Suzanne Whiston, a young girl from the United Kingdom, became a sensation in the World of Journalism and sports in the early 2000s. After she accepted the offer as a producer for ‘Match of The Day‘ from the BBC, the reporter reached stardom status.

Looking at her now, it seems like the famous BBC Producer’s days of fame are far from being over. To this day, the 51-year-old reporter is titled as the Match of The Day soccer highlights. Is it not that impressive? On deck, you’ll find out more about Suzanne Whiston’s personal life, biography, and career. So, stick with us!!!

Suzanne Whiston
Suzanne Whiston

But before directly entering into the life of the reporter, let us sneak into some quick facts!

Suzanne Whiston: Quick Facts:

Born Name Suzanne Whiston
Birth Place United Kingdom
Height 6 ft 1 inch(185 cm)
Nationality British
Ethnicity White
Profession TV Producer
Net Worth $2 million
Age 51 years
Dating Karl Pilkington

Suzanne Whiston Wiki-Bio

Suzanne Whiston, now the famous British reporter, was born on 21 April 1926 in the United Kingdom. It means she is 51 years old as of now. Also, the talented news diva was born under the sign of Taurus.

It is hard to believe, but since her early childhood, the British reporter was shy and reserved. It is incredible how the same introverted Whiston has managed to make a career on the small screen.

During school days, she would spend her time reading books and editing school yearbook magazine. Similarly, looking back at her, anyone would have hardly guessed, the once timid girl would make her career full of the limelight.

Despite being a nerd, Suzanne loved watching games and commenting on them.

Height and Body Measurements

Famous for her reporting skills, Whiston stands at the height of 6 feet 1 inch(185 cm) while her weight is still unknown. However, it is evident that the following reporter is slim and has a stunning face. Her fair skin just glows. Unfortunately, the details on her body measurements are unknown, just like her other personal information.

Also, her big brown eyes and long thick hair adds charm to her personality. Not to mention, she has a fantastic smile to brighten up your day.

Suzanne Whiston Career and Fame with BBC

Suzanne Whiston first joined the field of Journalism to shed from her shy shell. In the mid-90s, she started her career from the radio station Key Station 103, based in Manchester as a producer. The hardworking reporter was highly seen involving in the sports section. Furthermore, the work was being recognized by the other major stations.

Surprisingly, the successful career only took off after accepting an offer from the BBC for producing ‘Match of The  Day.’ Similarly, in 2004, her team was sent to cover the FA Cup. Due to this, the BBC producer was again sent to Germany to cover the FIFA World Cup Event in 2006.

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Whiston gained popularity for the impressive reporting skills in a male-dominated sport. As a result, making the lady one of the few successful female journalists to cover sports materials.

Moreover, Suzanne has done countless projects after raking in millions of dollars and steadily rising her stardom.

What is Suzanne Whiston Net Worth?

Despite being a journalist, Suzanne earns a substantial amount from the career, thanks to illustrious stardom. Also, Whiston is involved in various projects. Hence, Suzanne Whiston’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 Million in 2020.

More than that, the TV personality’s salary is also estimated to be between $35,000 to $60,000.

Achievements and Projects

Following the success, Suzanne owns several projects to go with earlier ones. In 2016, Suzanne started Alrites Production and launched a Youtube channel of the same name.

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For now, the development of the company is still in progress as they have only produced one film, an animated movie called ‘Karl Pilkinton’s A Love of Two Brains.’ Currently, the artist of the TV works as the producer of ‘Match of the Day‘ highlights for football matches.

Suzanne Whiston and Karl Pilkington Relationship | Love That Blossomed Unexpectedly

Suzanne has been in a long term relationship with her boyfriend, Karl Pilkington. Initially, the couple started dating in the 1990s. Just like Whiston, Karl is also an English TV presenter and personality.

Most importantly, the presenter gained popularity from his FM show XFM, accompanied by his co-hosts Steven Merchanys and Ricky Gervais. It is enough to say the two couple is a powerhouse when it comes to presenting shows.

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Even though they worked at the same local station, their love began with 20 pence when Karl couldn’t pay for his hot chocolate. Suzanne disclosed that the sense of humor was the factor that became the reason for love. So, it is true that love comes from an unexpected place and time.

We bet they never expected even to talk, let alone date and live together someday. But life has a way of making unexpected things happen.

Suzanne Whiston
Suzanne Whiston and partner Karl Pilkington

Although being in a happy relationship for over 29 years, they are still not married and don’t have any children. Karl is not interested in the idea of marriage and having kids. He believes that they are already in a comfortable relation that they don’t need any tags to keep along. Ultimately, they refer to each other as husband and wife.

Social Media Presence

Apart from being a journalist, Suzanne has not changed much since her childhood. Of Course, BBC producer has no Instagram and Facebook. Also, the famous reporter is active only on  Twitter.

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