Stephanie Niznik

Stephanie Niznik is an incredible actress from America, notably known for her role in Everwood as Nina Feeney has passed away at 52 on June 23rd. However, the news was confirmed later on July 12. 

Besides, the actress is also known for her role as Kell Perim from Star Trek: Insurrection. Following her death, many fans, as well as colleagues, have sent condolences through their social media.

In the memory of the late Stephanie Niznik, let’s know more about her life, career, and achievements right now.

Stephanie Niznik died at the age of 52
Stephanie Niznik is also known as Kell Perim from Star Trek: Insurrection.

But before, let’s know some of her facts first.

Stephanie Niznik: Quick Facts

Full Name: Stephanie Lynne Niznik
Age: 52 years
Birth Date: May 02, 1967
Birth Place: Bangor, Maine, USA
Death: June 23, 2019
Cause of Death: Unknown
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: White
Profession: Actress
Net Worth: $1.7 million

Stephanie Niznik, the actress from ‘Everwood,’ dies at the age of 52.

The actress, popularly known for her role in Everwood and Star Trek, Stephanie Niznik, has unfortunately died at 52. The actress apparently died on June 23rd, 2019, in Encino, California.

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However, her news of death only made it public mid-July, to be precise, on July 12. Her death was shortly announced after the actor demise of another American actor Cameron Boyce, who reportedly died from epilepsy. But unlike his, Niznik’s cause of death has not been revealed along with her death.

But later, it was mentioned that the actress died of a natural cause. According to the L.A. Coroner, Niznik died from Chronic Liver Disease and Chronic Alcohol Use.

Following her death, many of her colleagues have expressed their sympathy and condolences on their social accounts. Evidently, her unexpected demise has shocked the world and especially Star Trek fandoms.

Early Life and Childhood

The famous actress, Stephanie, was born on May 20, 1967, in Bangor, Maine, United States of America. Apart from her brother David Niznik, there is no additional information about her family and their whereabouts. Not even her parents.

Talking about her education, Stephanie majored in Russian and Theatre and graduated from Duke University. After that, she pursued further education at Cal Arts.

Likewise, she is American by nationality, while her ethnicity is white.

Stephanie Niznik: Age and Measurements

Talking about her age, Stephanie had reached 52 years of age just months before her untimely demise. Born on May 20, Stephanie’s sun sign is Taurus. Talking about her in general, Niznik had an average body and average weight.

The actress had beautiful green eyes and blonde hair, which complimented her fair skin complexion. But it is truly saddening that we can no longer witness such beauty in person anymore.

Stephanie Niznik: Professional Career

Stephanie is undoubtedly a remarkable actress, no question about it. So, how did she start? Niznik made her acting debut from the movie Exit to Eden(1994), directed by Gary Marshall. The movie was the direct adaptation of Anne Rampling’s novel of the same name.

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The following year, she also portrayed the role of Agent Judith Philips debuting on the small screen through Vanishing Son. Until her demise, Stephanie has played in dozens of movies and television series.

Such as Renegade(1995),(The Twilight of the Golds(1996), The Sentinel(1996), Mr. Murder(1998), Anywhere but Here(1999), Grey’s Anatomy(2007), CSI: Miami(2008), The Twenty(2009), Lost(2009) and many more.

But it is her role in Everwood as Nina Feeney, which helped her establish a solid base in the entertainment industry. The show ran for 89 episodes from 2002-2006.

Then the 1998‘s sci-fi movie Star Trek: Insurrection elevated her stardom and exposed her to wider audiences. So much that Niznik was again cast in the 2002‘s film Star Trek: Enterprises as ‘The Wraith.’

Stephanie Niznik: Life before death- Was Stephanie Niznik ever married?

Talking about her personal life, Stephanie was involved with another American actor and former fashion model, Richard Grieco, during the 2000s. The couple was spotted together several times from 2001 to 2007 when they finally split up.

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However, the couple did not disclose any information regarding their split. Also, Stephanie was not seen with any other celebrities following the break-up. So, we can assume that the actress was single at the time of her death.

Besides, the actress kept herself occupied with other works like volunteering and such.

Net Worth and Income

Throughout her career, Stephanie had the opportunity to appear in many movies and tv shows, which gained her massive fans and income.

The American actress reportedly had a net worth of $1.7 million, which she accumulated from her acting career. No wonder she was part of the Star Trek franchise, which has numerous fans worldwide.

However, the late star never disclosed her assets and income for any matter to the public. It makes us wonder how much she earned every year.

Social Media

Sadly, the actress was not active on any social media or accounts. So, now all we can do is rewatch her old movies and tv shows and keep her in our memories.

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