kryst’s depression could be one of the reasons why she jumped from the 29th floor of the Manhattan apartment building.

Many people saw Kryst as their inspiration, and learning that she was not mentally okay made them worry, but sadly it was too late. 

One of the most beautiful and talented personalities, Kryst, is still missed. RIP, 2019 Miss USA! 

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