Yohji Yamamoto

From its futuristic technologies to gourmet cuisine, Japan has been known for its tradition and culture since long ago. Likewise, the country is also known for its artistic attire, and Yohji Yamamoto has been exposing such decadence to the world even more.

Yohji Yamamoto is a Japanese designer based in Japan and Paris. He is widely known for his craftsmanship and Avant-grande tailoring, which is both unique and aesthetically pleasing.

Let’s know more about this magician, who can turn any garments and material into high fashion clothing.

Yohji Yamamoto age
Yohji Yamamoto

But before here are some interesting facts about Yohji Yamamoto.

Yohji Yamamoto: Quick Facts

Full Name: Yohji Yamamoto
Age: 75 years
Birth Date: October 3, 1943
Horoscope: Libra
Birth Place: Tokyo, Japan
Mother’s Name: Fumi Yamamoto
Education: Keio University, Bunka Fashion College
Nationality: Japanese
Ethnicity: Asian
Profession: Fashion Designer
Labels: Yohji Yamamoto, Y’s, Y-3
Marital Status: Married
Social Media: Instagram, Twitter

Early Life and Education

The designer Yohji Yamamoto was born on October 3, 1943, in Tokyo, Japan. He was born under the sign Libra. Since his mother, Fumi Yamamoto raised Yohji; there is no information about his father. Also, Yohji is very secretive. Hence, not much can be said about his childhood either.

Similarly, Yohji holds Japanese citizenship and is of Asian ethnicity. Talking about his educational background, Yohji graduated from Keio University with a Law degree in 1966. But pursued his further studies in fashion designing and joined Bunka Fashion College and graduated in 1969.

Age and Measurements

Talking about his age, Yohji Yamamoto is 75 years old as of 2019. Furthermore, the designer stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches(1.77m) and weighs around 152 lbs(69 kg).

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Even at his age, Yohji has continued producing eye-catching designs and aesthetic looks. Well, the designer himself is a fan of black color, which dominates his entire collection with a hint of other colors. Also, Yohji’s fair skin complexion compliments his black attire even more.

Furthermore, Yohji has black eyes and naturally long black hair. All in all, Yohji’s whole appearance gives off dark Samurai vibes.

Professional Career: Y’s and Adidas

Yohji was introduced to the world of designing and tailoring by his mother. The designer picked up the necessary tailoring skills while assisting his mother. This made Yohji pursue his passion for fashion and further hone his skills in designing.

As said by Henri Matisse, ‘Creativity takes courage,’ and that is precisely what Yohji did. He took a leap of faith and followed his passion for designing, and joined Bunka Fashion College. Soon after his graduation, in 1970, Yohji moved to Paris’s fashion capital to start his career.

Yohji Yamamoto Y's
Yohji Yamamoto Line from SS19 Collection

With time and his diligence, Yohji finally revealed his first brand Y’s in 1972 and presented his collection in his home Tokyo. In 1981, Yohji presented his first collection in Paris 1981.

During one of his interviews with the New York Times in 1983, Yohji said such things about his designs.

“When I started making clothes for my line Y’s in 1977, all I wanted was for women to wear men’s clothes. I jumped on the idea of designing coats for women. It meant something to me- the idea of a coat guarding and hiding a woman’s body. I wanted to protect the woman’s body from something- maybe from men’s eyes or a cold wind.”

Another collection followed his debut in Paris, releasing it in New York in 1982 and his first men’s collection in 1984. Yohji’s fashion line is especially prevalent in Tokyo as his design is far from mainstream design and favored by Japanese demographics. His signature design follows oversized silhouettes with drapes in various textures. Yohji mainly uses black and dark contour in his compositions as he believes black is modest and arrogant at the same time.

Collaboration with Adidas and Drawbacks

Following his brand success and his loyal consumer Yohji has also collaborated with major fashion brands including Adidas (Y-3), Mikimoto, New era Cap Company and even artists like Tina Turner, Sir Elton John, Takeshi Kitano, Heiner Muller, and more.

But still, Yohji Yamamoto and Y’s are his commercially successful brands to date. Along with his other principal lines Pour Homme, Costume d’Homme, and the diffusion line will be released soon.

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But Yamamoto once had to redo his whole company following the debt of $65 million due to poor financial decisions. It eventually led Yohji to reconstruct his brand from 2009 to 2010. After reconstruction and the new economic team led by Integral Corp, Yohji Yamamoto Inc. was out of debt by November 2010.

Yohji Yamamoto: Personal Life

Today, the 75-year-old Yamamoto is in a happy relationship with his wife for a long time. Yamamoto is secretive about his wife as well since he has not revealed who she is. However, we know that Yohji is the father of two children, a daughter named Limi Yamamoto and a son Yuji Yamamoto.

Before this, Yohji was rumored to be in a relationship with fellow designer Rei Kawakubo during the 1980s and 1990s. Also, his daughter Limi Yamamoto debuted as a model in 2002 Tokyo Fashion Week.

Since he travels a lot due to his work, we are not whether Yohji still lives with his family or not. But as soon as we hear something, we will keep you guys updated about it.

Net Worth and Income

There is no doubt that the internationally acclaimed designer with a mass following has accumulated a hefty sum. Besides, Yohji is also one of the most successful Japanese designers to date.

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However, Yohji’s exact net worth is still under review. But according to the survey, the average salary of a Japanese designer is above $62,805 annually. Since he is one of the prominent designers in Asia, we can safely say that Yohji, with his caliber, earns more than the average. In fact, in 2002, Yohji’s mainline sales stood at $100 million.

Social Media Presence

Instagram702k Followers

Twitter8,482 Followers

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