Vani Jairam children

Fans and followers believe if Vani Jairam Children or her husband had existed, the lady could have lived some more years even after the unfortunate accident that took her away.

Vani Jairam, also known as Vani Jayaram, is a well-known Indian vocalist specializing in classical and devotional music.

The multi-lingual singer has recorded and performed several songs in Indian languages, such as Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil.

Late Vani Jairam has received several prizes for her singing abilities, including the National Film Award for Best Female Playback Singer and the Filmfare Award for Best Female Playback Singer.

The lady has also received several honors for her services to Indian classical music, including the Padma Shri and the Padma Vibhushan.

Vani, known for her vocal range and flexibility to any challenging work, was a popular option for various composers across India from the 1970s until the late 1990s.

Here, when we talk about the legendary late singer, we have to speak about “Vani Jairam’s children,” her husband and family members.

She is probably the only lady who did playback for over one thousand Indian movies recording over 10,000 songs.

Nothing much is available about Vani Jairam’s children, her family and her death cause in the public domain.

Still, researchers have discovered some minor but crucial leaks about Vani Jairam’s kids and the probable cause of her death.

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Did Vani Jairam Children & Husband Exist? Unveil The Details

Vani Jairam, a versatile singer and Padma Bhushan awardee, unfortunately, passed away at the age of 77 in her hometown, Chennai.

According to the sources, the lady was found dead at her home in Nungambakkam, Chennai, where she lived alone after her loving husband passed away in 2018.

As per analytics, even after many years of marital relationship with her husband, Jairam, researchers noticed no sign of Vani Jairam’s children.

Unfortunately, the veteran singer passed away without passing on her legendary heritage.

It’s pretty uncomfortable to hear about the lonely life she lived after her husband’s demise back a few years, and it’s more devastating for a music follower to learn such talent didn’t pass to the next generation.

Vani Jairam children
Vani Jairam With Her Husband. (Source: Manorama Online)

Vani was born as Kalaivani in Vellore, Madras Presidency, British India, on November 30, 1945. And she has been married to her husband, Jairam, since 1969.

Because of the environment around her, Vani’s mind was hugely impacted by the cultures and traditions.

And later, when she couldn’t have kids even after getting married for decades, society judged the lady and cursed her for her disability.

As per rumors, Vani was infertile, but legal sources don’t verify this detail, so publicizing it in a larger domain would be quite a struggle.

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Vani Jairam Family Background

As per the reports, the versatile Indian playback singer was born in 1945, November 30, in the current Tamil Nadu state of India.

She was born to a family with an excellent background in music.

Vani belonged to a family of classically trained musicians as the fifth daughter of the heritage.

According to the sources, she was the fifth daughter among six daughters and three sons.

Overall, Vani’s family members were enough to build careers in the music industry.

After the speculations of further information, sources discovered the veteran late playback singer was born to father, Duraisamy Iyengar and mother, Padmavathi.

Vani Jairam family
Vani Jairam With Her Husband & Family. (Source: Deccan Chronicle)

Because Vani Jairam grew up in a family with an excellent background in classical music, she got opportunities to train with legends.

Eventually, at eight, she performed at a public event at All India Radio, Madras.

The South Indian playback singer attended Lady Sivasamy High School in Chennai. And she went on to graduate from Queen Mary’s College in Chennai.

Later, after a couple of years, Vani began her professional career with the State Bank of India in Madras before being transferred to the Hyderabad office in 1967.

Researchers are still working to establish detailed connections between the members of the Jairam family.

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Cause Of Vani Jairam Death

According to the sources, Vani Jairam was found dead at her home in Chennai, where she used to live alone after her spouse’s unfortunate demise in 2018/19, before the Coronavirus outbreak.

After the police started the investigation, they discovered Jairam’s housemaid was the first to suspect the lady’s death.

When sources talked with the maid, they found that when she came to work on February 4, she didn’t get a response even after repeatedly ringing the bell.

Vani Jairam Death
Vani Jairam’s Body Being Taken For Post-Mortem. (Source:

Then the housemaid informed the neighbors, and Vani’s sister was informed about the incident, and she contacted the police.

Later the same day, police broke the door, entered the house, and found her dead on the floor. 

According to police sources, Jairam appeared to have fallen and banged her head on a table, and there were no visible injuries on her forehead.

Following the post-mortem, police would release further details about her death.

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