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The individual responsible for the homicide investigation that occurred last year, which involved the death of an 82-year-old woman, has been identified by investigators as the grandson of the deceased.

Brandon Tobin, 28, is believed by the RNC (Royal Newfoundland Constabulary)to have murdered his grandmother, Mildred (Millie) Brake, in their residence last winter.

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Brandon Tobin Arrested For Killing His 82-Year-Old GrandMother – Case Update

Royal Newfoundland Constabulary (RNC) has been highly discrete about Brandon Tobin’s case, and they have not publicly identified him as a suspect since he has not yet been charged with the death of his grandmother.

The RCMP forensic laboratory has a few vials holding the suspect’s blood samples, which the investigators are waiting to return.

At approximately 11 pm on March 16, 2022, medical personnel was summoned to Brake’s Mitchell Court residence near Elizabeth Avenue.

Upon their arrival, the individual was declared dead at the scene. The RNC subsequently announced that the death had been classified as a homicide but provided no additional details.

Brandon Tobin
Brandon Tobin, the suspect in his own grandmother’s murder, was arrested in 2014 (Source: CBC)

The RNC arrested Brandon Tobin the day after the incident and took him to the Health Sciences Centre for medical treatment, including drawing blood samples. Subsequently, the Police obtained a warrant to confiscate the four vials of blood.

Police searched the House and took red-stained towels and swabs from doors, walls, and stairs for forensic analysis in Ottawa.

According to a court filing dated February 24, 2023, it was stated that the RCMP laboratory had possessed the items for 322 days, and as of that date, the blood analysis results had not been received by the RNC.

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Brandon Tobin is serving a federal sentence

Just a year ago, Tobin was found guilty of multiple criminal offenses related to drugs and weapons in the month of autumn.

Brandon Tobin is currently in federal prison because of charges from the homicide investigation. He is presently being held in Springhill Institution, located in Nova Scotia.

This is not the first time Brandon has been encountered by the law and Police force. Nine years ago, in December 2014, he was sentenced to four years of imprisonment for assaulting a person using a baseball bat.

Although he was accused of attempted murder at first, he eventually pled guilty to a comparatively minor charge of aggravated assault.

Gun and Bag of Cocaine
Gun and Bag of Cocaine seized by RNC last year (Source: CBC)

According to the documents, investigators discovered a bag containing cocaine while searching for Brake’s residence after her demise.

A large number of illegal goods, including drug paraphernalia, gun and ammunition, and an unbelievable half kilogram of cocaine, was seized by RNC after a search warrant was issued.

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Turnaround times are variable; RCMP reports

As per reports, RCMP revealed that the National Forensic Laboratory Services could not provide any details about any service request of a particular investigation to maintain the authenticity and credibility of the inquiry to CBS News.

The spokesperson for the RCMP, Cpl. Kim Chamberland stated that the time taken to complete an analysis is highly dynamic and can differ depending on various factors, such as the type of analysis required, the demand for services, and the capacity of the laboratory.

Chamberland explained through email that sometimes investigating agencies can make extra requests for service after the initial submission of the investigation.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) operates three laboratories in Canada located in Ottawa, Edmonton, and Surrey, British Columbia. These laboratories cater to all provinces of Canada except for Quebec and Ontario.

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