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Britney Spears is one of the pop icons of all the ’90s generation and the following generations.

She has given a lot of hits to accumulate lots of fans all around the globe.

Here we will not talk about her, though. Sean Federline is someone we will be giving all of our focus on. Sean is the son of Britney and her husband.

Most readers might know Sean with a connection with Britney, but today we will isolate and explain in detail about him all over with the ton of information around.

sean federline net worth
Sean Federline

But for the starter, let’s take in some quick facts.

Sean Federline: Quick Facts

Full Name Sean Federline
Date of Birth 2005/09 /14
Nickname Sean
Marital Status Single
Birthplace Santa Monica, USA
Ethnicity White
Horoscope Virgo
Profession Actor, Celebrity, son
Nationality American
Parents Britney Spears and Kevin Federline
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Height 5 ft 4 in
Weight 60 kg
Gender Male
Build Slim
Net Worth $6 million
Last Update April 2024


On the 14th of September, 2005, Sean Federline was born in the US. The name of his parents is Britney Spears and  Kevin Federline.

Almost all of you might know Britney as the pop icon, but Kevin is also a rapper by profession and a pretty good one too.

Other than this, he has a younger brother Jayden Federline and even two half-siblings, Kaleb and Kori.

Even though he has half brothers and siblings, he has a pretty good relationship with them. There are a least cases of a rift between them.

Sean belongs to the white ethnicity and holds an American nationality.

Age and Body Measurements

Sean Federline was born in 2005, which makes him 18 Years Old as of now.

Federline stands at a decent height with the weight suiting his age.

At the time of his birth, though, he was weighted at 2.75 kgs.

This star kid is still in his teen, so his vital body statistics are not available to the general media.

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Besides, this kid has a beautiful pair of brown eyes and also the same color hair.

He is still a kid, but as he grows up, there are lots of hearts to be ruled by this individual with his looks and personality.

Early Life and Education

Sean Federline was born in Santa Monica and spent most of his childhood until now there.

His childhood was not that easy as his parents got separated after his birth.It was a  hard time for the kid.

Even though he received combined love and care, the child mentality undoubtedly got affected by the incident.

Britney seems to be a bit of a protective mother.

It is because she has not disclosed any information about Sean’s educational background.

Looking at this age, he surely is attending school at this point.As soon as some news pops out, we will let you all know.

Sean Federline Career

It might come as a surprise, but Sean has already been part of a handful of projects.

Not to forget, he is a star kid, so he tends to be appearing in series and shows once in a while.

His mini TV show includes the likes of VH1: All Access, Britney Spears: Ooh La La, and Britney & Kevin: Chaotic.

sean federline family
Sean Federline with his family

Not only in series, but this teen is involved in I Am Britney Jean and Paris Hilton Inc. The Selling Of Celebrity.

Sean is pretty small at this point in time, but he will be regularly seen in series and movies with his maturity.

Sean Federline Girlfriend

Most of our readers might want to know whether or not this kid is in any relationship.

Well, the age of Sean might be pretty young to be involved in any relationship.

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But there have been cases when kids at 14 have been in a relationship.

As we feel, this kid is more focused on making a career rather than making love to a girl at this point.

On the other hand, his parents Britney and Kevin tied their knot in 2004 but later made way after four years of marriage.

When the hormonal changes will appear in this kid, and he will reach his 20s, there are lots of hearts that are about to be thrashed by this individual.

Net Worth

There are multiple cases when kids of the age of Sean might not make a single penny, but Sean is different.

At the age of 17, he has quite the right amount of buck. His net worth is $ 6 million.

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This kid surely makes a handsome amount with his involvement in various series and also documentaries.

On the contrary, the net worth of his mother, Britney, is estimated to be $215 Million.


Why is Sean Federline so well-known?

Sean Federline is well-known for being a successful member of the Federline family.

What was the total number of relationships He had?

He has at least one previous relationship.

When did he make his first appearance on the show as a celebrity?

Sean Federline is a little kid who made his debut appearance in the documentary Britney & Kevin: Chaotic at the age of one.

When will he make his debut television appearance?

He made an appearance on VH1’s All Access.

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