Emilia-Clarke Pranks Times Square

Emilia Clarke Prank New York. The Game of Thrones actress threw Daenerys Targaryen’s dresses aside and put on Jon Snow’s cloak and beard!  Just for an epic prank in New York City!

Clarke, 32, disguises herself as the North’s King when she turns herself into Kit Harington’s GoT character. Emilia Clarke prank people as they walk around the Big Apple.

“The shop was out of Daenerys costumes, ‘cause they’re sold out,” she joked in the Omaze YouTube video, which was posted on Friday, April 26.

“I am Jon Snow and I’m gonna go into Times Square now. Jon Snow loves New York!”

Even more, The Solo: A Star Wars Story star, Emilia, who plays Snow’s aunt and lover on the HBO TV series, asked unsuspecting New Yorkers questions that only Game of Thrones fans would understand.

“I was just wondering, which way to The Wall?” she questioned a convenience stand worker. “Just any way north, really, I like it.”

After that, in the prank video, Clarke asked a woman if she would be interested in watching the “final episode of Game of Thrones with Emilia Clarke,” but the woman did not have it.

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“I’m a Walking Dead fan,” the pedestrian laughed. In addition, the London-born actress proceeded to chat with other street characters, including Batman and Superman, and try to convince people to watch the award-winning show.

Season 8 of Game of Thrones premiered on April 14 and will conclude after more than nine years on Sunday, May 19.

She also posted the video on her Instagram account and Twitter account. The links to her profile are given below.



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