Vitalik Buterin

“As society becomes more and more complex, cheating will in many ways become progressively easier and easier to do and harder to police or even understand” – Vitalik Buterin. Having a brilliant mind and a very high IQ, Vitalik Buterin is the man behind Ethereum, a cryptocurrency.

His hard work and intellect have led Ethereum to become the second-largest cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin. In this article, let’s know about his net worth, success from Ethereum, dead rumors, his IQ, and so on. Therefore, keep on reading the article until the end.

Vitalik Buterin
Vitalik Buterin

Net Worth

Vitalik Buterin, who was raised in Canada by Russian parents, created Ethereum when he was just twenty-one years old. It has become the second-largest cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency secured by cryptography.

He owns a large holding of Ethereum. It trades at $720, having a market cap of $72 billion. It isn’t easy to find an exact amount of his net worth. This is due to the fact that his personal worth fluctuates daily as it is tied to the price of Ethereum.

Vitalik Buterin has an estimated net worth of $200 – $400 million.

His two wallet addresses are available, and judging from the figures of both addresses, he might have a net worth anywhere from $200 –  $400 million. Forbes has estimated his net worth to be $500 million. Buterin also regularly donates to millions of charities. So, we can only estimate his net worth lies somewhere between $200 – $400 million.


Vitalik knew about cryptocurrencies at first in February 2011. After that, he started writing articles for a bitcoin website for which he was paid 5 BTC per article. Although he was paid poorly, he was born in a low-income family and thought it was reasonable.

During that time, bitcoin was worth $0.80 per coin. Quickly, he realized the potential of cryptocurrency. So, later he co-founded his own website, “Bitcoin Magazine.” It covered the latest BTC news. He was very intelligent. So, Peter Thiel granted him $100k to work on a cryptocurrency project. He dropped out of college to focus there.

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He knew he could create a better cryptocurrency. Also, he knew the faults of Bitcoin. He believed that Bitcoin didn’t have the capability for application development. So, he started his work on building a better version of Bitcoin. He built a team of mathematicians and cryptographers to build the now successful, Ethereum.

Furthermore, months later, gathering enough money from crowd sales to fund its development, the team established the Ethereum Foundation. It received a lot of attention from the media, and they continued to work on making it suitable and better for mass adoption.

Vitalik Buterin IQ

The founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, is very intelligent. Many people are curious about this 25-year-old genius and his IQ level. There have been sources on the internet claiming his IQ to be 257. That is not the ordinary level. Whatever his IQ is, we can all agree that he is a genius.

Some claim that his IQ is 257. Although there is no authentic information, we can all agree that he has a very high IQ.

He learned to speak Mandarin in a few months. When the kids of his age liked playing with toys, he admits that his favorite toy was Microsoft Excel. In his school years, a teacher found out that he could add 3 digit numbers in his head very fast than other normal students, even at an early age.

Is Vitalik Buterin Dead?

The internet had Vitalik’s death rumors spread in 2015. The rumors said that he died in a car crash. However, everything was cleared when Buterin tweeted that he was alive and well. He wasn’t even involved in a car crash. The rumors of his death fluctuated the cryptocurrency for some time but didn’t do any big damage.

Where does Vitalik Buterin Live?

Vitalik lived for a long time in Zug city, Switzerland. Ethereum fund was registered there. After that, he has moved to Singapore. He always wanted to move to Asia. He likes Singapore’s kindly attitude towards innovation.

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Furthermore, he admitted in an interview that he, among his entire team, wanted to establish a permanent base in Asia. Currently, he is working for that to happen. The Ethereum fund is located in Switzerland, and its CEO Ming-Chang is also living there.

 Twitter and Instagram

He is active on most social media sites. He doesn’t like to waste much time on social media. So, he only uses it sometimes. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram with the links given below.

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