Fans are highly curious to know more about Filian Vtuber. On the contrary, she has managed to keep all her personal life and whereabouts private. Here are a few of the intriguing facts that we know about Filian Vtuber.

One of many details of Filian Vtuber is that after consistently streaming for more than five months, she received an opportunity to work with the creator of Twitch in the first five months after joining the channel. This happened in October 2021.

Seeing her progress and present life, Vtuber often expresses high levels of gratitude to her supporters for helping bring her to the stage.

She decided to organize an official contest among her fans in January of this year to commission a unique avatar for her channel.

She consented to use the winners’ artwork as her new profile picture in exchange for 125 dollars.

Who Is Filian Vtuber? Details Of Her Face Reveal Explored

Unfortunately, Filian Vtuber is yet to do a face reveal. The reason why she prefers to stay out of the limelight is unknown.

Many fans speculate that she is a young Asian girl, considering her profile picture. 

On the other hand, fans are curious about Filian’s boyfriend. She appears to be single. There is absolutely no personal information that Filian Vtuber has shared so far. 

Filian Vtuber
The rumors of the Filian Vtuber’s face reveal all around YouTube, and Twitch is fake. She specified the fake rumors herself.
(Source: YouTube) 

Even in Filian VrChat, she has not mentioned anything regarding her boyfriend. 

As for her main channel, in just about nine months, Filian had over 100 thousand followers. As of today, she has over 152 thousand followers. She is also active on YouTube and shows shorter versions of funny clips or highlights on that channel. 

Her YouTube is equally popular, with over 185 thousand subscribers. The most viewed number on her YouTube crosses over 27 million.

What Is Filian Vtuber Age?

Unfortunately, Filian Vtuber has not shared what age she is, nor has she shared any other details of her birth date. Her viewers and fans also need to learn what her real name is.

By the sounds of her voice during the streams and the way she talks and portrays her character, she appears to be in her early twenties. We shall know more about her once she decides to do a face reveal.

Likewise, apart from a particular game, Filian has also streamed other games like Beat Saber, Elden Ring, Surgery Simulator and many more.

Filian Vtuber
Filian Vtuber’s Twitch fans are interested in what she looks like. (Source: BiliBili)

On the other hand, Filian Vtuber uses Twitter and TikTok accounts as social media besides Twitch.

To further elaborate, Vtuber’s Twitter account’s handle name is @filianIsLost. She joined the platform in the year 2021 and has been active with 140 tweets so far.

Similarly, Filian Vtuber also uses TikTok, where her videos have amassed 2.8 million likes and 213k followers.

She shares fascinating details from her stream on this page to persuade viewers to sign up for her streaming service. The platform is a great way to catch the highlights without committing to hours of watching.

What Is Filian Vtuber Net Worth?

According to trusted sources, Filian Vtuber’s net worth is still being calculated and is yet to be published.

She may already have surpassed a few hundred thousand in terms of her net worth, considering the high number of followers and her popularity on the Twitch channel. Filian Twitch streaming platform is her main source of income.

Her average number of viewers on the stream is at least 1058. It grows by the day. With 34.5k subscribers, the youngster is widespread, and most players use VR.

Likewise, she continues to broadcast for hours on different days because of her strong work ethic. She also raises her income by sharing a portion of her stream on her YouTube channel.

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