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Tomica Wright is an American producer who has made good bucks and also names from her hard work. Even though she is a producer, she has been in the limelight for varied reasons.

Her husband is also related to the entertainment industry as a rapper who is highly acclaimed. Sadly he is no more, and we have reasons and the relationship of Tomica with this rapper in detail.

tomica wright age
Tomica Wright

Be here to know in detail and also start this journey with quick facts.

Tomica Wright: Quick Facts

Full Name Tomica Wright
Date of Birth December 7, 1969
Age  54 Years Old
Nickname Tomica
Horoscope Sagittarius 
Marital Status Single
Spouse Eazy-E
  • Dominick Wright
  • Daijah
Birthplace California, USA
Ethnicity White
Weight 57kgs
Profession Producer, Entrepreneur
Nationality American
Height 5’4″
Eye color Brown
Hair color Dark
Online Presence Instagram
Net Worth $15million
Last Update June, 2024


On 7th December 1969, a lady was born in California, whom we all know as Tomica Wright. We have no good idea about her parents, and there is no news about her siblings.

For her ethnicity though it, is white with American nationality. She was always focused on making a career in the same field.

Age and Body Measurements

Tomica was born in 1969, which makes her 54 years old as of now. She stands at the height of 5’4″ with a weight of 57 kgs. Even though she revolves around her 50, she has done an outstanding job maintaining her looks with the least effects.

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Her brown eyes and also dark-colored hair always helps her to glow out from the public.

Early Life and Education

Tomica was born in California and spent most of her childhood there. There is the least idea about her family, but sources suggest that her family got separated from a very early age, and she had to take turns to get the love of her parents. Woefully she spent some of her childhood in foster homes too.

For her educational background, she attended an elementary school in San Fernando Valley. After her schooling, this producer joined Santa Monica and transferred to West L.A. Community college. She was a dedicated and bright student who always had a goal in the back of her mind.


When Tomica was studying in college, she was stung by the flow of the entertainment industry. She had the mind of being the producer, and the journey was embarked.

The start of her career was pretty rough, and she did the job of a secretary for Tabu Records. The owner there was Clarence Avant. After working for the records for some time, Avant got an offer from Motown Records. The efficiency of Tomica impressed him once and for all, and she was undertaken for the assignment by Avant.

When she moved to Motown records along with Avant, she met her life-changing moment there. Eazy-E was someone she became pretty close with and shared an intense bond with. Sadly the rapper passed untimely, which left a lot of wealth for Tomica. Hence she got her dream through and undertook the Ruthless Records, which was owned by her husband.

Tomica’s initials were pretty difficult for her due to her lack of experience, but at this point in time, Ruthless Records is one of the hubs of the highly acclaimed recording. The journey was difficult for her as Eazy had six girlfriends, and everyone had an equal share in it.

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Henceforth, the organization’s convenience and smooth flow were severe, but she did every bit she could, and today, Ruthless is very common. These records are not only done but also provides an opportunity that adores her brand promotion.

The journey from the rugs to the top has not been comfortable. Wright learned a lot from Eazy and implemented it to be a successful company along with the president role for Tomica.


Life is uncertain for people with dreams. Similar is the case of Tomica Wright. The secretary went on to marry Eazy, the rapper. Well, her association with the Motown records gave her the love of her life.

Tomica was married to Eric Wright after dating for more than four years. Both of them first got introduced at a nightclub in LA in 1991. The first meet was so serene that Tomica was blown away due to this.

Tomica and Eric walked down the aisle in 1995 and also shared two children. The name of the son is Dominick Wright, and the daughter is Daijah. After the death of Eric, Tomica had a pretty hard time managing.

Even though with all of these hardships, she has done outstandingly to achieve both professional and personal life.

Controversy and Rumors

Following Eazy E’s death, many rumors circulated in the air, causing the reputation of Tomica, who took over the Ruthless record, to suffer. JJ Fad accused Tomica of trying to hold them for a lifetime and questioned their marriage on deathbed. They went on to say that she used his mental state on his death bed to get t him married and signed the contract. 

Furthermore, they add that she wouldn’t allow anybody to meet Eazy E, including his own children.

However, Lil Eazy-E defended her, saying he always loved his step-mom and continues to do so. Furthermore,

She lookout for the Eazy’s children when she could have simply looked out for her children and left other children TO struggle themself  when she HAD the option to TURN her back on them.

He further added that she set up a trust for them because their father didn’t have it. Until he worked with Tamika, he knew nothing about taxes.

Net Worth 

Tomica Wright’s net worth is around $15 million. After the death of her husband, she also might have got some shares of the money. Sadly we can’t provide you with accurate information about her net worth.

But we are also hand tight about her salary, and we have no idea about how much it is. Before the death of Eric, he had purchased a house and also mansions whose information is hidden.

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We will keep you all updated when something pops out from the earning of her Ruthless recordings. Recently she has been in film production, and it seems to be another way to accumulate wealth.

Social Media Profile

Instagram11.7k followers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who owns Ruthless Record now?

Tomica Wright, a legally weeded wide of Eazy E, inherited Ruthless Record after the death of Eazy E.

Who got all Eazy E money?

Eazy E, who was worth $8 million at death, left all his property to his wife Tomika and their two children.

How many wives did Eazy E have?

Tomica is the only wife he had in his life; however, he had babies with six different women. 

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