Sophia Laforteza parents

Sophia Laforteza Parents Mother Carla Guevara And Father Godfrey Laforteza have always been supportive of the oldest member of Dream Academy.

Following her remarkable achievement of securing the highest number of votes in the second mission of HYBE’s prestigious “The Debut: Dream Academy.”

Sophia Laforteza, the sole Filipina contestant in this South Korean competition, has successfully advanced to Mission 3.

This significant milestone places her on the cusp of the competition’s grand finale, signifying her exceptional talent and determination on this remarkable journey.

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Sophia Laforteza Parents: Mother Carla Guevara And Father Godfrey Laforteza

Sophia Laforteza graces the Laforteza family with her presence as the beloved daughter of Carla Guevara, a renowned singer and actress.

Including her father, the accomplished Executive Chef Godfrey Laforteza, known for his culinary expertise at Newport World Resorts’ Casa Buenas.

Sophia Laforteza parents
Sophia Laforteza family, two siblings and parents (Source: Inquirer Entertainment)

Among her three siblings, Sophia stands out as the Sophia Laforteza parents only daughter, adding a touch of grace and individuality to their tight-knit and loving family unit.

Carla Interview With Young Sophia

From the early age of 5, Sophia embarked on a passionate journey in dance.

In a 2007 interview for “She Said… She Said…,” her mother, Carla, revealed that Sophia dedicated five hours of her Saturdays to her dance lessons.

At that tender age, Sophia enthusiastically participated in five dance classes, including ballet, jazz, musical theater, pop, and tap.

A glimpse into this interview, originally uploaded on the “sophiesfolder” YouTube channel, a fan account dedicated to the young celebrity, showcases her unwavering commitment to her art.

In addition to her impressive dancing skills, Sophia inherited her mother’s singing talent.

She used her TikTok platform to captivate her audience with renditions of songs from beloved Disney movies, including “Beauty and the Beast,” “Frozen,” and “The Little Mermaid.”

This multifaceted talent demonstrates the artistic prowess that runs in the family.

Sophia Laforteza Father Godfrey Laforteza

Sophia Laforteza parents, Chef Godfrey Laforteza’s journey from a performing artist to an executive chef in New York marks his unwavering dedication to providing for his family.

Despite facing the hardships of starting from scratch and working multiple jobs, he eventually reached the pinnacle of his culinary career as the executive chef of Casa Buenas.

However, this success came with the sacrifice of spending extended periods away from his family.

Sophia Laforteza parents
Sophia Laforteza Father (source: philippine star)

His story underscores the importance of balancing work and family life, keeping promises to loved ones, and maintaining a positive, conflict-free environment at home.

Chef Godfrey’s advice on keeping spouses happy and shielding children from parental discord is a valuable lesson for all, emphasizing the significance of family in his life’s unique recipe.

Sophia Laforteza The Debut Dream Academy

Sophia Laforteza, a 20-year-old Filipina trainee, has achieved a remarkable feat on the South Korean show “The Debut: Dream Academy.”

In Mission 1 of this collaboration between entertainment powerhouse HYBE and Geffen Records, she gathered an impressive 92,617 votes, securing the second position, only 16,672 votes behind the top-ranked contestant, South Korean actress Lee Nayoung.

This achievement allows her to advance to Mission 2 of the K-pop training program, with immunity from elimination.

Sophia, the daughter of singer-actress Carla Guevara and chef Godfrey Laforteza, expressed her passion for singing and excitement for the journey ahead.

The show is produced by HYBE, known for K-pop sensations like BTS, and is available for streaming on Netflix from September 1 to November 17.

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