Fans are curious about Simas Lukosius Parents. As for his bio, he is a young Kaunas native and professional basketball player Simas Lukosius.

He spent one season as a shooting guard for the Bulldogs club before joining Butler Bulldogs in 2021.

Simas has only recently begun playing professionally in basketball. He didn’t play for any other clubs or teams before coming to Bulldogs. Although he presently represents the Bulldogs University team in the United States, he was born in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Simas Lukosius, a 20-year-old professional basketball player for the Butler Bulldogs in the NCAA, is a youthful player. For his squad, he is the shooting guard.

More of Simas’ physical appearance, he is six feet six inches tall and was born on August 13, 2002. He played for the Butler Bulldogs University squad for one season in 2021 when he was 19 years old.

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Butler Bulldogs Simas Lukosius Parents Jorinda and Mindaugas? His Ethnicity Explored

The parents of Simas Lukosius are Mindaugas and Jorinda.

The Father of Simas, Mindaugas, is a basketball coach who has coached national teams in several nations, including Lithuania, Russia, Germany, Lebanon, and Bahrain.

Aivaras, his older brother, has already represented Germany in international events. Aiviras, his brother, has dual citizenship in Germany and Lithuania.

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Details of Simas Lukosius Wikipedia And Age Revealed

Simas Lukosius plays Basketball players professionally. He played recently as a shooting guard for Butler Bulldogs in NCAA.

Because both his brother and Father are NBA players, I believe he was extremely fortunate to be born into his family.

He only recently began playing professionally in 2021 and spent the season as a shooting guard for the Bulldogs club.

Simas Lukosius Parents
Lukosius finished second on the team in scoring (11.7 points per game) and rebounding. He is also one of three Bulldogs to start all 31 games(Source: Butler Sports)

Simas has a limited amount of expertise in this area. He’s merely playing for the Bulldogs to gain experience in this area.

As for his relationship, Simas Lukosius avoided discussing whether or not he was married. There are no posts or news regarding his spouse, girlfriend, or partner.

So it is difficult to say whether or not he had a partner. Regarding whether he had any affairs, there is no news or post. We can therefore presume that he is now unmarried.

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What Is Simas Lukosius Net Worth?

Simas Lukosius’ net worth has yet to be revealed in the media. It appears he is a beginner, and a trusted source is still evaluating his net worth.

On the other hand, Simas Lukosius played for both Rhondorf’s U-19 team and the ProB team Dragons Rhondorf. He also participated in the Adidas Next Generation Tournament with the Bayern Munich team.

Given how he is only beginning his career successfully, Simas Lukosius’ net worth is bound to increase with time. It might even reach a million or millions.

Simas Lukosius Parents
Simas Lukosius’ is most talked about in articles revealing his journey from being a college player to the NBA. (Source: Rojgar aur Nirman)

As for his socials, Simas Lukosius has the account simas1313 on Instagram. 

Also, Simas Lukosius is his username on Facebook, where he has 498 friends—nearly 500. Because he shares news about his career on Facebook, he is more active there than on Instagram.

Since there is just one Instagram post from him, we can infer that he uses Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram less frequently.

We shall learn more about it once he posts more on his socials.

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