Thanom Witaya Jethapai Death

Thanom Witaya Jethapai Death: Thai Actor and Singer famously known as one of the members of Sarm Tone, the first male band of Kita Records, passed away at age 60.

Wittaya Jetaphai (Nickname: Thanom, Thai Name: ถนอม วิทยา เจตะภัย) used to debut as a band singer together with Suteerush Channukool and Thongchai Prasongsanti and together they released four albums.

Later, he acted in TV dramas, including “Princess Romance” and “A Thousand Stars.” and his latest work, “The Sky Without the Sun,” will be released at the end of this month.

Thanom Witaya Jethapai Death Cause

Unexpectedly, Yesterday, March 29, 2023, it was reported that Thai Actor and Singer Thanom Witaya Jethapai died at the age of 60, which surprised many fans.

Thai Actor Thanom Witaya Jethapai Death occurred at Chulalongkorn Hospital at 11:00 last night due to complications of Liver Cancer.

He was a member of the Thai Band Sarm Tone, the debut male band of Kita Records, along with Suteerush Channukool and Thongchai Prasongsanti.

When interviewed, he revealed that he grew up poor and didn’t even have shoes, but later, he turned his life around after becoming a singer.

Jetaphai stated that he wanted to use some money to start a business; thus, he invested in an embroidery machine factory imported from abroad.

Sadly, he had no experience and had never read books and theories on business, so he lost about seven figures in capital, and the factory had to close down.

Wittaya Jetaphai said that he experienced a low ebb in his life at that time, so he had to return to showbiz after two years of retirement and started acting.

Jetaphai was addicted to drinking alcohol and he would even drink during his work (Film and TV Drama Shoots). 

Thanom Witaya Jethapai Death
Thanom Witaya Jethapai Death caused by complications of Liver Cancer (Source: ET Today)

As a result of drinking day and night, he was in a bad state, and during filming, he couldn’t memorize the script well, which wasted the crew’s time, and his confidence was severely hit.

In an interview, he described feeling suffocated and shared that he took a deep breath while praying. He woke up after a rush of oxygen entered his body and, thankfully, did not succumb to his suffocation.

Later, Wittaya Jetaphai met his wife, Joom Sukanya, who made him decide to cheer up, and slowly, he started to rehabilitate himself. 

However, it was too late, and he was already under the deadly claws of Liver Cancer, which ultimately took his life Yesterday.

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Thanom Witaya Jethapai Legacy and obituary

From being a singer to an Actor and host, Thanom can be seen in many Thai TV dramas and commercial showbiz channels.

He was a dynamic Actor who could play both protagonist and antagonist roles. He acted in over 70 dramas and movies, including “My Secret Bride” and the BL Drama “A Thousand Stars.” 

Some of his notable works include BL Drama “Drunk and Falling in Love with You,” “Princess Romance,” “Flower Fragrance of Jia Sa Long,” etc. 

The last two posthumous works, “Khao Niao Thong Kham,” is currently being broadcast on TV, and the other, “The Sky Without the Sun,” will premiere on March 31. 

Thanom Witaya Jethapai
Thanom Witaya Jethapai’s latest works can be seen in Thai TV (Source: Yahoo News)

He was leading an active life on TV Premiere and Interviews until recently. Thus, many viewers were shocked by the news of his death due to liver Cancer.

Thai Actor Thanom Witaya Jethapai Death has saddened many regional viewers. Many of his fans took their time to share their condolences to his wife and family via social media.

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