Top 7 Underrated movies of 2019

Lots of movies tend to hit the entertainment industry worldwide. In Hollywood but for the foreign sector, there are lots of movies that hit the theatres. 2019 was the year that saw big-budget movies like Joker along with Ford Vs. Ferrari was hitting the theatres, but there were small budget and meaningful ones too. So here we are with the Top 7 underrated movies of 2019.

But before directly jumping in, it’s necessary to know what an underrated movie is. Well, movies that are worth a watch but haven’t been on your radar surely are the underrated ones. So let’s begin the list.

Little Woods

One of the highly aspiring movies of 2019 surely belongs to Little Woods. This movie surely has done its bit to drag the audience. Nia DaCosta’s directorial debut surely deserves a big chance if the readers are a crime thriller fan.

TOP 7 underrated movies of 2019
Little Woods

This movie is a basic portrayal of the states’ expensive health care system that leads two sisters to cross limits to help pay the high priced bill system. Tessa Thompson and Lily James have done great justice to their roles. Giving more exposure to the story will only affect that movie watching experience. One word for this movie is the fact that it was necessary to hit the audience.

Ready Or Not

Are You Ready Or Not to witness the breath of fresh air amidst all the sequel movies? This movie has taken the audience by storm and led them to rethink marriage. Samara Weaving marries into a wealthy family only to find out how psych her new home is.


Ready or Not
Ready Or Not Featuring Samara Weaving
Source: Roger Ebert

According to the newlywed system, she has to pull out a card to play the destined game. Uncharacteristically she pulls out hide and seeks, and the lady needs to protect herself from getting killed till the sun is out. Well, this movie has blood and tears around, but surely it is well taken forward by Samara Weaving.

Long Shot

Hollywood has lacked the 90’s feel romantic movie that tends to bind the audience with the fresh flow of love. Well, Long Shot has done its bit to bring in the same vibe. Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen have done their outstanding work to make the audience go over the nostalgia.

Long shot
Charlize Theron And Seth Rogen

When Charlize Theron runs for US Secretary of the states, she sure hopes that her high school friend Rogan will help her dearly in this effort. We feel this movie inevitably slipped your eyesight with a lack of advertising and promotions compared to others.

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Looking at the box office collection, this movie might not have done great, but Theron, who is most vocal in her roles, is into a playful role, which surely is heartwarming to see.

Hotel Mumbai

From the name of the movie, surely something might have struck the reader’s mind. Yes, this movie is based upon the attack that took place at the Taj Hotel in 2008 by a terrorist. Well, it was a gamble that paid off in some sense for the makers.

Hotel Mumbai
Hotel Mumbai

Dev Patel plays the hotel staff’s role, whereas Nazanin Boniadi has done wonders for his character. The creators could have made it a series, but making a movie has also not harmed. The viewers who have an hour to know what happens in India that night are undoubtedly worth it.


It’s easier to make a movie that can stun the audience with some big celebrities in it. But some movies are so well crafted that the audience remains baffled how it was made in the first place. Monos is undoubtedly one of them.


Source: Empire

The list surely can’t be complete without the association of a war movie. Alejandro Landes’s directed film features a storyline where a group of armed teenage guerillas is assigned to watch over a hostage.

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The film is so well crafted that it never leaves the grasp with the fact that kids are assigned to look over an American doctor. At times this movie gives viewers the vibe of Apocalypse Now. So take on the bet and watch it with great satisfaction.

Wild Rose

If viewers have watched the series Chernobyl or Taboo, then surely you must recognize an artist Jessie Buckley. She is one of the high acclaimed artists, and featuring in a British drama where the dreams are more significant than obstacles seems something fascinating.

Wild Rose
Wild Rose

Rose Lynn Harlan is released from jail on drug charges but has a great voice. This obsession leads her to dream about being the most excellent musician, and here comes the journey of finding her life amidst all the accusations. One spoiler that must be given to the readers is the fact that the movie neither has a happy nor sad ending. P.S. It’s not a depressing film either. So thinking of making a good weekend full of inspiration, this movie is the perfect dose.

In Fabric

The list surely isn’t complete if it doesn’t contain supernatural drama. 2019 saw big-budget movies, and along with it came to the high concept movies too.

In Fabric
In Fabric

If the dress you are wearing turns evil, what worse can that result in? Well, that is what this movie is all about. Marianne Jean-Baptiste goes on to buy a suitable dress for her date, and there she goes into one of the strange department stores turns on the evil side. Surely this movie is an aspirer for a fresh concept with dark humor around. So get yourself indulged in it.

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Readers might be thinking that the list is incomplete with some small budget but highly acclaimed movies. We have tried our best to put Top 7 Underrated Movies of 2019. Rather, one thing can be done: the viewers making their list, and that’s where the fun begins.

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