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People are wondering to know about Jon Kish. John Kish is the brother of American Chef Kristen Kish.

Kristen Kish first gained attention for participating in the 10th season of “Top Chef,” but she has since forged an excellent career inside and outside the kitchen.

Following her victory on “Top Chef,” Kish spent a few years away from the food industry before opening her restaurant, Arlo Grey, in Austin, Texas.

Kish most recently assumed leadership in the “Iron Chef: Search for an Iron Legend” Netflix revival as co-host on the opposite side of the competitive kitchen.

Kish has always pursued her path in life, and her career had gone in many different directions, including a brief spell as a model when she was younger.

Who Is Jon Kish? Meet Kristen Kish Brother

Josh Kish is the older brother of American chef Kristen Kish. She is so close to her brother. She frequently shares a picture with her brother. 

Kristen Kish has never been afraid to show her love for her family. Kish has spoken extensively about her supportive parents and loving childhood, but there is one person with whom she has a special relationship: her older brother, Jon.

Jon Kish
Jon Kish is the big brother of Kristen kish (Source- Mashed )

On Instagram, Kish recalled the childhood nicknames of the two siblings, with hers being “doll face” and his being the less endearing “pumpkin head.”

Nonetheless, Kish playfully remarked that Jon’s moniker was superior. She recalled a four-day hike they had taken together in the Rocky Mountains.

Four days of hiking with anyone would undoubtedly be difficult, not the least, because Kish would have to filter her water and eat freeze-dried foods, which would be a significant change from her diet-focused life.

Nonetheless, Kish only had good things to say about her time with her brother and credited him with making the vacation enjoyable.

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Who are the parents of Kristen Kish?

Kish was raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, by her loving family, as she disclosed to Bon Appétit. Kish was adopted at the age of four months after being born in Seoul, South Korea.

Due to her background, many people commonly assume that Kish cooks primarily Korean food, but as she revealed to Bon Appétit, this is not the case.

Instead, French cuisine is a significant influence on Kish’s cooking. She won the Top Chef competition thanks to her cooking style.

Kristen with her mother
Kish was adopted at just four months old. (Source- Facebook )

With the money she would receive for winning “Top Chef,” Kish first stated that she would return to Korea for the first time since she was a toddler. Kish, however, made her new plans public in a candid Instagram post.

Kish told Jude Bautista that she was scouted when she was only 13. Despite her parents’ concerns, Kish kept working.

By 18, she had even joined the ELITE modelling agency. Kish said she initially resorted to modelling to get over some of her body consciousness. 

Is Kristen Kish married?

Kish publicly came out over Instagram in 2014. (via HuffPost). Kish afterwards began dating Bianca Dusic.

In 2019, the couple announced their engagement on Kish’s Instagram. A cute image of the couple wearing rings with Kish kissing Cowen’s head while he drinks coffee was featured in the story.

The caption read:

“She said YES to a lifetime of Sunday morning coffee dates and bed head.”

Bianca Dusic and Kristen Kish exchanged vows on April 18, 2021. The couple announced their engagement in a Facebook post that included pictures of Kish in a suit and Dusic in a black dress.

kristen kish with her wife
Kristen kish is married (Source- Facebook )

Kish revealed to TODAY that the pair decided to be married after concluding that getting married was more important than planning a big Party after the pandemic delayed their initial plans for a wedding.

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