Suzanne Heywood Parents

The family bond between Suzanne Heywood parents and siblings is vital. Check out this article to learn more about them.

British Executive and former civil servant Suzanne Heywood are well-known for traveling the globe with her family when she was a little child.

She has been the managing director of the Exor Group since 2016. Moreover, she assumed the position of chair of CNH Industrial in 2018.

Heywood has the same position in the Iveco Group. In addition, Suzanne started her career working for HM Treasury as a civil servant.

She also garners attention because she traveled the world by ship with his family. Let’s learn more about her family situation.

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Suzanne Heywood Parents: Who Are Gordon Cook and Mary Cook?

Gordon Cook and Mary Cook, Suzanne Heywood’s parents, welcomed Suzanne Elizabeth Heywood into the world on February 25, 1969, in Southampton, England.

From 1976 to 1986, Suzanne and her family sailed the world in a schooner called Wavewalker.

The ship came dangerously close to being lost in a storm between Africa and Australia in 1977 while reenacting Captain Cook’s third voyage.

Suzanne Heywood Parents
Suzanne Heywood Parents and brother (Source: The Guardian)

As Suzanne was below deck, she suffered a severe head injury. Fortunately, her other family members and crew only suffered minor wounds.

Her Father was thrown overboard as the lone person on deck and was saved by his lifeline.

In addition, Heywood has spoken candidly about her early years, drawing attention from many.

She enrolled at Oxford’s Somerville College for her schooling. Then, she earned a Bachelor of Arts (BA) from Oxford. Suzanne earned a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in 1993.

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Meet Suzanne Heywood siblings.

Suzanne Heywood’s brother is named Jon. They were raised aboard a yacht, traveling the globe.

In 1976, their Father departed from England aboard the Schooner Wavewalker with their mother for what was intended to be a three-year journey but ended up lasting ten years.

When the family began sailing, they gained notoriety. The siblings got along well. Although Jon has chosen to avoid the spotlight, little is known about him for now.

Jon is younger than Suzanne. Jon and Suzanne used to play on the swing in our backyard or squat at the far end of the creek to observe dragonflies circling above the surface of the gold-green water.

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Suzanne Heywood family explored

Jeremy Heywood, Suzanne’s late husband, was her husband. In 1997, they got married.

The biography of Suzanne Heywood’s late husband serves as a loving tribute from someone who will always be in mourning and a significant personal historical record of the various political incidents and disputes throughout their marriage.

Her husband worked for the British government. He served Theresa May and David Cameron as Cabinet Secretary from 2012 to 2018.

Suzanne Heywood Parents
Suzanne Heywood with her husband (Source: BBC)

On October 24, 2018, he retired for health reasons and was given life peerage. Also, since then, Suzanne hasn’t shared many details about her personal life.

Jeremy, 56, tragically went away on November 4, 2018. Jeremy was given the news in June 2017 that he had lung Cancer after years of smoking heavily.

After getting married, they considered starting a family after being married for a while. Including twins Suzanne and Jeremy, they welcomed three children.

We may assume that the couple lived together for a considerable time because they have been dating since 1997.

Also, she has not said anything about her children. We will be sure to update it if she ever discloses any information about her children.

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