Yuki Tsunoda Sister Riko Tsunoda

People invested in F1 racing might be familiar with Yuki Tsunoda. The racer’s followers seek his siblings’ information if they are in a similar profession.

Who Is Yuki Tsunoda Sister Riko Tsunoda? Know via this article. 

Japanese racing driver Yuki Tsunoda received and fulfilled the requirements to obtain the super license needed to become an F1 racer.

He finished third in the 2020 season (Formula 2 Championship) ranking. The newest F1 racer has shown his talents early and risen like a rocket as his ranks keep increasing in formula racing.

Honda has sponsored him since 2016, and Yuki became the 2018 Japanese F4 champion representing Honda Formula Dream Project.

In addition, Red Bull included him in their sponsorship deals. Also, he made his F1 debut in 2021 for AlphaTauri.

Similarly, Yuki, born on 11 May 2000, became the latest F1 racer born in the 21st century.

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Meet Yuki Tsunoda Sister Riko Tsunoda

Famous young F1 racer Yuki Tsunoda has a sister, Riko Tsunoda. 

Yuki Tsunoda Sister
Young F1 racer Yuki Tsunoda has a sister. (Source: Auto Sport)

The racing star’s fan account on Twitter posted a picture of Tsunoda’s sister with Helena Alesi, which said, “Finally!!! Helena Alesi.”

It seemed like Riko was glad to meet Helena Alesi.

Many people on the platform commented on the post, where one user wrote:

So nice! If you don’t mind, Where can I see the original post? 

Unfortunately, there is less information regarding Yuki’s sister.

By this time, it is clear that Riko took a different route to chase her professional goals than her brother, Yuki, a current F1 racing champion. 

One of the two Tsunoda’s children took an interest in racing. 

Riko evolved into a more subdued version of her brother as she distanced herself from the limelight.

Perhaps, Yuki and Riko like to stay outside the public eye when revealing their personal life. 

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Yuki Tsunoda Parents And Family

Speaking of Tsunoda’s heritage and parents, he was born in a Japanese family.

Yoki’s family lived in Sagamihara, Japan, when they welcomed their son.

His parents admitted him to LCA International Preschool, where he completed his early studies. 

Unfortunately, Yoki is shy to talk about his family life and is secretive about his parents and siblings. 

Whatever the case, his parents are proud of their son’s career as a young F1 racer and are very supportive of his profession.

His Father inspired the talented young racer as he was too passionate about racing. 

Yoki’s Father took him to the Gymkhana competition, where young Yuki was introduced to racing.

The F1 racer revealed his first driving experience when he visited the Nakai circuit. 

He played go-kart for the first time when he was four. Yuki’s Father coached him and advised him as a mechanic about increasing speed. 

Net Worth Of Yuki Tsunoda

According to the Sports Limo, renowned Japanese F1 racer Yuki Tsunoda’s net worth is $5 million as of this writing. 

Yuki Tsunoda net worth
F1 racer Yuki Tsunoda’s net worth is not confirmed. (Source: Top Gear)

The young racer earned massive income from paid sponsorship from big companies such as Honda and Redbull.

However, we couldn’t confirm his sister’s net worth as many internet sources’ information seems fake. 

Yuki has participated in multiple racing events and made his F1 debut in 2021. He has shown his racing talents quite early and has much to earn in the coming days. 

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