People are curious about the young contestant of Survivor, Carson Garrett, a rocket scientist student pursuing a rocket scientist degree. 

Carson Garrett has finished two semesters of career development training at NASA over the past year. His second semester focused on mission idea formulation, whereas his first semester was dedicated to proposal writing. 

Ten students made up the project management team that Garrett oversaw. His task was collaborating with a wide range of individuals nationwide to create a formal engineering report.

Loyalty is the trait Carson values most in an alliance partner. He wished he could ally with someone who would always support him. However, if it helps him win the game, Garret is personally ready to cooperate with anyone and do anything.

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Because of his innate drive to succeed, he is convinced he will emerge as the sole survivor. Garrett never gives up and always makes the best of his preparations, no matter what hurdle is put in front of him. 

Carson intends to employ his emotional intelligence, logical reasoning, and kindness to win a million dollars and make history as the youngest SURVIVOR winner.

Survivor 44: Who Is Carson Garrett? His Age Explored 

Carson Garrett is a NASA Engineering Student in his third semester. He is currently 20 years old; there is no information about his date of birth. However, his hometown is in Rome, Georgia. 

His strongest affinity is for Christian Hubicki. Christian embraced his eccentricities and nerdiness to make his opponents want to collaborate with him. Despite being initially regarded as the “weakest” guy in the David tribe, he will use his charisma and brains as a weapon, and after the merge, he becomes one of the biggest threats. 

Although Carson plans to play similarly to him, his main emphasis will be reducing his danger level until the end.

Garrett does not intend to disclose his engineering background, unlike Christian (especially given the perceptions attached to rocket science). 

Carson Garrett
Carson Garrett In The Event Of NASA (Source: Instagram)

Garrett wants people to only think of me as “Mr. Nice Guy,” and he has a strategy to ensure that nobody notices his incredibly cunning underbelly.

The honor of receiving the National Student Volunteer Award for 2022 from Consult Your Community, a nonprofit consulting group with 26 collegiate chapters, gives him the most incredible sense of pride. 

Carson was delighted to learn that so many of his peers had nominated him for the award after he worked his way up to becoming the Georgia Tech chapter president.

Carson Garrett Girlfriend: Does The Engineer Dating Someone? 

It seems like Carson is focused on his studies rather than dating someone. He is an intelligent guy who has worked his way through to become part of NASA at such a young age. 

His most significant source of inspiration is his great-grandfather. Carson’s great-grandfather, who grew up in poverty before rising to the position of chief engineer at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, was able to influence NASA projects such as Skylab and Saturn V during a period when space exploration was at its peak.

Among his interests are 3D printing, Settlers of Catan, photography, Minecraft, strategic board games, space/engineering YouTube videos, and Civilization V Mosquitoes.

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He dislikes tardy texters, people who text him essays, people who use their phones while watching movies, people who chew gum in a silent room, people who emit negative energy, and people who believe the moon landing was staged.

Carson Garrett Net Worth 

There is no information about Carson Garrett’s net worth, as he is just a student. He will earn more from his studies as he is involved in the projects of NASA. 

To show that age does not define achievement, he wants to be a part of SURVIVOR as they attempt to win the game they both know and love. 

Carson Garrett
Carson Garrett With His Family Up Front His House (Source: Instagram)

Carson is eager to put himself to the test and see how his distinctive thought process and strategic background perform on a game built upon the idea of adaptability, having obsessively researched the development of game theory within SURVIVOR. 

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While he thinks that winning SURVIVOR requires some chance, he believes that his discernment and instincts will guide him in the right direction.

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