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Rising TikTok star Baby Putie takes the internet by storm with the viral Pink Hoodie Video: All you need to know about the digital content creator.

Baby Putie is a rising star on social media, captivating audiences with her short and engaging TikTok videos. She goes by the username @babyputie on the short-form video-sharing platform.

Hailing from Malaysia, Baby Putie’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent weeks. She has posted over two dozen clips on her TikTok page this week. With 14,000 followers and 56,000 total likes, her videos consistently garner over 80,000 views on average.

Baby Putie is known for her unique style of wearing a hoodie and showcasing her cute dance moves. Her videos reflect her creative expression and captivate a massive audience. 

As she continues to grow her platform, Baby Putie is poised to make a lasting impact in the social media world.

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Who Is Baby Putie On Tiktok? Hoodie Pink Viral Video On Twitter

Baby Putie’s recent viral video has made her a household name, especially in Asia. The teenage content creator hails from Malaysia and speaks Malay in her videos.

Baby Putie is seen dancing in a pink hoodie and headphones in the short clip that recently went viral on Twitter. The original video was posted on her TikTok account on March 17, 2023.

It has garnered over 600,000 views in just five days. Her cuteness and unique style in the pink hoodie have caught the attention of many people this week, resulting in a significant increase in her audience. Since then, several of her videos have crossed 100,000+ views.

Baby Putie TikTok
Baby Putie’s recent viral video has made her a household name. The teenage content creator hails from Malaysia and speaks Malay in her videos. (Source: Instagram)

Baby, a well-known content creator, began posting videos on TikTok in 2019, where she uploaded comedy bits, songs, and trends. After posting a couple of videos in 2019, she took a break from social media until last week, when her return was a massive success with the viral Pink Hoodie video.

The buzz around Baby Putie has even made its way to YouTube, with several videos featuring her now available on the video-sharing platform.

Baby Putie’s talent, unique style, and adorable personality have made her an instant social media sensation, and she continues to gain popularity with each new video.

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Baby Putie Age: How Old Is She?

Despite her rising popularity, little is known about Baby Putie’s life. She is estimated to be around 18-21 years old, based on her appearance.

Moreover, the TikTok star has never revealed her real name or shared any personal information on her online platform. Her hobbies include wearing fashionable clothes, traveling, dancing, and music.

Unlike many social media stars, Baby Putie is unavailable on other digital platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. Thanks to her growing popularity, several fan accounts are being created in her name. Some even went as far as creating fake accounts on TikTok.

Baby Putie TikTok
Based on her videos, Baby Putie is estimated to be around 18-21 years old. Her hobbies include wearing fashionable clothes, traveling, and music. (Source: Instagram)

Baby Putie has come into the limelight recently, and only a handful of information about the TikTok star is available online. We must wait until more details about her personal life are uncovered. 

Nevertheless, her popularity continues to increase day by day, and with her unique style and personality, she has the potential to become a well-known TikTok celebrity in the future.

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Who Is Baby Putie Boyfriend? Family Details

TikTok has become the number one platform to get fame and prominence quickly. While initial TikTokers focused on creating dance and lip-sync content, new users are devoted to creating unique and original content.

As a result, we see many TikTokers becoming famous overnight for varieties of reasons. For instance, we have Yasin Cengiz, who gained notoriety for his Skibidi Bop dance videos. His belly-shaking dance grooves have earned him over seven million followers on the platform.

And then we have Baby Putie, who became viral for her short dancing clip in a pink hoodie. The clip doesn’t contain any exaggerated moves or unique content. It only shows the TikToker vibing on the music with her pink headphones on.

However, TikTok users are instantly mesmerized by how naive and pretty Baby looks in her video. Although her moves are a bit awkward (if we can say that), she looks adorable performing them.

Baby Putie
Baby Putie Went Viral For Her Pink Hoodie TikTok (Source: TikTok)

Following her viral video, many people have shown interest in learning about Baby Putie’s family, including her parents and siblings. They are also curious about the lady’s love life and wonder whether she has a boyfriend.

Alas, Baby has remained silent regarding her family background. She has not publicly shared about her mother, father, and siblings. In fact, we don’t know if she has any siblings in the first place.

The TikToker has posted several videos, but except for one, her posts only feature her. Hence, we must wait to get information about Baby Putie’s father, mother, and other family members.

Nevertheless, looking at the lady’s content, we can see that she enjoys creating short clips. She looks carefree, is interested in makeup, and she enjoys gaming too. Not just that, Baby once shared a video where she is seen playing with a baby snake. It seems like she is not afraid of snakes.

Likewise, details about Baby Putie’s boyfriend are little to none. She seems to be in her teens, and it’s likely that she is focused on her studies. Or maybe she has a partner but dislikes talking about him on social media.

Whatever the case be, hopefully, we will get to learn about the TikToker’s love life soon. Baby has often posted similar types of content, so who knows, she might start uploading new content on TikTok in the future.

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