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Known Japanese Youtube gamer and influencer Maizen successfully hid his face. So, the Japanese and Asian gaming community wanted to know about Maizen Sisters and his net worth. 

Trending gamer and influencer Maizen came into the limelight by playing the trending game Minecraft. He hides his face on YouTube and only shares his exploration and Minecraft gameplay. 

The gamer releases his YouTube content in an episode format and has not revealed his face on the platform.

Also, Maizen has been highly successful in playing Minecraft. His episodic gameplay releases and unique exploring style have made him famous in the gaming community. The Japanese content creator is equally big on Shorts.

The known Japanese gamer has not released his face cam in his Youtube videos. Also, the video thumbnails are related to Minecraft and its episodic trailer but never had his pictures.  

Moreover, Maizen is active on multiple game streaming platforms, including YouTube, Shorts, and Twitch. The Japanese gamer is also active on other social media platforms, including Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram. 

As of this writing, he has achieved more than 2.72 million subscribers on his primary gaming YouTube channel. His channel name is Maizen Japanese Channel, and he joined the platform on 16 May 2015. 

Maizen’s YouTube videos’ total views have reached 5.8 billion, approximately 5,897,105,327, as of September 2023. 

Let’s focus on the Maizen sisters, face reveal, and their net worth. What is the Japanese gamer’s net worth? 

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Meet Maizen Sisters: Know Their Age And Face Reveal

Japanese Gaming sensation Maizen is big on YouTube and Shorts for streaming Minecraft gameplay videos. His episodic form of related Minecraft gameplay is loved by many.

Maizen has yet to reveal his face and age on YouTube. Perhaps, the Japanese influencer would prefer to avoid sharing his face cam video while gaming on the platform. 

One of the famous Minecraft gamers on the platform has revealed her sister as Zenichi, nicknamed JJ, on the English channel. Her sister is sometimes featured on his main channel as well. 

Maizen Sisters
Maizen opened his merchandise and online store. (Source: His official website)

As mentioned, the known Japanese gamer never releases his face cam profile in gameplay videos. Maizen only shares the Minecraft gameplay. 

Besides, the gamer’s Instagram handle is rarely active. Maizen has crossed 49.8 Thousand followers on his IG account. He is not so active on social media platforms, as he has only 293 posts. 

He also has a Twitter and TikTok account. He shares short clips from his YouTube videos on TikTok and has gained followers on the platform. 

Similarly, Maizen prefers to be more active on YouTube. Maybe his way of expressing himself is by playing games like Minecraft.

Unfortunately, not much is revealed about gamer Dizzy, including his age and family background. The talented Japanese gamer enjoys a low-key life.

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Net Worth Of Maizen 

Trending gamer and influencer Maizen’s net worth is difficult to tell, so his fortune remains a mystery. But we can tell he makes huge money from YouTube and other ventures. 

The Japanese gamer came into the limelight playing Minecraft. He releases gameplay videos in an episodic format and likes telling a story. 

Moreover, he has launched his merchandise titled by his name, Maizen. The site is an online store where he sells his merchandise, including shirts, stickers, printed clothes, toys, and more.

The Japanese YouTuber cleverly opened a side business and made out profit being a gaming influencer. 

As of this writing, Maizen has gained over 2.72 million subscribers on his main gaming YouTube channel. His channel name is Maizen Japanese Channel, and he joined the platform on 16 May 2015. 

Maizen YouTube videos’ total views have crossed 5.8 billion, approximately 5,897,105,327, as of September 2023. 

Also, he has a secondary YouTube channel, Maizen Shorts, where he releases short clips from his primary channel. The channel has reached 961 Thousand subscribers. 

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