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YouTube and any forms of social media have been keeping us occupied during this quarantine. Especially when, in the past, they were considered a hindrance to society. Today we will talk of one of the famous YouTuber, Veronica Wang. 

Certainly these past few years, she has been buzzing the media either for her pregnancy or for her surgery. So, what is the truth, as many of you have asked? Hence, we thought it would be better to prepare detailed information on her.

Veronica Wang age
Veronica Wang, 28, Canadian YouTuber

The article starts right after the exciting facts on the YouTuber, right below.

Veronica Wang: Quick Facts

Full Name: Veronica Wang
Age: 28 years
Birth Date: June 18, 1992
Horoscope: Gemini
Birth Place: Toronto, Canada
Nationality: Canadian
Height: 5 feet 8 inches(172 cm)
Weight: 56 kgs(127 lbs)
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Dark Brown
Profession: YouTuber
Active years: 2010-present
Net Worth: $600,000
Social Media: Instagram, Twitter & YouTube

What Nationality Is Veronica Wang?- Early Life and Parents

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Veronica Wang is a popular YouTuber and social media personality. Aside from her birth city, there is no mention of her parents or siblings whatsoever.

Likewise, she is American by nationality, while her ethnicity is mixed. Many might disagree, but the popular YouTuber posted a picture of her father and claimed that her father is Chinese, and she was not hiding anything.

Other than this, there is no further information. Also, there is less to no information on her academics as well.

Age, Height, and Surgery- What Happened to Veronica Wang in Korea?

The best of both worlds, Veronica Wang, is the result of West meets East. Clearly, she has got the looks of it. Not only that, but her stunning dark brown eyes and luscious dark brown hair make her head turn every time.

Born on June 18, 1992, the food lover is 28 years as of now. She is just a few days shy of her 28th birthday. Likewise, Wang was born under the sign of Gemini, and the sign signifies people with smart, confident, and free-spirited personality.

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Though she is loved and famous for her foodie videos where she is seen gobbling a few pounds of food, many are shocked when they see her. For someone who eats so much, Wang certainly does not look the part.

Standing at 5 feet 8 inches(172 cm), Wang only weighs around 56 kgs(127 lbs). More than her metabolism, it is her health and exercise regime that keeps her fit.

Now, considering the rumors that happened in South Korea. On October 27, 2018, the Canadian YouTuber shock the media when she underwent a knife. Apparently, Wang was impressed by the medical skills and outcomes of the South Korean plastic surgery companies.

As a result, she traveled all the way to South Korea and underwent V line, cheekbone reduction, revision rhinoplasty, and double eyelid surgeries. Apparently, Veronica wanted to have a symmetrical and ideal face to show online.

Professional Career: Veronica Wang, a YouTuber

Veronica Wang is one of the YouTuber who gained massive attention because of her self-titled channel. Devoted to food and “mukbang” the Korean term for binge eating, Wang posts videos of her eating several pounds of food ranging from noodles to rolls and anything edible.

Veronica Wang Noodles
Veronica Wang is a foodie.

But there are several other channels devoted to food, especially mukbang, which makes her channel different from others. Well, the thing is besides eating, Veronica also provides tutorials on making particular food, food challenges, and revising the popular food and eateries.

Likewise, Wang launched her first channel on June 26, 2010, which has over 1.63 million subscribers, with more than 280 million views already. It just goes to show how in-demand her content, as well as her channel, is to the YouTube community.

In this channel, her most popular videos include EXTREME SPICY NOODLE CHALLENGE, INDOMIE MI GORENG CHALLENGE, and many others. Moreover, both of those videos have garnered over 14 million videos. 

Similarly, this is not the only channel that Vernica has under her name. In fact, she landed her second channel titled ‘Veronica Wang Vlogs‘ on June 8, 2016. While it is less popular than her former channel, it has gained over 39k subscribers and a total of 735k views. 

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Unlike the other channel, Veronica uploads her daily activity and lifestyle to make her viewers familiar with her.

Veronica Wang’s Pregnancy- What is the truth?

Now, talking about her personal life, it is very much kept away from social media. The main reason being that she is often criticized for her past and copyrights issue, which is a whole another story.

But once, Veronica did talk about her family, stating how her mother was neglectful to her and her siblings when young. Basically, Wang was the one who raised her siblings despite being young herself.

Likewise, she also revealed the reason that her mother was mentally ill and homeless. Even though her mother never accepts Wang as her daughter, the Canadian YouTuber still visits her sometimes.

Veronica Wang pregnancy, boyfriend
Veronica Wang with her boyfriend

As if her past childhood was not messed up, Veronica also mentioned that she was in a very abusive relationship in the past. But the YouTuber faced backlash after revealing that she did not know she was pregnant and eventually lost the baby by miscarriage.

Moreover, she is even taunted from time to time regarding the issue. However, as of now, she seems to have a comfortable life or makes it look so. For a couple of years now, Veronica seems to be dating her boyfriend, who goes by the user name @ariahass. Sadly, there is no information on him.

Net Worth and Income

Veronica Wang, the popular YouTuber from Canada, has garnered much love and views from her fans and admirers. As a result, her channel has become successful over the years. As of 2020, Wang has accumulated a net worth of $600,000. 

Not to mention, her early earnings come around $365,000, which is $1000 per day. And according to, Wang’s YouTube channel attracts around 102 158 views every day on average.

Veronica Wang ethnicity
Veronica Wang earns from her YouTube channel.

Moreover, the views affect her pay directly too. As stated, Wang makes around $857 to $13.7k per month while earning $10.3k to $164.5k per year.

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However, other than this, there is no information on her assets and other forms of earnings. But there is no doubt; the Canadian YouTuber is living a comfortable life as it is.

Social Media Presence

YouTube–  1.63 million Subscribers

Instagram–  177k Followers

Twitter–  967 Followers


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