Sophie Xeon autopsy

Followers around the world believed that Xeon’s death was either foul play or suicide, but Sophie Xeon autopsy report officially concluded that the death was nothing but an accident.

DJ Sophie Xeon, also widely recognized by her stage name SOPHIE, was regarded as a pioneer in the hyper-pop subgenre and was known for her avant-garde and creative approach to electronic music.

SOPHIE worked with various musicians, including Charli XCX, Madonna, and Vince Staples, and a distinctive fusion of pop hooks, industrial noises, and glitchy effects distinguished her music.

Unfortunately, the pioneer of the hyper-pop subgenre died on January 30, 2021, at 34, after a terrible accident when she fell when climbing to watch the full moon.

And, sources, after a thorough investigation, got their hands into Sophie Xeon autopsy reports which were kept away from the internet records.

We can’t release the report for several possible outcomes, but a qualitative overview of Sophie Xeon autopsy should be fine.

So here, get an insight into the details of Sophie Xeon autopsy, which was never released over the internet for a year or so.

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Sophie Xeon Autopsy: Suicide or Natural Death?

According to the reports, the Grammy-nominated musician had her final breath in Athens, Greece and people worldwide are interested in learning about Sophie Xeon autopsy & death cause.

The outstanding lady passed away two years back in February 2021 & the internet was flooded with people’s queries that no one ever took care of.

The artist’s end writing published the simple statement, “Our dearest Sophie passed away in a terrible accident,” but media houses never published actual autopsy details.

But after sources got their hands on Sophie Xeon autopsy reports, the queries from people worldwide seemed to clear.

According to Sophie Xeon autopsy report & data speculation, sources discovered the Scottish artist slipped & fell to the balcony, trying to claim a height to watch the full moon.

Sophie was a pioneer of a new sound and one of the most influential artists & true to her spirituality that she climbed up to watch the full moon and accidentally slipped and fell to her last breath.

Sophie Zeon Accident
Zeon Accident Building. (Source: Daily Mail)

According to the same report, an Athens-based Police officer has determined that Sophie Xeon’s accident was just an accident & they discovered no foul play of any kind.

Details by Transgressive & Sophie Xeon autopsy suggest the lady attempted to observe the moon from her balcony when her leg slipped, and she plummeted to her death.

Sources reported that Sophie was rushed to the Attikon Hospital in Athens, Greece, where her death was recorded under her male birth name.

In conclusion, with assistance from Sophie Xeon autopsy report, there was neither any act of foul play nor suicidal motive found in the Xeon case, so the death shall be taken as accidental.

Sophie Xeon Afterlife: Obituary & Legacy

According to the reports, Sophie Xeon was declared dead in the Attikon Hospital in Athens, Greece, after Police & Fire brigades took over ninety minutes to recover he smashed body.

Xeon fell from the terrace to the balcony of a storeyed building, attempting to take a picture of the full moon at around 4 am on January 30, 2021.

As per the statement of the late artist’s partner, Evita Manji, Sophie was breathing on the way to the hospital but struggled & died on a hospital bed.

And following the death of such an enormous figure in the music industry on June 16, 2021, the International Astronomical Union permanently named a minor planet 1980 RE1, Sophiexeoon.

Further, Charli XCX, one of Sophie’s greatest admirers, dedicated her album “Crash” to her late friend.

Sophie Xeon autopsy
Sophie Xeon. (Source: The Atlantic)

Moreover, Kim Petras made history by becoming the first transgender person to win a Grammy for Best Pop Duo/Vocal Performance in 2023.

In her acceptance speech, Kim gave Sophie credit for opening doors for her & collaborating with her during her phase of struggle.

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