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Earlier reporters were not given much priority in the face of the audience, but slowly the trends are changing. Tony Berlin is one of the reporters who has been in the industry long enough to make massive fame for himself.

If readers know about CNN, CBS, and ABC, you must have seen this face once in all your news watching career. Behind the camera, Tony is a jovial individual who has a love life that can be envied about. So stick with us as we bring out all the wraps of his story.

Tony Berlin net worth
Tony Berlin with wife Harris

But first, some quick facts does no harm to the readers

Tony Berlin: Quick Facts

Full Name Tony Berlin
Date of Birth 1968
Nickname Tony
Marital Status Married
Birthplace LA, USA
Ethnicity White
Age 52
Profession Reporter
Nationality American
Children 2
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Build Slim
Net Worth $4 million
Online Presence Instagram, Twitter


Tony Berlin was born in 1968 in Los Angeles, USA. The name of his parents is not known to the general media. It might be due to his parents’ early divorce; the reporter has gone way to silent on most of his information.

Other than the parents, Tony has a sister. His nationality is American, along with white ethnicity. The zodiac sign is not available due to a lack of proper information on the date of birth.

Age and Body Measurements| How Tall Is Tony Berlin?

Tony is 52 years old as of now. Tony stands at a tall height, and his outlook is highly accompanied by a pleasant smile most of the time. There is no information about the weight, but surely his bulky build is something that suits the height. Anything on the vital body statistics will be updated soon.

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Berlin has a fair complexion skin and also a glowing personality that romps the camera. To complete the physical outlook, brown eyes, and hair of the same color play an important role.

Early Life and Education

Tony was born in LA, spending most of his childhood there with the family and siblings. His early life was a tough ride as his single mother raised Berlin along with the sister. Most of his needs were fulfilled with ease. There was always an eager tendency to be a reporter from early childhood.

For educational background, Tony enrolled at Poynter Institute in 2002 and took the reporting course. Things were going up and down for the man as he left the studies to join Occidental college for political science and completing a degree. Berlin’s educational background and career are also a bit similar to fluctuations all the time.


Like most, famous reporters tend to have working experience during the time of education; the same is Berlin’s case. During the study days, he was part of PBS News on their hourly news programs.

However, the great work came to the man after graduation as he was part of ABC for Good Morning America. It is one of the hit TV news that features weather reports, news, interviews, stories, and whatnot.

Added to that, lifestyle, culture, entertainment also adds charm to the show. This is one of the highest watched morning shows since 2012 if the readers are unaware of it. Every human finds his mojo and tries to add the work charm.

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Tony also fell under the same and did works with print publications like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, and Huffington Post. Besides the print work, surely news was the main playground for the man.

Some of the mentionable works of the man are USA Today, CNBC, Fox News. Let alone the anchor work; this individual also did production. His production achievements include the DC Bureau of Cox Broadcasting.

Like every other great man, Berlin worked for others until 15 years and started to do something independently. His company, Berlin Media Relations, is a prime example of it. In this firm, he is the CEO and president.

The company’s main motto is to focus on public relations and associate with lots of other companies to deliver competence. Slowly this organization is taking great shape with the customer being satisfied. With every upwork in his career, readers will be updated.

Wife| Who Is Tony Berlin Married To?

How beautiful does it sound if the husband is an anchor while the wife is also equally famous as the news reporter? Well looks too in-depth information on the world issues under one roof. Tony is blessed to find someone named Harris Kimberly Faulkner.

Harris is known to be associated with Fox News and doing great work as an anchor for various shows on this network. Both Tony and Harris met way back in 2001 and started dating.

It was during the field of work that the man received the connection. After dating for over two years, they walked down the aisle on 12th April. 2003. It was a pretty close event with family and friends is called.

Tony Berlin wife
Tony Berlin with his family

Not to forget, both of them are blessed with kids. The first baby daughter came into the world in 2007, whom we all know as Bella Berlin. In a gap of 3 years, another child graced the family, Danika Berlin.

As the family is now out to four members, happiness is also doubled. At times all the members celebrate significant events like the New Year.  Readers might be interested to know about the past relationship of the man, but Tony has not married to date.

Other than Tony, nothing on Harris is also available for the readers. What makes this couple special is the never-ending bond that is reaching its second decade soon. We hope it goes for a long time.

Rumors and Controversy

One of the best things that Berlin has done all his life is maintaining a pretty good image in the media. There have been many functional connections between the man and great success with no rumors surrounding him.

Net Worth

Working as an anchor to owning a media house is one heck of an achievement for the common man. Along with his dedication and hardwork, Tony has made vast connections and earned the right amount of net worth.

As of 2020, Berlin’s net worth stands at $4million. This amount must not come as a surprise as Tony is the go-to man in the field of journalism. From his own media house too, he makes large bucks. But hardly there is anything on the annual income and assets owned. Berlin is highly interested in playing outdoor sports like golf in his free time.

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On the other hand, Harris earns a reasonable amount. Her net worth, as of now, accounts for $4 million. Whatever might be the case, both of them are living a blissful life with the children.

Social Media Reach

If you have come this far, you must surely know that Berlin just started his own media house. This suggests the fact that most of his social media accounts are also look-alike. As the man is busy, he finds time to connect to fans through social media.

Instagram543 Followers

Twitter1533 followers

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