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In Today’s modern and technologically advanced society, we cannot imagine people spending even one second without their smartphones or any other technological gadgets. In a sense, technology has made us their slaves. However, not everyone is willing to be a slave of technology. Tom Oar is someone who is breaking this stereotype.

Tom Oar who stars in the reality Television series “Mountain Men” has proved to the world that he does not need “modern gadgets” to become happy. And as promised, Oar makes his living through what nature provides him. He and his family live in isolation from the rest of the world.

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Tom Oar bio
Tom Oar

Tom Oar: Quick Facts

Full Name: Tom Oar
Birth Date: 1940
Birth Place: The United States of America
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: White
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Nancy
Profession: Reality TV Star
Net Worth: $200k
Children: 1

Tom Oar Age & Short Bio

Tom Oar was born in Illinois, the United States of America in around 1940s. His exact date of birth is not known. His father is Chike Oar who worked for Wild West Show but the name of his mother is still undisclosed.

Likewise, he belongs to white ethnicity and holds an American nationality. Despite the unavailability, Oar’s height is average and suits his personality.

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He tames animal hidings in the Yaak valleys of Montana for his living. Previously, he worked in the show “Mountain Men” which aired on the History Channel. From the show, he experienced a massive boost in his net worth.

Also, Oar has kids who live in Chicago. There is no authentic information available regarding his academic qualifications or educational background. But, we do know for the fact that he started in rodeo when he crossed twenty years of age.

Not to mention, Oar became famous due to his rodeo skills. In fact, Tom is termed as a legend when it comes to rodeo. Although Tom is already over eighty years of age, he is very energetic and does everything enthusiastically. Oar’s determination and hard work have seen him gain a nice income and, name and fame.

Tom Oar: The Mountain Men

As mentioned above, Tom started his career working on the rodeo circuit. But as it affected his health and damaged his legs, the star eventually left the rodeo circuit. After that, Tom started working as a tanner. Surprisingly, he has not learned from anyone and didn’t receive any training. He taught himself and is one of the most respected tanners in the USA as of today.

Similarly, his career shifted when Tom started appearing on the History’s Mountain Men series. There, he appeared along with Eustace Conway and Morgan Beasly. The series showcases the everyday life of individuals who live off the grid or decide to live without any materialistic sophistication as “True American Originals.” The series started on May 31, 2012.

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In the third episode of the seventh season of Mountain Men, Mary Hawk gives birth to a girl whom they name ‘Maddie Hawk.’ Also, Tom Oar taught his apprentice Sean McAfee a lesson in trapping while they were working on muskrat. Moreover, the star is confident in Sean’s skills and believes that Sean would soon be a muskrat trapper.

Another day, they didn’t find the wolf tracks when they visited the muskrat trap. So, Tom advised constructing traps to control the increasing population of the wolves as it would be a severe threat to humans and their cattle.

Tom Oar Net Worth- What Is His Net Worth?

Involving in different sectors, he has garnered a considerable amount of net worth in his lifetime. He has earned an impressive amount of money by starring in the reality television series ‘Mountain Men’. Besides that, Tom has made through his merchandise.

We should also remember that he is a tanner as well. Still, he and his wife tame animal hidings for a living. Furthermore, Tom makes traditional moccasins, buckskin, shirts, pants, etc. Tom Oar’s net worth as of 20 is estimated to be $200 thousand.

Through his merchandise, Oar earns up to $4000. Tom experienced a boost in its sale after he became popular through the show Mountain Men.

Tom Oar’s Personal Life (Wife & Kids)

Oar has been married to Nancy for more than fifty years. They have a son named Chad who has also made appearances in the show ‘Mountain Men.’ But, Oar’s wife only makes her appearance sometimes. They do not get into the limelight as often as Tom.

Moreover, Tom is pleased and satisfied with his married life with Nancy. They first met while Tom was a Bronco driver, and ever since that time, they have stayed together and supported each other in different problems of life. Aside from sharing an experience as husband and wife, they have more similarities than we might think.

Similarly, Tom and his wife Nancy have spent more than fifty years together and once lived without electricity and running water for more than seventeen years in Montana. Also, they have many similarities with each other.

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They both are admirers of nature. Not to mention, the duo like involving themselves and in the care of mother nature. This is the reason why they have built a house in the mountain nearby the lake. Just like Tom, his wife Nancy loves the beautiful scenery of mountains and the nature that she gets to see every day.

Tom Oar Spouse
Tom and his wife, Nancy Oar

The couple survived without electricity and running water. To this day, they escape through whatever nature provides them and through their survival skills. They live thirty miles away from a grocery store. All of these things make one wonder what kind of lives they might have had.

Social Media Presence

It might be fun to ask whether Tom uses social networking sites or not because we have already covered that he lives off the grid. Oar relies on nature to survive. He survived without electricity and running water in his home. So, the question of having computers or the internet is out of the way.

However, any information regarding him can be gained through social media accounts of the show ‘Mountain Men.’ Here is the quick link to follow them on Twitter.

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