Thiago Rocha And Fernanda Borges

Thiago Rocha and Fernanda Borges married through a Brazilian dating show, ” Love Is Blind.” Are they still together? Get excited because this article is all about them.

Brazilian couple Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo are the hosts of the dating program where candidates look for their love and get engaged before meeting in person.

For ten straight days, however, the men and women dated without seeing each other. The individuals are free to approach the contestant they want to wed whenever they like.

After the proposal and their first in-person encounter, the engaged couples travel to a couples retreat. They spend time on this vacation getting to know their partners and the other couples participating in the experiment.

Fernanda Borges and Thiago Rocha also met each other through the dating show and somewhat got married to each other.

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Who Are Thiago Rocha And Fernanda Borges From Love Is Blind? Their Age And Relationship

Fernanda Borges and Thiago Rocha are the cast of the show “love is blind.” They fell in love through the front and got married. 

Thiago Rocha And Fernanda Borges
Thiago Rocha And Fernanda Borges on their wedding. (Source: Purebreak)

Fernanda is a 39 years old woman who works as an eyebrow designer. She loves to travel, and starting a family is her greatest ambition.

When she first introduced herself on the dating show, she said she was sick of having superficial relationships and was looking for one.

Thiago is a 37 years old who works as a skydiver. He loves dreams about having a sailboat to travel around the world.

The shows claimed he had reached a point where he felt prepared to begin a new chapter and marry. 

The first conversation they had in their first “pod” talk covered topics like travel, families, the past, adoption, and goals for the future. Although it was faint, there was no denying that they clicked.

Even though their vibes clicked, Fernanda developed a spark on her first day with Mackdavid, her present husband.

After much thought, Fernanda decided to remain honest and asked Thiago to marry her after she broke up with Mack.

The Family And Kids Of Fernanda And Thiago Explored

Despite getting married, the pair do not have any children because they divorced soon after getting married. 

Fernanda now has a new partner Mackdavid who welcomed their new child to the world.

Thiago Rocha And Fernanda Borges
Fernanda with her family (Source: Correiobraziliense)

She gave birth to her first child, Ben, with Mack David, whom she met on the show with Thiago. We can see that the couple is excited about their first child and their relationship from their Instagram photos.

As for Thiago, he has not yet given birth to any children. He was expelled from entering the club after having sex in the club bathroom. He hasn’t made his private life public. 

Thiago Rocha And Fernanda Borges: Net Worth And

Although their annual income has yet to be made public, given their jobs, we may assume they make a respectable living from their efforts.

Due to a lawsuit, it was made public that the U.S. version of the Netflix series “Love is Blind” pays $1000 per week or $8000 for the whole run.

Despite being one of the most watched TV programs, the cast of “Love Is Blind” has not disclosed how much money they get from it.

We can assume that the cast makes a respectable living even though they work outside the program.

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